Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation vs Kiko Milano Cushion Foundation Full Review and Demo.


Hi Guys, today I am talking about a product that I have been waiting for a year….a Cushion Foundation from a Western Brand...and now I am comparing two of the first ones I have tried. Lancome Miracle Cushion vs Kiko Milano Cushion  (the funny thing is that the Lancome product is made in Korea…now that is a first!-for Lancome to be doing products in Korea) As I mentioned over a year ago when I first tried Cushion foundation from Secret Key-I was expecting all Western brands to copy this truly revolutionary product…and so the games begin…with Lancome, Pur Minerals and Kiko Milano to be the first ones of the mark.

Lancome Miracle Cushion – The Shades

It comes in 6 shades which promise to work with the fairest to the darkest skin tones-even though I have a lot of respect for Lancome foundations and have been wearing them though out my twenties….I have to say that Lancome has missed the mark here in terms of Colours…their usually “fits everybody” number 3 is now too orangey, number 3 is too pale even for somebody as pale as me and so I ended up getting number 4…which I make work for me…but it is fairly dark and somebody like me would definitely have to bronze up to make it work-which I personally don’t mind…but somebody else..may not like that.


Lancome Miracle Cushion Formula-Official product claims

  • Super light tinted fluid
  • Delivers coverage &  even skin tone
  • Blurs imperfections
  • Buildable coverage
  • Fine, silky serum-like texture
  • Evaporates on the skin to leave undetectable colour correction
  • Cooling sensation
  • Protects the skin from UV – SPF23
  • Delivers a sensation of freshness
  • Hydrates  and moisturises the skin
  • Include adenosine for anti-ageing action
  • Leaves a velvet soft radiance
  • Long lasting

In my opinion as I demonstrate in the Video…if you have never tried an Asian Cushion product…you are going to Love it. If you have tried an Asian cushion product-you will not be impressed at there is absolutely nothing innovative here coming from Lancome…the actual foundation nation formulae is “so so”…Lancome has got much better foundations then this one….the only innovative thing here is the Cushion Compact which is a Copy in itself…and has almost got it right…if it was not so bulky….

Kiko Milano Cushion-on the other hand-Rocks…. The compact is Great…the colours are fantastic…the texture is just right.…it does not have a refill though…but at 23 Swiss Francs or 18 Euro…I will just buy another Kiko cushion when I run out and will pair it up with the gorgeous crystal serum they have done as a foundation base primer…very soothing, cooling and hydrating with a slight lifting effect. ( I also love the Glow Game base as pictured -sadly discontinued now) There is a fairly big negative though that Kiko loves doing limited products which you cannot get once 6 month or so pass by…as I mentioned in the video…I am vowing to ring the Head Office Management of Kiko in Italy if they discontinue these two products….seriously…they are just superb…. (as I live about 3 hours car drive from Italy…I may even pop into their office…and harass them about stop discontinuing great products)….lol




In general…I have started using more and more of Kiko`s stuff…it is by far the best make up product I have ever tried at a ridiculously small price…that is way Better then many high end brands in terms of quality, performance and overall product design. I think girls in many countries have caught on to the brand…as on all my travels in many different countries I run into Kiko stores. Hence on that note….I will be paying more attention  to Kiko products from now on.

Official multi-counrty website

Original Secret Key Cushion review and my first time ever trying a cushion foundation.

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Well, I think you published the same video twice (secret key cc cushion video), rather than publish the lancome vs kiko cushion foundation comparison video…

    1. Hi sweety…thank you for letting me know…I have corrected this now…have a great day….Lily

  2. You may want to give the Laneige BB Cushion a try, and the famous Hera UV Mist Cushion… : ) Both Korean, of course.

    1. yes…I do know those products:)…I am buying Hera UV most Cushion (ultra moisture version)…as my next purchase…cant wait to try it…there are so many Korean girls…raving about it:)…I will be sure to share my opinion about it…so stay tuned for that:)…best regards…Lily

  3. Dolly

    Great review! I’d love to try the Kiko Milano cushion 🙂

    I have a couple of the Korean brands on the go at the moment and can recommend trying if you are into it, they are formulated with care their skin care is: Hera (summer UV which is the longer lasting version) and Sulwahsoo which smells good like apricot kernels? (strong!) and gives great coverage. Maybelle has a great cushion style twist liquid concealer which is great to use with these, was surprised to see it used in a korean makeover vid. (If Korean pop glow isn’t your thing and isn’t mine, ‘secret pore HD powder’ by Lioele which is great when used lightly for matting down areas and fixing makeup I dont want to slip or have shine on, without drying or leaving a crust, and skin still looks healthy after, and can reapply cushion during the day over:)

    I seriously cannot use most of the western brand foundations that I used to love and for their coverage, like Clarins, such although alot more pigmented and long lasting, notice they also emphasise lines which isn’t there without makeup on!

    1. Dolly

      the packaging on Kiko is beautiful.

      1. yes it is:)..better than Lancome !

    2. Dear Dolly!…thank you so much for your recommendations…I will be sure to check those out:)…cheers…Lily

    3. Dear Dolly!…thank you so much for your recommendations…I will be sure to check those out:)…cheers…Lily

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