St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion-WOW !!!

Dear Guys,

Today I am sharing with you info on the prelaunch of this amazing product. I have very high hopes for this as I am so very pale and always obsess over how to look darker but natural, given my pale skin tone. I have used St.Tropez in the past and have always been happy with most of their products. However as we all know, no matter how easy all these tanning companies try to make their products in terms of application….Sun Tanning products always end up messing up something, wether it is the smell, the colour, your clothing or your bed sheets.

So on that note…I think this In Shower idea is ABSOLUTE GENIUS-and I personally cannot wait to try this product when it comes out on the 1st of June and share my experience with you all….I have a lot of respect for St.Tropez and high hopes for this product t deliver the ultimate convenience for us -want-to-be-darker girls:)

Here is official info as printed by Daily Mail Uk.

Kate Moss is Launching the product.

28E4AE0C00000578-3088725-image-a-26_1432118290210 28E4AE0800000578-3088725-image-a-24_1432118160907

Here is also an official video showing how to use it:

Thank you for reading-stay beautiful -your beautyjunkee friend Lily

SNOW ALGAE 2 2000px



  1. can’t wait for this ! I am in the same boat as you with my pale skin so I hope this is a good product

    1. me too:)…cheers…Lily

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