Scinic Pig Collagen Sleeping Mask vs Tony Moly vs Elizavecca vs Holika Holika

Hi Guys,

I am finally doing the blog about my Must Have sleeping Mask…Scinic Pig Collagen.

What is incredible is that have updated their article on the 7th of January initially published on the 5th of January referring to my Video and comments about Scinic Pig Collagen Mask….I think it is pretty cool:)…and I thank them for their support. They have also got a link to my blog at the end of their Pig Collagen article….here it is:

So here is the link to the video where I explain why it is such a Winning Mask as compared to Tony Moly, Elizavecca and Holika Holika


Ingredient listing for Scinic Pig Collagen Mask


Here are my previous reviews of other Pig Collagen Masks:

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack Review and Demo:

Holika holika pig collagen jelly pack vs Tony Moly pig collagen jelly cream

TONY MOLY Pig Collagen Jelly Cream review and demo

Thank you for reading-Your friend-Lily-the beautyjunkee

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  1. Lucrece

    Well deserved recognition Darling I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you dear Lucrece !!!

  2. Dolly

    Great! I havn’t tried the piggy collagen yet but purchased Scinic Pig on your recommendation and looking forward to trying on the best! 🙂 Thanks a million You are a gem!

    1. Dear Dolly..have it is a great mask and truly pig collagen is unlike many other masks…great for wrinkle filling and overall lifting effect…let me know how you go with it…best regards..Lily

  3. Valeric

    question: you will test TONYMOLY Pure Farm Pig Collagen Sleeping Pack?

    1. Dear Valeric…yes I absolutely will…best regards…Lily

  4. Jeannie S.

    Congratulations, dear Lily, It is only right and proper the world should hear your views. Your opinions have become essential to me whenever I’m considering a new Asian skincare product. You have never led me wrong. You kindly answered my questions about the Scinic Pig Collagen, I bought it and absolutely love it. It works like nothing else. You were so nice as to answer my questions about Mizon’s Gold Starfish cream and I love it so much it’s part of my nighty routine. Thank you again, dearest, and I know even more success will be coming your way! ❤

    1. Dear Jeannie..thank you so very much for this amazing comment..You MADE MY DAY:)…love Lily

  5. catherine

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you for a very informative site! I bought the scinic pig collagen, and so far like everything about it EXCEPT for the scent – overly per fumy – like the western skincare big brands urgh

    Are any of the others “Tony Moly vs Elizavecca vs Holika Holika” pig collagen less perfumy, milder preferably no scent? I don’t like to wear perfume on my face.

    Please in future, when recommending products, please include the scent factor on a scale of 1-10 in terms of perfume.

    I don’t mind talc powder smell.

    I find Laneige products to be too perfumery – similar to western brands heavy duty perfume.

    thank you.

    1. oh…sorry to hear about that Catherine…I must admit I don’t like overly perfumed products myself..yet I am not that super sensitive to I did not detect a big smell on that Scinic pig collagen gel…hmmmm….I guess we are all so very different…I hope it is working great for your skin type though:)…best regards….Lily

  6. Heather

    Congrads Lily on being recognized for the reviews on the site! and so well deserved! Your blog and reviews are my #1 go too. Ever since seeing the change in my skin when using the products you recommended, I’m truly now a convert to the Korean skin care lines, and especially in love with the snail recommendations, that Tony Moly cream has done wonders.

    Thanks again for keeping this 37yr old’s skin looking fresher than my 27yr old’s co-workers skin! 🙂

    Warm regards,


    1. My pleasure Heather and thank you for your support!…have a great weekend…cheers…Lily

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