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Daltokki Scrub. Tony Moly Peeling me aqua moisture gel. Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel. Review and Demo

Hi guys,

Today I am happy to report that I have finally found my Must Have Korean Face Scrub-Daltokki Sticky Rice Face Scrub.

Here is why I love it. A long time ago I used to use a scrub by Origins that was called Modern Friction and was sold as at-home microdermabrasion product (it was rise based and had a sticky and gooey consistency which was great to use in terms of that it was deeply cleansing, scrubbing and at the same time moisturising…I even left it on as a mask)…however as Origins are not that natural..sometimes my face used to go red afterwards if I left it on for too long and overstimulated my skin. Nevertheless       I still enjoyed that product.

Then I have also used a rice and glycol acid based scrub by an Australian Salon based-brand in the name of Alpha-H (which is in my opinion is a very effective Glycolic acid based brand and their rice and glycol scrub was a great product I enjoyed for a long time)-again this product provided both manual stimulation via rice extract and also chemical exfoliation via glycol acid…I also used to leave this scrub on as a mask to get a deeper cleansing effect.

So naturally since I am so turned into the Asian brands now, I was really looking for an Asian scrub that was rice based and provided deep cleansing for my oily T-zone and really helped me clean my pores without overstimulating my skin and also could be used as a mask.

This was a bit of a difficult task since Asian brands are not concentrating too much on scrub type products as exfoliation in the asian beauty routine is more of a regular and very gentle practice…hence the rolling gels such as the ones I am showing here from Tony Moly and from Mizon…these are applied on dry skin and then rolled in a couple of minutes with your dead skin cells…leaving your skin exfoliated…however I would say that whilst this technique is very innovative..it is not very deep cleansing as I demonstrate in my video and hence my big preference and recommendation is Daltokki Scrub-over the other two products.

Here is my video demonstrating all three products and also official info on all three products below.

Daltokki Scrub-available from ebay, Gmarket and Korean depart-priced at 11.06 USD it is a steal and a little goes a very long way….feels very luxurious and pampering during use


  • Being made with round grains of glutinous rice, you can use with less stimulation regardless of skin type.
  • Sticky glutinous rice makes sticky skin.

Prolamine, Tocopherol : giving vitality to your skin
Rich in Vitamins : calming skin and supplying nutrition

  • Scrubbing and cleansing one at a time.


  • Glutinous rice : rich in vitamins and various nutrients
  • 9kinds of plant extract (Oregano leaf, Eucalyptus oil, Licorice, Rosemary leaf, Green tea, Scutellaria, Centella asiatica, Camomile flower, Reynoutria)

How to use

  • Coat your face with water sufficiently.
  • Apply it onto the face with moderate volume.
  • Softly massage just only with your fingers for about 30 seconds.
  • Wash your face with tepid water.
  • Use toner or essence or etc for moisturizing.



– This Aqua Moisture Peeling Gel removes skin wastes and dead skin cells mildly.

– Watery Blue unclear gel type.

– Hyaluronic acid, AHA/BHA, 5 Fruits Extract (Banana, Apple, – Western pear, Orange, Grape) are contained.

– Fresh and Cool Aqua Scent

– 10 FREE : Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, methylated spirit, Sulphate surfactant, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Talc, benzyl alcohol, BHT FREE.

Official Info-Congested or temperamental complexions, MIzon’s Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel is sufficiently gentle for delicate skin types – targeting solely the dead cells and residue, to instantly restore skin’s radiance without any all-too-common redness or irritation. Papaya fruit enzymes help excavate pores – deep cleansing to eliminate blackheads and prevent future breakouts – while lemon, orange and bilberry fruit extracts combine to tone and tighten skin. Your face will feel squeakily clean and soft as a peach, with increased suppleness and elasticity! Pioneering the latest, most effective (and often the most extraordinary) ingredients in skin care, where South Korea leads, the rest of the beauty world swiftly follows – which is why we’re über-excited to usher cult Korean brand Mizon into our expertly curated hall of fame.

To my surprise this product performed much better then Tony Moly…as Tony Moly is far too gentle and can safely be used every day if you wanted….normally it is the other way around as majority of Tony Moly products are better then most of Mizon products….in my opinion if you wanted to try the concept of a rolling exfoliating gel to experience Asian exfoliation technique, then Mizon is a good option…which is also not expensive and this scrub is widely available on Ebay…however if you wanted a very effective exfoliating product, that also has a novel concept based on sticky rice exfoliation which can also be used as a mask..I would highly recommend Daltokki:)

Thank you for reading-your beauty junkie friend Lily