Novartis AG (NVS) May Already Have First True Anti-Aging Drug in Its Pipeline

BASEL, Switzerland – A promising study of the bacterial agent rapamycin from Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis AG(NVS) that showed improvements in autoimmune responses of elderly patients may hold a key in unlocking the key to an anti-aging medication.

Rapamycin, which was originally discovered on Easter Island, has shown promise in blocking the genetics of aging and aging-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. A Novartis study released in December 2014 that looked at experimental drug RAD001 (rapamycin), a member of the mTOR inhibitors class of drugs, revealed surprising results that could help unlock a key to the anti-aging process.

The elderly volunteer patients, ages 65 and older, who received multiple doses of rapamycin over a period of weeks showed a 20 percent improvement in their immune response after being given an influenza vaccine. Additionally the study showed the reduction of PD-1 receptors in patients, which inhibits…

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