Cream De La Mer original moisturising cream VS Cream De La Mer soft moisturising cream

Hi guys…today I am finally posting about a video I did a couple of weeks back which is a comparison between Cream De La Mer original moisturising cream VS Cream De La Mer soft moisturising cream.

I am also posting below 2 videos, the first video being the most recent comparison and the second video I did about a year ago on the Cream De La mer pack which also has other La Mer products.

Both videos are very detailed and have a full demo of the products, the ingredients are posted below the videos.

In both Videos…the main whether you are a sceptic or not…and if you believe the La Mer story and you may not be someone who wants to spend so much on a face cream…I highly recommend getting the original cream in the smallest 15ml size and use it as n eye cream which will last you for almost a year as it is super concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Yes the original formula is straight from the 70s and yes there are many companies now that use a fermentation process in manufacturing of their skin care products…but…this cream remains an extremely good buy and a must have for me…if you are someone that is looking pay more for a very good quality beauty product that can become your whole terms of yet cream…night cream and a day cream.


Soft cream Ingredients


Blog to the original video

Thank you for reading-your beauty junk friend-Lily

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