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There are a ton of beauty products on the market  as a model I prefer to stick with a couple of brands that are of great quality. I got a lot of questions how I keep my skin youthful and wrinkle free. In this article I will reveal my best kept beauty secrets. Besides staying active and drinking a lot of water on a daily base my best kept beauty secret is a science based product that improves my skin quality dramatically. One of my favorite beauty products is A.G.E. Stop Switzerland they got a range of anti-aging skincare products with Swiss Snow Algae Powder and pioneering Plant Stem Cell Research.


Their award winning products stand out because they are science based and highly innovative and have been proven with new test methods. In clinical studies it was proven that snow algae powder improves the dermal…

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  1. Hi Lily 😀 oh i don’t know how to use A.G.E. Stop Switzerland on my skincare routine :(. I should use it after cleansing or after apply toner?

    1. Dear Jiriku the first product being launched from A.G.E. Stop Switzerland is a Perfection Concentrate and this should be used after the toner:)…cheers…Lily

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