Beyond Botox: The New Light Lift

Five years ago the beauty industry was laser-focused on obliterating wrinkles. From £200 supercreams to overzealous Botox shots and fillers, a smooth, motionless forehead and wrinkle-free face were the sole measure of youth. But fast-forward to 2015 and there has been a seismic shift: we’re no longer obsessed with looking ten years younger ‘overnight’ – it’s OK to have a few laughter lines. And we’ve finally twigged that looking healthy and happy is far more attractive (and age-appropriate) than an overinflated face.

‘Texture not wrinkles is the new buzzword,’ says dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe. ‘The latest procedures are focused on minimising pores, correcting uneven colouring and promoting radiance,’ he adds.

And this stealth approach is catching on. Beauty and hair companies are throwing scientific research into achieving a head-to-toe glow. From make-up primers that act like Spanx pants for your skin, to haircuts and colours that lift your features, turn…

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