Tony Moly Bio EX Active Cell Fist Essence. Active Cell Real Serum. Stem Cell Range that disappointed

Hi Guys,

Today I am posting about Marine Stem Cells products from Tony Moly that I had very high hopes for, unfortunately they turned out nice products…but definitely not amazing or very effective for anti-aging purposes…I would day that it is a great option for someone who is under thirty with an oily skin type and perhaps looking for a refreshing summer-type products.

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here is a photo of ingredients for both products and also a detailed study insert that was provided inside the products…I honesty have to say that I don’t really agree with all the claims stated on the insert…and even if some claims were delivered by the product…they did not amount to over 90% mark as stated here….so feels a little strange to be disappointed by Tony Moly..I normally love 80% of their products…perhaps this falls into the 20% that I simply did not like..or perhaps something that did not deliver on my personal expectations…given the science of Marine Stem Cells.

Thank you for reading

your beauty junkie friend- Lily

SNOW ALGAE 2 2000px



  1. Curious

    Hello again! I just tried some samples of the real serum and it broke me out. I thought maybe it had alcohol in it, but I see it has citrus. I have to be careful with citrus, alcohol- anything that can be drying as I have dry skin.

    1. definitely smells and feels like a struck alcohol serum…so be careful…best regards..lily

  2. Mirjam Bayer

    Hi Lily, I just recently discovered your blog and youtubechannel but I have already bought ca 70% of the musthaveproducts, you will ruin me! 🙂 Already a big fan of korean makeup and skincare but your knowledge and recommendations has changed the game for sure. I used to only own the Benton snail cream and thought it was pretty damn impressive so cant wait to try the snailproducts you recomnmended. I also LOVE the algenist cleanser that I bought last week. So, I would just love to see a video of your current skincare routine morning and evening, and know how to layer/incorporate all the products in my routine to get the best effect. There are so many. Also, I am having problems finding the scinic cleanser, it seems sold out, and on ebay its available from germany but very expensive.
    Lots of love from sweden!

    1. Dear Mirjam….we are in contact via email:)..cheers…LIly

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