O Hui The First Cell Revolution Set

Dear Guys, today I am talking about O Hui The First Cell Revolution Set

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This is the first time I am trying O Hui brand and straight away I feel that this particular line is designed for a more mature skin type and definitely dry to very dry skin condition, normal skin would be able to tolerate it, combination skin may struggle here and oily skin type should avoid altogether.

My first impression here is that it is a luxury product and has very good quality, however I did not experience any particular miracles to be paying over 200 USD per product…the product does give you very good wrinkle smoothing effect—which is temporarily on the day that you use the product, however no notable improvement in the overall skin condition was observed by me…and in terms of high-end Korean brands…I remain a huge Sulwhasoo girl …now that i have recently discovered Sulwhasoo…

Having said this, I do appreciate the high quality of this brand and I am looking forward to try more products and more product ones from this brand-perhaps something that is more fitting for my mid-thirties combination skin type.

Here is my video…showcasing all products in the pack.

I got the pack from Ebay, a seller I highly recommended for high-end Korean brands:

Pack cost $69 USD

forthefairestsophia (3011) 100% positive feedback


General info about O Hui


Key ingredient, rHSCP ( recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein), is combined with skin metabolism stimulants like EGF and FGF to increase density and elasticity to ageing areas. Human Stem Cell Protein is supplied by a special research institute that works in this particular field of bio-technology (as noted on the bottles and in the video below). These are highly enriched products that even at trial sizes I show in the  video last for a long time, because they are so concentrated.

Thank you for watching:)-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Dolly

    Interesting review and to compare to my impressions! I also liked the soft cream better. Will be interested to know what you think of History of Whoo when you try it, but again it is nothing like Sulwhasoo. As you said Sulwhasoo is pretty unique! I could never find ingredient list of The Whoo anywhere so do also post if you find it.

    1. I have ordered 5 History of Whoo cream samples, an ampoule for “thick wrinkles” and more of ginseng and honey sleeping mask…as I have previously tried a sample of it and I loved it…so I want to try more of this mask to make a proper decision about it…first impression was very positive though….I will try to do my best to find at least a general overview of ingredients from the Whoo and post them on the up and coming review:)…I can’t wait to receive and try my products…and see if they are a real competition to Sulwhasoo or just trying to be Sulwhasoo…lol…best regards..to you dear Dolly….your beautyjunkee friend…Lily

  2. Curious


    I bought a small kit of this based on your reviews. I really was drawn to this having stem cells in it. I was wondering, do you think that the softener, emulsion, or soft cream contain alcohol?

    1. Dear Curious…I honestly do not know…because that sample set had no ingredient listing…however the products are rely moisturising even if there may be alcohol there….kind regards…Lily

  3. Curious

    I forgot to add that I also got some samples of the very expensive Ohui First Geniture cream too.

    1. How do you like it???…I also got samples from it…I think it is nice…but $700 USD for a full size product is a little crazy…what do you think???….best regards..Lily

      1. Curious

        Thanks Lily,

        I hope they are alcohol free because alcohol really irritates my skin and increases PIH for me.

        I am hoping that the Geniture cream will be worth it. I haven’t tried it yet. I am waiting until I use up the Ohui Cell Revolution soft cream and then I will try the Geniture cream.

        But first I have to get through the Ohui Hydra Formula Kit I bought. It has epidermal stem cells in some of its products and I am finding this product to be not as moisturizing as I would like. When I use all the Ohui Hydra -then I will use the First Cell products.

        Thanks so much…

      2. Sounds like a great plan!!!….cheers…Lily

  4. Curious

    I finished my Hydra sample kit and now I am on to the First Revolution one. I like all of the products except I am concerned about the toner/softener. It smells like a strong floral cologne. It says that it contains lots of amino acids that are good for the skin, but I can’t determine whether it has alcohol in it or not. I am so scared of a skin set back.

    1. hard to say I don’t have the ingredient listing for it…sorry hun

  5. Curious

    No worries Lily! 🙂

    Well, I am having a skincare setback. My forehead is covered in a rough looking rash and PIH. I am trying to make my skin better- not worse.

    I let someone else smell the softener and they said they could smell the alcohol in it. So I stopped using it. I have only been using the emulsion and soft cream for the past few days, but I wonder if the emulsion has alcohol in it as well. Tonight I noticed that the fine bumps have spread to my cheeks.

    I called LG and tried to get in contact with whomever is over their Ohui Line. I had questions about Ohui the first and their Isa Knox lines. All I wanted to know was if they used alcohol in their products and which ones. They referred me to someone else who did not answer my questions. They just said you should use this product vs that product because its more moisturizing.

    What do people not get about the fact that a person may be allergic to certain ingredients?

    The killer is that while my skin texture is bad my elasticity improved. I had the beginning of nasiolabial folds and they are almost gone with using Ohui. But the rash/PIH and rough flaky skin are intolerable.

    Maybe I should just use the cream? They couldn’t have put alcohol in the cream.

    1. Dear Curious, thank you so much for sharing your experience with these products…how are you going now? have you hd any luck locating the actual ingredients?…I hope it is working out for you now…best regards…Lily

  6. Curious

    Hi Lily!

    I took a break from all the ohui products. I gave everything, but the cream away. I waited a while and then I started the cream back. My skin can’t tolerate it either. It made my skin plump, dewy, glowing. It improved the older hyperpigmentation a bit, but it started the acne up again. Like under the skin acne along my jawline.

    Fortunately, I got my hands on some Retin A. A mixture of that and face calming masks dried the pimples up before they had a chance to erupt.

    So I decided to use The First Revolution cream on my neck and that has been working so far.

    Now tonight I tried the First Geniture cream for the first time. I hope this doesn’t break me out. I have only tried it once, but I think I am hooked. My skin looks like the First Cell Revolution cream, but bumped up a notch. It has a faint fragrance. It looks very oily in the pod, but it felt both moist and oily on the skin. I am not into the way a cream feels, I am moreso concerned with how it performs, but this feels good on the skin. And they had just enough in the sample pod for one use. If this cream works out for me I don’t know what I am going to do because it is so expensive!

    My skin looks matt, but it is oily to the touch. I am ok with this as I tend to be normal/dry and it is very cold here- about 20-30 degrees.

    I will keep you updated on how this progresses. Keeping my fingers crossed for no breakouts! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely and very informative letter…much appreciated for sharing your experience with me and my readers…have a great day! Best regards..Lily

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