Natura Siberica My Last Haul !!!

Hi guys, I finally have a chance to post all the product pics and ingredients of this mammoth haul of 17 products…that I am enjoying so much at the moment and I did a super long First impression video about …a couple of weeks back:)…so here is all the info on the goodies…Enjoy!!!

Full Demo and First Impression video

Loads of photos of Products and Ingredients:):):)

I got everything from:

Use you promocode: iamabeautyjunkee and get 7% off

IMG_0869 FullSizeRender copy

IMG_0888 IMG_0887 IMG_0886 IMG_0890 IMG_0889

IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0885

IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0895 IMG_0894 IMG_0891












sorry but some pics are upside down and I am not sure how to turn them upright…perhaps if you are reading on the mobile device just tilt it around:):):)





  1. Stephanie Wu

    How much is the postage roughly? I checked the “Fresh Spa” website, the website only commented the postage is calculated in “Russian Postage”.

    1. yes but it works out very cheap…I paid only $28 for 17 Products!!!…I buy everything from the biggest range, the best value for money and the cheapest shipping:):):)…and also you got your Promocode: iamabeautyjunkee (you get 7% off)…I mean my orders of Natura Siberica are so big they are almost wholesale as avident from my blogs and videos:):):):)

  2. michal

    Hi- Loved the review and cant wait to your future post! 🙂 can i ask a question? you mention a hair mast everyone praying about, secret of granma- something like that, i have damaged hair and looking all the times for good musk. can you write the full name? coldnt find anything on google..:/

    1. Dear Michal my ultimate recommendation is for the Natura Siberica Fresh Spa Verion of this mask..whikch is based on Yeast famous for being a great hair cure for damaged hair..I have this mask…and I totally love it:)….here is the link to it…!product/prd2/4070949181/brewers-yeast-hair-mask you only need a little bit…it makes hair thick and strong:)….try it and see for yourself:)):)…in general Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica has the most amazing hair masks

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