Mizon Original Skin Energy Peptide 500 vs Scinic nutri 100 peptide solution

Hi guys,

Today I am reviewing two pretty popular peptide serums from Mizon and Scinic. I have particularly been asked to review the MIzon serum because it was the original Korean peptide product, it is reasonable prices and it was tried by many people out there…looking for the strong anti-wrinkle results peptide serums suppose to deliver.

I am including my video below for the full review of both products…as you know I normally prefer Scinic to Mizon however, on this occasion I think Mizon has delivered faster and more noticeable results. Having said that, I do enjoy using both serums but I will not be repurchasing them as I don’t think they are miraculous by any stretch of imagination….I do think that if you want to try them…they are worth a try as a good preventative measure rather then getting rid of deep-set existing wrinkles.

In conclusion…my personal opinion…is that I want to try the new 95% peptide solution from Scinic and also I have been wanting to try Ciracle-Drama Essence for a long time now, which is supposed to be a very effective peptide ampoule that has many positive reviews on the net, albeit twice the price than the serums from Mizon and Scinic-which is mainly why I have not tried it it…but I will soon:)


Ingredient listing (Mizon)


Ingredient listing (Scinic)


Thank you for reading this review…stay tuned for more to come

Best regards

Your beauty junkie friend-Lily


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  1. Dolly

    Both Mizon and Scinic both have Copper Peptides as the main ingredient they are supposed to work though, but I think a specific type and good strength version with which need to build a tolerance and use sparingly apparently, much like retin A comes in various strengths. I wish the Korean skin care brands would take on Skin Biologys range of strength Copper Peptides/Tripeptide/GHK-Cu and make it affordable for all. Some take it on religiously and swear by results on skin remodelling, and seems to be backed by research, but is, so expensive to try upkeep if you go there. So confusing too with the different copper peptides and some that are less efficient.

    Skin Biology are even selling emu oil (as with other US brands) with it at a ridiculous price, as you know it costs next to nothing in Australia lol. It is nice on your skin though, absorbs and mimicks the oils in human skin.

    1. True I have tried emu oil….but it is very reach and the smell and feel of it is definitely not for everyone…much like Japanese Horse oil cream I have reviewed not so long ago:)

  2. Dolly

    Actually I take that back on Skin Biology, reading about all the skin damage resulting now, and notice alot of the research is also by them lol .

    1. Nevetherless Copper peptide is an effective lifting peptide to have in your skincare…best regards…lily

  3. You have made some decent points there. I looked on the net for additional information about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this web site.

  4. Hi there, just wanted to say, I loved this post.

    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  5. Lucrece

    Dear Lily
    Just wondering if you have since tried the other Scinic option, or the ciracle product you mentioned in the video?

    1. Not yet:)..I am trying a new Swiss brand…they have 6 peptides in a gel-type serum..plus two other serums from them…I will report on it soon:)..best regards..Lily

  6. Lucrece

    *bounces and wags tail* Squee !!! Xx 😀

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