Crazy in Love-Natura Siberica-Wild Siberica (rare Siberian plants plus Moos and Siberian Buffalo Milk)

Hi Guys,

Today I am updating this post with the Demo Video bout this amazing line.

Originally it was a limited addition…but now due to popular demand it is a standard line!—I wish they also did a scrub here and one of the famous soaps based on the Moos or Siberian Buffalo milk….the soap that is a part of this line is based on 12 rare Tibeten herbs and it is beautiful moisturising….nevertheless….I want a Milk Soap Please:)…lol

Get it at  (use your 7% off promocode – iamabeautyjunkee)                                                                     !wild-siberica/csni

The Body Cream, Shampoo, Hair Mask and Conditioner and Hair and Body Soap in particular are to die for! ( BUT I would really love plastic packaging please for convenience of use in the bathroom and shipping purposes)



Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients



Body and Hair Soap Wash Ingredients


Body Cream Ingredients


Hair Mask Ingredients


Hand Cream and Foot Cream Ingredients


Lots of love from Lily-your beautyjunkee friend


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