Kiko Milano Liquid Skin Foundation. Clarins Oil lip Gloss. Marc Jacobs. Givenchy. Bare Minerals.

Hi guys,

Today I am sharing with you my Must Have Make Up Products.


Here is a video detailing and showing you all the products as pictured above.

1. Kiko Milano

a. Cushion Foundation

b. Liquid Skin

c. Ultra Curling Mascara-actually does curl and hold a curl as well

d. Blending (foundation-bronzer) brush with travel pouch

2. Bobbi Brown Eye Shadows

3. Maybelline-Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation-better then all the other foundations in this category (Including Armani, Lancome and Loreal)

4. Bareminerals-stroke of light concealer/highlighter (number 1)-have now replaced my beloved Benefit -High-brow pencil highlighter….that I loved for many years…also Bareminerals coverage is better the YSL Touch Eclat, it is not drying and lasts all day for perfect radiance.

5. Clarins -liquid oil lip gloss-ultimate caring and plumping lip gloss—feels fantastic on the lips and has now replaced all my other lip glosses (Including Lancome Juicy tubes which I have used for about 7 years)

6. Givenchy Prisme bronzer-cant go wrong with it….I have used this product for years…the could colour blend is a great option for year round to give you exactly the right bronzing colour for any season…so that you don’t end up too bronzy in winter and can build it to very dark bronze in Summer…whats is even better that this product also comes in a great variety of 4 colour variations…which can be adapted to just about any skin colour.

As I mentioned in the video…that I don’t do too many make up product videos as I am all about skincare…since my philosophy is more Asian-oriented….where you have to achieve perfect skin for your make up to be perfect….as covering up neglected skin with make up…will not achieve the best look possible. In my opinion any way:)

Nevertheless these make up products are outstanding in my opinion and this is why I decided to share them with you guys:)

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px


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