Holika holika pig collagen jelly pack vs Tony Moly pig collagen jelly cream

Hi guys,

Today I got my very anticipated Holika Holika pig collagen jelly pack, as you know i am now pretty addicted to these new pig collagen masks which I am now using as a sleping mask and I was super curious to compare it to the Tony Moly pig collagen jelly cream.

here is my video comparing both products:

20140706_002247 20140704_221234

Tony Moly pig collagen jelly cream video demo

In Conclusion I would like to say that I still prefer Tony Moly`s version of the pig collagen mask, even though Holika Holika also did a great job on delivering a lovely refreshing product that gives you a good amount of moisture and does not clog pores. I am happy that i got it and i enjoy using it…however I will most probably not repurchase it as I am really looking for something stronger like Tony Moly in terms of anti-wrinkle benefits, as these are immediately apparent when you use the Tony Moly mask. I do recommend though to try this products for oily skin types or for people that prefer liter products in Summer.

I am hoping my video have provided you guys with some good info to make a choice…stay tunes as I buy more of these Pig collagen masks and let you guys know what i think about them..I am waiting for the original Pig Collagen mask by Elizavecca to arrive…so it will be interesting to see how the original compares now to the new copies popping up on the Korean beauty market

Best regards

Your good friend-Lily


SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px


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