NEW Korean Snail Creams. Holika Holika Black Snail. The Saem Snail Essential. Its Skin Prestige Snail Cleansing Balm

Dear Guys,

I finally got around to posting all the pictures, ingredients and my video about my latest Korean Snail products discoveries and comparisons.

As I mention in the video The Saem Snail Essential is my absolute favourite Snail product now and is great for Combo Skin that needs serious moisture and anti-wrinkle effect. In fact I am very impressed with this product and plan to buy other snail products from this brand. Definitely for those over 30…you can feel that it is an intensive product from the moment you put it on. Have a look at my video for in-depth review and demo of this product and other new snail discoveries I talk about from Its Skin and Holika Holika brands:)

Here are the Ingredient and product details also some official info I was able to find on the net. On a quick note the Holika Holika`s new Black snail cream was a disappointment unfortunately even though I generally do like Holika Holika as a brand.






Here is also Info off the Official The Saem store from Gmarket….but it is all in Korean:):)

Thank you for reading

Your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


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