Réelle French Snail Skin Care company from Thailand -My new favorite Snail Skincare Range

Hi Guys,

Today I am super excited to share my new discovery and my New Must Have Snail Skincare Line.

I have just completed my longest video to date on this line…as I absolutely love it and recommend you guys try it.

Here is some of the official info on this brand:

Réelle is specialized pure snail extract brand (the snail extract comes from French green snails), the brand owns its own snail farm in Thailand where snails are fed only with natural and organic certified vegetables as well as Aloe Vera just before the extraction process, the snails also drink purified water safe enough to drink for humans. Apparently this is very important as as a snail’s digestive system to produce the best quality snail extract….which the brand later encapsulates it into a liposome delivery system to produce a truly fantastic product (i think it is the liposome delivery system plus the pure snail extract that makes such a big difference here…where the products feel very moisturizing and nourishing whilst not enlarging pores or breaking out skin and having a great effect on minimizing my wrinkles and evening out skin tone beautifully…even though I did not get the whitening cream-which the brand also produces). I am also happy to know that the snails that have produced the snail exctract included in the products are not crushed but live an easy, happy and lazy life-I am jealous of those snails…lol

Réelle  has also recently opened its first clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The clinic consists of making various treatments of Anti-Aging courses, Whitening and Anti-Acne courses. A special treatment of applying the snails directly to the skin has also been developed. So once I ma in Thailand…you know where I will be going for a little pampering session:)

Here is a group pic of the products and my super detailed video on this line…as you guys know..I tend to rave and get very excited if I truly love a brand:)



I am also posting here the brand`s youtube presentation and website detail

This brand ships free worldwide. This is not a cheap brand…but totally worth the price.


I am sure you will love it as much as I do…do write to me and let me know your opinion on it once you do try it.

Full ingredient listing on all three products.







Best regards

Your beauty junkee friend…..Lily

p.s. This is also a lot better than Snailwhite brand from Thailand (I showed in my snail skin care-number 2 video brand from Thailand)

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Sirah

    I would not trust a company trying to sell their products blaming other companies of animal cruelty, especially when so many Korean companies have outright said their snail products are cruelty free and have described the mucin harvesting process. Why would they crush a snail when it can make so much more of mucin during it’s life?

    I think you should read this, I was surprised to read it after your glowing review. The company seems malicious and untrustworthy, attacking a blogger for stating their opinion and docking points for it.. For that price I’d expect more professional attitudes. I will not even consider.

    1. Dear Cirah,
      Thank you very much for bringing this information to my attention as I was totally unaware of it during my review. I would like to address your comments and now the comments of the other blogger as her blog is addressed to other beauty bloggers and also talks about other beauty bloggers…thus I feel included now. If you don’t mind I would put my commercial banker hat on and will answer in point form 🙂

      1. In response to myself producing a glowing review in regards to the products and in particular myself loving the smell of the products….I am reviewing different products as to what the other lady reviewed….with an exception of the serum which does have a fairly strong smell which I do love. ( I am reviewing anti-ageing cream, lotion and a serum, the lady is reviewing anti-acne cream, cleanser and a serum) The bad smell I believe she refers to is for the anti-acne cream…and I would imagine she is right since anti-acne treatments smell terrible…as does my favorite anti acne and anti-pimple product Bario Bardescue Pimple Drying lotion…here is my full review of it…..


      2. Regarding Korean companies killing snails…I do not know whether this fact is correct as I did not check it and hence I have disclaimed myself in the review regarding not knowing exactly how Korean brands obtain their snail mucin….I did state that I am happy to know just how much care Relle puts into their snails.

      3. Comments by the blogger in reference to other people (bloggers) …not using Korean snail products….”especially considering that these people don’t use Korean beauty products and therefore have no standard by which to judge these snail products”….I am hoping I can be excused from this comment on this occasion, having tried at least 15 different creams from many Korean brands and even awaiting more Korean snail products that I have purchased recently to arrive in the mail…as I am writing this comment. Please view my videos and blogs in regards to Korean snail creams.


      I have do love Korean snail creams…and my recommendation for Scinic, Secret key and Skin watchers…still stands and is listed on my Must have page as a budget option as right now Relle is my premium number one option…this is not to say that if my not change in the future should I try something better…as you know I am always on the lookout for the very best current offering in terms of snail products:)
      4. Regarding Mizon snail products as compared to Relle….I would categorically disagree with the other blogger`s opinion that Mizon is better than Relle…because I have stated this a long time ago that whilst I love Many of Mizon`s products as per my respective reviews of their products…their snail products are nowhere near the quality of other Korean brands-snail products such as Elisha Coy, Tony Moly, Its Skin and Scinic. Here are my Mizon snail product reviews long before i discovered Relle.


      in fact I expressly say in the 1st part of Korean snail cream battles posted back on the 3rd of Feb that I do not recommend:

      1. Mizon (Snail repair perfect cream)-I think this is unnecessary-no benefit on the skin
      2. Mizon (All in one Back Snail cream)-made my face break out even though it has an interesting “soufle” textue, not pictured above…here is a pic of it below:

      Keep in mind that Scinic is exactly in the price range of Mizon`s offering and the 120 ml snail cream from Scinic is under 20 USD…which effectively makes it even cheaper then Mizon and in my personal opinion much better if you are looking for a great budget priced snail anti-aging product from a korean brand.

      5. Regarding Korean brand such as Mizon stating 90% snail content which actually refers to mucin purity rather than volume of mucin in the product…again I have not made contact with Korean brands to investigate this claim and I have disclaimed this fact in my review of Relle products. However this issue has now really piqued my interest as I observe Mizon stating 90% snail mucin in the snail cream and then having another 50+ ingredients after it?…Then I should presume that the rest of the ingredients represent less than a 10% volume of the total formulation…making for a very imbalanced formulation…indeed….I have to say something starting to look odd to me here…and I will in fact make some inquiries with Korean FDA to clear up this fact for everybody once and for all….I will keep you posted in this regard.
      6. In regards to the other blogger commenting “It’s up to us as bloggers to be transparent, to be truthful, and to act with integrity. Please don’t let sponsors scare you into sacrificing the truth”…I myself personally have not been paid for or sponsored by Relle or any other brand for that matter. This brand is the first one that has sent me its products for free which I did love and which I will continue to use. I did even state it in the video that I made it clear to Relle from the start that if I did not like their products for some reason that I would state it to my viewers to which they have agreed to..having quiet confidence in their products which I also comment on in my review. I hope that by loving this brand I am not discrediting my beauty blog in the eyes of my viewers just like the other girl that loves Mizon snail products does not discredit herself in my eyes as a beauty blogger. I would just say that her skincare type, skincare concerns and goals are better suited to Mizon products (which may have to do something with trying to get rid of acne and or pimples as she mentions), whereas my primary concern is anti-aging as I am also a lot older then her and in this department Relle serum, lotion and anti-aging cream really deliver, I will also be now buying with my own money their whitening cream and hydrating cream and will post subsequent reviews to this effect.

      Lastly the best way to really make a judgment is to try the product:)

      On that note dear Cirah, I am hoping to have addressed your concerns and concerns of my viewers if there were any in the first place
      Best regards and stay beautiful
      your beauty junkee friend-Lily

      1. Sirah

        But how do you feel about the fact that they (very unprofessionally, I feel) harassed the blogger for stating her honest opinion of their products? Doesn’t that make a difference to you? Their attitude is the thing that bothers me here really, I’m very understanding that people have different opinions and needs, but nobody should be e-harassed for giving a review.

      2. Dear Sirah,

        I totally agree with you that nobody should be e-harassed. However based on my personal experience with the brand…it was nothing but positive. I did state that their brand had a premium price tag in my review and nobody from the brand`s management has bitten off my head for implying that the brand is more expensive then Korean brands. Also I was not part of the communication between the other lady and the company so I cant really comment especially that I dont know the other lady personally and I cannot verify her communication with the brand. My personal experience with Relle and the people I was in contact with was positive. My personal belief in general is that the truth eventually always comes out and I think it also will in this instance (regarding true communication between this girl and Relle)….this is just a little gut feeling I have:)

        In conclusion i have to say my full and total concentration is on the products I try…and human interactions is something entirely different….e.g..if My favorite beauty brands all of a sudden fire alot of people for an internal corporate reason…it will not mean that I will stop buying their products for my skincare purposes. I live and breath beauty products….that is just a part of being a true beauty junkee….I apologize in advance if this will sound a little vain to some people….I suppose…my little addiction to beauty products have helped many of my viewers to make truly informed decisions when buying beauty products…best regards…Lily

      3. Dear Sirah,

        I am the person Sample Hime is talking about in her post. I come here as a person, not as a brand.

        Well, i would like you to read what i have to say, because so far, i had no chance to answer and my « right of replies » to those accusations lasted 5 mn on Tiffany’s blog. I won’t talk about it (the post that i wrote on her blog), i think that i have wasted enough time trying to open a dialogue with her, sincerely, but she has been refusing and turned it as “harassment”.

        I will be extremely short concerning this actual situation. I have never asked Tiffany to change anything in her review and i have never harassed her, as i have never asked anyone to change anything concerning a review (and as i have never harrassed anyone obviouly ^^). I even told her, in my first message, that her review was fine and that i respected her opinion. The only things that i told her is that it is tactless to say that other girls are lying for the simple reason that people are free to like, or not, whatever they want in general. There’s no « absolutely truth » and that’s what i tried to explain.

        By reading the whole conversation, i reckon that you, or anyone who read this « article », would have an objective view of what really happened but i won’t publish this of course. I consider that this is not my responsability to do such a thing because i have never attacked Tiffany or harrassed her as she says, so trying to prove that i am right is something that i won’t do on a public place.

        I would like you to consider the possibility that maybe, by reading a one way text, you might have read only what Tiffany wants to make you read.

        I still don’t understand her reaction and i really think that it is gone too far whereas there is nothing special in my answers to her.

        Now i would like to talk about something different, which is related to blogs and companies. It has been clear for me, since the beginning, that we don’t want « fake » reviews or any manipulated reviews from bloggers, because we are more than confident concerning our products. This is still the case, and in my email, while contacting bloggers, this is an important part. We have always and we will always respect personal opinions about our products, good or bad.
        On the other hand, a blogger has to do his/her part, which means that he or she, if there’s any doubt, has to dialogue with the company.
        I think that i have always been here to answer questions which have been asked to me, and any blogger we have sent the products could confirm that fact. If someone pointed a problem, regarding to our products, in private, i have always considered this opinion.

        But as soon as a blogger starts « creating » a story with private exchanges, i reckon that it is totally wrong, especially for the bloggers community. This is wrong because at some point, companies won’t trust bloggers anymore.
        By doing such a thing, from my point of view, blogs lost credibility and i will be extremely cautious from now.

        To finish, i would like to invite you to contact me, if you have a blog, in order to make a review and to make contact with me. This way, i hope that you will realize that this situation is purely unreal.

    2. Dolly

      speaking of harassment Sirah, perhaps you should stop being a troll and harassing others and over something said somewhere else. I think this is a fair and independant review.

      1. Dear Dolly…thank you for your trust and support. I really do appreciate it…I am hoping that I have not disappointed yourself or any of my other viewers with my recommendations thus far. Best regards…Lily

      2. Dolly

        2 sides to every story and you have one from somewhere else you cant expect the world cares or wants to know about the bitchin and moaning going on about the company elsewhere. Clearly I am a Beauty Blogger is a great communicator, pleasant to deal with and as is a real enthusiast.

      3. Thank you Dolly:)

      4. Dolly

        Hi Lily, yes you’ve been great I keep comming back and reviewing I just bought the Holika Gonyak cleaner (foaming one with brush is a bit different I hope is a similar formula) Gonyak is from that wierd looking plant called “the Devils tongue” from which make the Konjac sponges.

      5. Dear Dolly, let me know how you go with it…this Little Range from Holika is pretty Great in my opinion:)… Best regards…Lily

      6. Dolly

        (*Reviewing.. typo) I mean * I keep coming back and reading your reviews..kept finding you on google search on products innitially

      7. Thank you Dolly;)

      8. Dolly

        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konjac devil’s tongue, also known as… voodoo lily! lol

      9. I am thinking of trying those Little sponges myself lol

      10. Dolly

        for the record on the early comment on snail crushing: have seen it on at least 2 other other brands advertising and descriptions in advertising. Actually if you google “crushed snails”: Voilà!

        On animal cruelty, well.. are hardly mammals, and I don’t really care about the feelings of Invertebrates that much so I have bought a product before knowing it is refined from crushed snails. even though are cute and all with their feely eyes and all, crush the snails for all I care lol. But I do also think quality and purity of product and what invertebrates eat is important,, otherwise is a bit like getting a processed pork sausage you dont know what inside it or what the pig has been fed on.

        Interesting from wiki on snail slime and use in skincare:

        “Snail secretion is rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging”

        And if you can read French,http://cybertesis.uach.cl/tesis/uach/2008/fcl177i/doc/fcl177i.pd

        Snail slime varies in appearance and quality according to the environmental conditions, season, and food sources used by the snails. These factors supposedly determine the quality of the slime and therefore the properties of a product made with it.[10]”

        – and which Réelle is doing which I think is great 🙂

      11. Dearest Dolly…you are simply amazing…thank you for your support and your effort to find the right research…best regards…Lily

      12. Sirah

        Hey Dolly, I do not feel like I’m trolling if I ask for Lily’s opinion. It does not matter if I ask her opinion on a blog post or a magazine article. I have watched all Lily’s videos and read most of her reviews and made purchases on her recommendations, so wanting to know her full opinion on not only the product, but the company. I will have to settle that she is not bothered by this and I perhaps am.

        Have a nice day!

      13. Dear Sirah, I am very happy to be on the same page again…meaning we are here to exchange opinions on the products we are all trying and experiencing…as i am not here to judge companies producing these products or their public relation interactions:)….so lets go an have fun with more great products:)….best regards…Lily

      14. Oh I just saw Cedric’s response. Well that makes sense. . I did try to post there and posts were removed. So clearly the exchange there is about harnessing attention for herself rather than one of open exchange and resolve, understanding.

        Think boils down to the immaturity of that particular person and decision to make some attention seeking drama out of it with her friends and well, with herself.

        In dealing with Thailand as they say, criticise once is usually taken on board, do it three more times it’s considered quite insulting and rude. Sorry but have no tolerance for it and was quite disgusted in the drama created out of it:. I did notice her boyfriends acne cleared up using the Reele product, and, used all of it. if have ever battled with acne you would understand how difficult it is to get a product that does as it claims on it. If you love a product that much, you would purchase further products, finding something to complain about is not the way to go about it, neither is the rest.

      15. Good on you Dolly for looking objectively at all the facts and making a decision….I stand by you:)…best regards…Lily

  2. Dolly

    Great review Lily! Interesting on that, with the snails being crushed in other lines, what they are fed on would really be important. Réelle’s web site looks great and such a broad range for all skin types and problems paired with really good, smart ingredients. Is good to see them using local produce too: see Pueraria Mirifica in anti aging cream – a great thai herb used north of thailand (which is also used topically and taken orally for breast enhancement and skin benefits. I take capsules of it) The pricing and packaging but geared towards their market probably and as they say TIT (This is Thailand) is out of range of my affordability but not as a luxury line perhaps. the packaging could be refined a bit more and would do really well, if not better than the bullshit luxury brands in the west that have few real skin benefits and cost alot more.

    1. Exactly my point dear Dolly….I believe it is best to spend a little more on something great then buy a whole load of things that ultimately do not bring you desired satisfaction…just look at ow many snail cream I have tried before discovering Relle…obviously being a beauty junkee i continue to try other snail brands and products and will let you now accordingly…having said that..my current number one option for a snail cream is Relle…and as far a Thai brand…it is much better then the much hyped Snail White also coming out of Thailand which I have reviewed in my part 2 of the battle of snail creams:)…thank you again for your support Dolly…and sharing info about Thai herbs.

      1. Dolly

        Reelle beauty treatments , definitely going to be doing that next time am in Chaingmai! Nothing quite like the pampering/massage you get in a Thai beauty salon. http://www.reelle-skincare.net/pages/treatments

      2. Exactly Dolly:)

  3. Dolly

    “Réelle has also recently opened its first clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The clinic consists of making various treatments of Anti-Aging courses, Whitening and Anti-Acne courses. “… http://www.reelle-skincare.net/pages/treatments

    definitely going to be doing that next time am in Chaingmai.

    1. Reelle

      Reelle employee, we know it’s you! LOL

      1. Unfortunately I am a Russian Australian Swiss banker…living in Switzerland…lol…I would have loved to work for Relle in Thailand:)..best regards..lily

  4. Dolly

    Sorry bout dat, I posted twice lol. Oh I noticed Centella or Centella Asiatica (gotu kola) in one of their other lines as well, is used in traditionally by Thais and also used in Thai skincare, eye creams and the leaf as a herb in cooking, has great healing and anti aging benefits benefits applied to skin, stimulates collagen! So much to be learnt from traditional /indigenous skin care is so interesting.

    1. All good Dolly…I love to get input from another beauty junkee like yourself:)…this is a compliment:)…best regards..Lily

  5. Maureen

    Thanx for your write-up on snail skin care. I am so much interested in reelle skin products though i never tried any snail extracts product but know how beneficial it is for both health and skin. I would like to give it a try in order to address my skin challenges most especially uneven skin tone, pimples and blackheads, also black spots on my legs which was caused by either mosquito or insects. Again, an ordinary scratch on any part of the leg will as well leave a black spot on the leg. I am concerned and because of that i do not wear shorts anymore. I am in my early 30’s. Pls i wish this product will help alleviate my pains. How much does it. Maureen -Nigeria

    1. Dear Maureen…I am sure that snail products have ability to heal pimples and minor scratches…as I have tested it on myself…for any serious scratches…you always have to see a registered Nurse or a doctor….Thank you…Lily

  6. Kiki

    Hi Lily…amazing post! Do you know where to purchase the products? I cannot seem to find them anywhere online.


    1. Dear Kiki….here is alink to their website:)…cheers…Lily http://www.reelle-skincare.com

  7. Hi Lily, the Reelle website doesn’t have any info on purchasing their products. Any leads here?

    1. Dear Whimsicallywitty…unfortunately RElle has restructured their company a couple of months back and now they only do snail products for other companies as a factory and not under their own brand…which is terrible…and made me look for a new favourite snail cream….I am really loving the latest The Saem Wrinkle Solution EX snail cream in the gold box…which I showed briefly in my last video…it is a great product especially for combo to dry skin…I will be looking to purchase the rest of the product from the Saem snail range and review them soon:)…what are your favourite snail products so far?…cheers…Lily

  8. thank you o much, I’ve been trying to get a facial cream but I don’t have a credit card, it’s imposable. so thank you very much for this opportunity. I love you both , and have happy holidays. Maggie

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