NATURA SIBERICA (Натура Сиберика). MUST HAVE HAIR and BODY products

Dear Guys,

for this post I have taken loads of photos from the packaging of Natura Siberica and this is not all the products I have shown from the brand in the video…I just have so many because I am so totally in love with this brand for Body and hair products….I have literally ordered 14 more products from Natura Siberica ..and also I have on order another 18 products directly from the Russian webstore (from Natura Siberica, Planeta Organica (sister brand with a fair-trade concept), SuperSila (superpower another new brand from the company that does Natura Siberica-Superpower brand focuses on ultra luxury products that contain horse oil, snail extract and truffle oil)-unfortunately the Russian shopping website it is all in Russian but they do ship worldwide….here is their website for my Russian viewers who speak Russian and also if you call them they do speak English

for English-German and Russian website that is located in Germany and ships worldwide -that has a good range but not as big as the store above you can visit:

Basically to give you guys an idea of how many brands this company does…here is the official company website: It is all in Russian though:

Here are official website of Natura Siberica (English) and Planeta Organica (Russian), Organic Shop (Russian)

Natura Siberica, is the most awarded line Internationally.

Planeta Organica is also very popular in Russia-fairtrade concept

Organic Shop-great super budget organic concept that is also popular

Secrets of Grandma Agafia-I can’t find a website…but here is a selection of this line in english.  This is a traditional homeopathy concept that is super budget and is very popular.

Basically I am trying everything that I find interesting from these brands…and considering that I have about 10 products at home, 14 products arriving next week and 18 more products arriving in a month or so…you can understand how obsessed I am with this brand after trying Natura Siberica….I have developed a huge trust of this company that does this brand and other brands I have mentioned above.

I also cannot wait when the Natura Siberica Fresh Spa goes on sale on-line as it is only available in Russian Natura Siberica Stores and spas. here is info about this amazing ultra luxury range that I briefly showed a brochure on in my video.

My hair in day light after using the hair products:)–Love it…no special lighting…just day light…gloss, health and volume


Ok…so now for the video link and the photos I took for you guys…click on the pics to enlarge…info is in English.


IMG_0193 organikshop060913 IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0208 IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0205 IMG_0204 IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0200 IMG_0200 IMG_0199 IMG_0198 IMG_0198 IMG_0197 IMG_0195


So this turned into a huge post…but this brand really does deserve this kind of recognition…if any of you guys try it…do let me know how you go…I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about it.

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 2 2000px



  1. Dolly

    GREAT review. You are right there is a huge vacuum on body/hair products, few seem to know what they are doing. Am blown away by how _BIG_ the items are, the ingredients look very interesting. I hope you have alot of bench space in your bathroom LOL Look forward to trying!

    1. and the packaging is beautiful. Check the NATURA SIBERICA ACTIVE BODY SLIMMING MASSAGE OIL.. oh my!

      1. the packaging, products sizing, product quality and price is unbeatable…Just cambs back from Monaco, Cannes and Nice and did not buy one hair or body product there…I was boasting about it to my husband …..and he replied that I have not bought anything…because I have commissioned a special Airplane delivery from Russia of the Natura Siberica stuff….lol

    2. Dear Dolly…I think I need to move into a different apartment…as I have 10 Natura Siberica Products on the way from Germany, 14 Products on the way from Russia…Natura Siberica plus sister brands Planeta Organica and SuperSila (horse keratin and truffle oil in by hair and body products?)….yes please:):):)….plus I have made contact with their Russian spa and they are figuring out how to send me that amazing new Fresh spa range…they only sell in their Russian spa now…and that is another 12 products…so I am basically nuts about this brand…and I think my husband will have a heart attack when he sees these next two orders…

      1. lol hysterical! 🙂 Have you worked out your essentials to recommend in the range yet? or are they all essentials now you have all lolol I think I need to get the “body slim” massage oil int for the bottle, it’s an artwork

        I just noticed they have another massage oil in Passion am sure your husband wouldn’t mind if you added it to your collection lol XX

      2. yes…I know what you mean dear Dolly….everything is essential right now…lol….I think I will be able to answer this question in about a year…when I have tried about a 100 products from this brand and other partner brands…what I love is that they keep making these great products within Natura Siberica brand and sister brands like Planeta Organica, Dr. Bio, Grandma Agafiya…and so on:)….cheers…Lily

      3. Dolly

        Well am impressed! Siberica body creams looks fantastic! on the hair products how would you describe the smell of the Sea Buckthorn Berry/ Obliphica.. is it a berry smell? what is the closest thing to compare with the smell? I notice there is also a cloudberry in hair products also.. have no idea what the smells are like 🙂

      4. Dear Dolly…you have to try the Daurian body butter I showed in the video…the yellow body butter cream I referred to as a cult in Russia…it is just ridiculously amazing…I am obsessed with it…and I do also love the anti-aging body cream for the body as well…as I mentiond I have so many products here from this brand…its like I have my own Natura Siberica store:)…lol…as far as Oblipiha…I would say if you pop into a health food store and look for Weeleda (German) brand…they do an Oblipiha oil and Juice…the smell here is not as gorgeous as strong as the one Natura Siberica has…smelling like real damn Oblipiha…really amazing how they did it…but at least it will give you an idea….I can’t say that it is necessarily a berry smell…it is really just very unique and different…(not like Ginseng)…but this kind of one-of-a-kind smell like Ginseng…or Truffle oil…basicly you cannot mistaken Oblepiha smell for anything else…but it is Gorgeously sweet and fresh:)….I am hoping I could describe it for you:)…let me know how you go with your goodies:)…cheers…Lily

      5. Dolly

        I will! I really like the sound of the ingredients of the butter (even though am not big on body butters lol) and the look of the other anti age body cream.
        I might order the siberica Sea Buckthorn / Obliphica oil for the potent dose and whiff. Your hair looks beautiful! 🙂

      6. Durian body Bitter and Oblipiha range is to die for..I got the body butter and the scrub yesterday as well from this range..the Scrub is Love Love also won Best of Allure Russia as well….as far as butter…I love it..but to me Durian magic is still the best…cheers..Lily

  2. Maria

    Hi Lily, I’m really impressed with your blog! Thanks for it!
    Spend the whole day yesterday ordering stuff from GMarket;))
    Regarding Natura Siberica – not only hair and body products worth attention, but they also do quite good facial products.
    My all time favourites are night detox mask (the blue package) and black coal mask (= северное мыло детокс, with a black sponge inside). Facial scarabs are also good, repurchased them for a couple of times. Basic facial mask are worth attention, but if your skin is really moisturised they probably will not have a huge effect, but definitely worth it’s money. My fav are anti ageing (yellow package) and quick (моментальная). I also advise u to try facial caviar capsules.
    Actually the other Russian brand I recently discovered is Charodeuka (чародейка). Have u ever heard about it?
    Would really appreciate your opinion on that.
    Thanks for your blog ones again and take care.
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Maria thank you for your kind words …much appreciated…I already have the Black detox soap and two Absolute caviar products am testing, plus another little serum from their Swiss range and that caviar night cream from the Fresh spa range I showed in the video…I ale can’t wait to receive their snail and black truffle face care and body care from sister brand SuperSila..and I got another 14 products from Siberica and Planeta Organica yesterday….so it is fun time..trying now:)…I will share my experience soon…very best regards…Lily

  3. Sarah

    Dear Lily,
    I love this line also! I have tried the shampoo and conditioner of the regular Natura Siberica line (not Oblepikha) called Volumizing and Balancing for normal and oily hair and also the Wild Siberian Juniper Shampoo and Conditioner (white bottles with green labels) (unfortunately, this wild juniper line became too rich for my hair but was great when I first started using it). I haven’t tried the Oblepikha hair care line yet but I really want to. I noticed that there are 4 different shampoos and 4 different conditioners within this range. Which one do you use? How does this series compare to the Fresh Spa line?

    Also, have you tried the Gzhel line? It looks beautiful – exactly like Gzhel handicrafts.

    1. Dear Sarah…I must admit I am using the most intensive Oblepiha line which I am sure would be too rich for you judging by your letter…however…this Oblipiha range also has Deep Cleansing options which I think would be best suited for you..rather then the super intensive products I am using. Fresh Spa is even more amazing then Natura Siberica…if this is at all possible:)…I would highly recommend Caviar Shampoo and Contioner for you for deep clean…gloss…volume and repair…the Panta Siberica line from Fresh Spa is amazing but is very rich..I love it …but you may not…I am also yet to try the Honey, Oblepiha and Birch tree shampoos from this line..basicly I am buying everything they make as I am obsessed by this company and all the ranges their doing from fresh Spa to Natura Siberica, Planeta Organica..and Grandma Agafya…lol..and many more of their brands..I am yet to talk about:)…as far as Gzel..I have the Body cream…which is amazing…but my favourite remains…Fresh Spa Caviar body cream…followed by Anti-Aging cream by Natura Siberica…and of course the Durian Body butter is in a class of its own..I have not tried the Shampoos and Conditioners from Gzel…and nonestly…I have not heard too many raves about it from the Russian girls…everybody raves about Natura Siberica Oblepiha line, Fresh Spa, Planeta Organica, Dr. Bio, Secrets of USSR Spas and Grandma Agafya…all lines by the makers of Natura Siberica…and also did you see their exclusive line ???…now available for sale from is also a lot of raves about this line and the Amaranth bath foam just won Best of Allure:)…I am hoping this was helpful to you:)…love..Lily

      1. Sarah

        Dear Lily,

        Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve placed my order. It says that the Fresh Spa caviar shampoo and conditioner are for dry hair. My hair is on the oily side. Would this really be appropriate for my type of hair? This was why I found the Wild Siberian Juniper line too rich for it. For now I’ve ordered the Oblepikha Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner for normal to oily hair. Plus many other products.

        Anyway, I couldn’t order the Fresh Spa stuff because the place that I ordered it from didn’t have that line. I think I’ll check it out the next time I’m in Russia. I love to examine and smell all the products before I make decisions, especially since the Fresh Spa line is more pricey than the regular Natura Siberica. By the way, I’ve been to both their stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They are both impressive but I found the staff a lot friendlier at the St. Petersburg location but the store could be a bit bigger. They have a ton of products there and the space is on the small size. I went late at night an hour before they closed so that it was less crowded. I also got their discount card for spending over 3000 rubles – yay!

        I see that you have both the Durian yellow body butter from the Sauna and Spa line as well as the ultra-nourishing body cream with yak’s milk from the Wild Siberica line. I have the Wild Siberica one in the glass container – it’s wonderful! I just love everything about it except the glass packaging which made it heavier in my suitcase. But I suppose the glass packaging looks more high-end. Do you prefer the yellow Durian one to the Wild Siberica one? This line has so many products I can’t even choose because when I went to the store my eyes stared in all directions, totally overwhelmed by the selection.

        I didn’t know that Planeta Organica and Babushka Agafya were part of the same company. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  4. Dear Sarah…I finally found the time to reply to your lovely letter:) sorry for the delay!…I am so jealous of you being able to go to Russia and go to the actual stores..this is so amazing..I just completed an order for 17 products today….because Russian Ruble is Kaput…as compared to Swiss Franc right now it is 1 to 75 so this is an excellent time to buy from Russia:)….I buy everything from and…and I just paid 29 Swiss Francs delivery for 17 products…many of which are 400 ml each…so I am ecstatic..but I think my husband will kill me…lol…also with you can use your discount code: iamabeautyjunkee to get 7% off.

    Both and have the full line of all Natura Siberica including their Exclusive line, wild Siberica line, Gzel, Fresh Spa line, Whitening line and any new products that Siberica comes out with…I just ordered the new Oblepiha Shower gel and Bath foam:) on top of the gazillion products on their way and in my bathroom:)

    Another comprehensive site is I also wanted to let you know that if you are in Russia…do visit Organic Shop…this is a chain of organic stores that belong to the makers of Natura Siberica and they have all the lines from this company..such as Planeta Organica and organic shop: and ofcourse Granda Agafya…which just came out with another new amazing line: plus I think they stock another 60+ international Organic is how the shop looks like

    Also to answer your questions….I think Caviar line is still good for oily hair I have the same problem and it works great there…the pants Line with deer antlers would probably be too much for you.

    In regards to Wild Siberica body cream and Durian body butter ….cou cannot compare them as they are completely different in texture…but both amazing…and if you do get a chance…try the Caviar body cream from fresh spa…which is a more expensive version of Natura Siberica`s Award winning anti-aging body cream which I love…but the caviar version is even better:)

    Also I hear a lot of good reviews about their new line…Secrets of USSR spas…here is a link…and I think I will definitely be trying that as well soon:)

    I hope this was informative and helpful to you..please do let me know which products you like is so hard to choose between so many amazing products!!!

    Best regards

  5. Sarah

    Dear Lily,

    I ordered from that website on August 25 and still haven’t received my order. Please let me know if you had any trouble with them at all. The company is

    1. Dear Sarah… I would suggest to email them and ask them…I never had a problem with them when ordering…they send with International EMS service…this is registered mail..and is very safe…these days I am ordering from and most of my products and order from webcosmetica ranges that these two sites do not have…let me know if you need any help to communicate with them for you in Russian:):):):…cheers…Lily

  6. Sarah

    Dear Lily,

    I received my order today. What a coincidence that the day after I wrote to the company and made this comment here, the order finally came! I got 20 products and I’m very excited about it. Already tried several of them and they’re amazing! 🙂

    1. Dear Sarah..I am so happy for you!..I know how exciting to get so many products home and start playing with all of them:):):)…what are your favourites???…cheers…Lily

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