Beyond Botox: New Anti-Aging Treatments That Will Leave You Looking Like Yourself

By : NORA ZELEVANSKY-The Wall Street Journal

A host of new, less invasive—and less distorting—anti-aging treatments has cropped up for women who want to look younger without resorting to face-freezing injections

GET A LIFT? New ‘energy’ or laser treatments that don’t involve injections or surgery are changing the anti-aging landscape, even if they can cost $400 a session or more.

AS MY FRIENDS and I lounged on couches this past awards season, assessing what traveled down the Oscars’ and Golden Globes’ red carpets, we developed a drinking game: “Find the Frozen Face.” Once we started, the over-injected foreheads, cheeks and lips preoccupied us more than the fashion.

Not that such suspect beauty is unusual or new. In the past several years, a certain uniform look of unsettlingly smooth, plumped skin and over-pouty lips has become the norm for women of means and fame who want to look young. In 2008, New York…

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