NATURA SIBERICA (Натура Сиберика). MUST HAVE Northern Soap Detox-Deep Cleansing Mask

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to be posting about another Award Winning Natura Siberica Product. Awarded as the best Face cleansing product in France-2014.

I highly recommend to try it, this is a Must Have product for me…watch y video for a full Review and Demo to see why I love it so much:)

Don’t forget to use my in-shower trick i explain in the video.

I got it from:
(the site is in English-excellent customer service)
use promo code: iamabeautyjunkee to get 7% off permanent discount

here is official info and ingredients…as well as my Before and After photos

IMG_0545 IMG_0543 IMG_0546





  1. Dolly

    Great review and love the video Lily! Is great to see and get a feel for the Natura Siberica Northern soap mask in use and how it feels, I would feel more comfortable using one like this than the clay/charcoal type mask that dries like a rock on the looks like a glossy moisturising black latex mask, great!

    I hope one day you get a vid production team going for your reviews, or at least find a sponsor for one. I want to see more of the Nigella of Skincare, with lots of application footage full of delicious skincare gooey closeups. You are amazing xx

    1. Dolly

      I should comment on your you tube vids like everybody else, can’t ever remember my password for it! am such a ditz. I know a good vid skin care reviewer when I see it though, and fascinating to watch, you have great knowledge and understanding of ingredients that goes back obviously, and is interesting 🙂

      1. its all good…I appreciate your lovely comments always and thank you for recognising my passion for truly good skincare:)…Love…Lily

    2. Dear Dolly…as always you are too kind to me!:)…love…Lily

  2. Hi Lily, I have watched your first video in the Natura Siberica series and this one and was truly convinced about the brand. I went to the fresh spa website and added a few products to my cart. The order value was 47 euros but shipping was 59 euros!!! I’m disappointed in a way. Any advice?

    1. Dear Whimsicallywitty I am super sorry to hear that…yes you are correct..the shipping is not cheap on that website…I mean I pay 50 -55 Euro every time I order…but I order so much …the cost really spreads well across 10 products or so that I get per order…I mean the same goes if you were to shop at Gmarket or en.koreadepart for Korean products. What some of my viewers have already done was to order on there seams to be a good growing collection of Natura Siberica there…including their Premium Fresh Spa Range…also they are coming to Australia from 1st of September and already available in France, UK. Italy, Poland, Germany, Greece and Switzerland….which country do you live it…perhaps I can do some searches for you and find the best solution closest to your home:)…looking forward to hear from you…cheers…lily

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