a.g.e. Stop Switzerland Now in Russia!



  1. Lucrece

    Dear lily I would love to see your products being sold in the UK too now!
    X Fabienne-Lucrece

    1. Thank you so much Fabienne-Lucrece..hopefully they will get there very soon :):):)

      1. Lucrece

        Please let us know when they do!!!

      2. Dear Lucerne they are already there:)..please visit http://www.age-stop.com.ru Thank you very much for your support. best regards..Lily

  2. Lucrece

    I am confused this link is or the Russian site?

    1. Ho honey sorry to have confused you. here are the details. The official international site is http://www.age-stop.com and here you can use the 2 for 1 Super Promo Special when you enter a code “gift”. Then we have an official site in Russia which is http://www.age-stop.com.ru and in Germany and Switzerland http://www.age-stop.ch so just make it easier for people from different countries to purchase. There is also FREE SHIPPING from http://www.age-stop.com….please let me know if I can help you with your order. Best regards…Lily

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