Get Rid of Redness

One of the issues women struggle with most as they get older is redness – but not anymore.

Makeup artist Laura Geller says the most nagging redness-related issue is the rougher texture that often comes along with it—this is especially true in the case of rosacea, she adds. So what’s the solution? You want to create a fresh canvas with primer and foundation before you strategically cover up redness. Here’s exactly how to do it:

Primer Start with a clear under-makeup primer. “Primer allows makeup to float on the skin, rather than penetrate it, plus it resurfaces the skin if you’ve got bumps from rosacea.”

Foundation Sheer foundations or CC creams won’t cover redness well, so you need formulas that are more opaque and provide extra coverage, says Geller. Rub the foundation between your fingers first, then apply—blending for even coverage.

Concealer Now, look at your skin: Do you still…

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