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Hi Guys, today I am posting two videos about amazing Soolwhasoo products. I first did a video on the 5 cream set and once I tried those cream I quickly became hooked and had to order more from the brand. So I got the Goa cream set and 2 more serums from the brand as pictured above. So on that note, I have very quickly became a Huge Soolwhasoo girl I was skeptical about the powers of Ginseng and other Oriental herb extracts here in terms of anti-aging benefits as there is not a peptide in site in the brand….but I kid you not…if you want to feel like your skin went to an Asian doctor and got a lot more healthier, and a lot younger…you have to try basically everything from Concentrated Ginseng Line, Goa Line, Time Treasure line….these are fairly expensive products if you buy them full size…so here is my tip for you….go to Ebay and find a seller in the name of:

99.9% positive feedback she sells loads of great sample packs from the most prestigious Korean brands and has 356 options for Soolwhasoo. She will send it from Korea Registered mail, give you loads of free samples and the package will also come super fast…I am now buying much of my prestigious Korean brand products from her….. ofcourse Gmarket is also amazing for full size Soolwhasoo packs…so do checkout the options there as well. Soolwhasoo has a great detailed site in English with all ingredients listed… is a link to it: I do want to note that, the Hydro-aid, snow-wise Ex and Lifting creams are nice…but they are not particularly amazing or anti-aging….whereas everything from the Concentrated Ginseng Line, Goa Line, Time Treasure line is just devine and a huge Must Have..I can’t believe it has taken me so long to try this brand…which has actually been highly respected for the last 60 years. So here rare my full product demos and live reviews:

1st Video- 5 cream set

2nd Video Goa set + 1st activating serum, lotion and emulsion

Official Soolwhasoo videos: 100 Way to use their number one selling product:

First Care Activating Serum More tips on the

First Care Activating Serum                                     


Thank you for reading-your friend-Lily-the beautyjunkee

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Agnieszka

    Hi Lilly 🙂
    as always, nice to see you :)))))
    You look like a million bucks !!!!!!
    Your video as always aroused in me a desire to try Sulwhasoo cosmetics.
    I bought in topinkgirl cosmetics Swanicoco and I was always happy, it’s a great seller, I am glad that you mentioned about it 🙂
    therefore time for a new shopping 🙂

    1. Dear Agnieszka…thank you beautiful for your kind comments as always …seriously…Sulwhasoo is the best Korean brand I have tried so far…and I am making a huge switch to high-end Korean products since I can buy them in sample sizes…and value packs and get such amazing results so quickly….do let me know please your first impression…I am very interested to hear about what you think of these products…thank you in advance…best regards…Lily…I hope it does not rain in Poland:)

  2. Agnieszka

    Dear Lily:)
    This winter in Poland there is no snow: ((((((and what a winter without snow ????;) fortunately no rain, but the wind unpleasant harassing us … but I’m not complaining, I’m just waiting for those sunny days that are sure to come :)))

    My comments about your appearance are absolutely sincere. I’ve always liked your healthy, natural look, but now simply rays !!!!! You look phenomenal, fresh and youthful !!! If this is due to Sulwhasoo …. I guess I will be their undying client;)

    I could not resist and bought a few samples Sulwhasoo: SNOWISE WHITENING ESSENCE BB Cream, SKIN CLARIFYING MASK, OVERNIGHT VITALIZING MASK, SNOWISE EX WHITE EXFOLIATING, TIMETREASURE RENOVATING CREAM, SULWHASOO CONCENTRATED GINSENG. I bought them on Polish auction site, so I hope that this week I will be able to test them :))) I will definitely share with you impressions and eagerly look forward to your further opinions and impressions.

    1. Dear Agnieszka, I am happy to lend you some Swiss snow..there is too much of it here:)…lol..especially for some one who spent her childhood growing up in Odessa-Ukraine (on the Black Sea) and then in St Kilda (ocean-front suburb of Melbourne-Australia)…lol
      I was wondering how you like the: OVERNIGHT VITALIZING MASK, SKIN CLARIFYING MASK (I am ordering asap), TIMETREASURE RENOVATING CREAM, SULWHASOO CONCENTRATED GINSENG (which I have now)….always lovely to hear from you…have a great day…Lily

  3. remember i told you i got some sulwashoo samples when i bought a history of whoo facial spray? i finally got around to trying them today and oh. my. god. you were right! i thought it was just the sample of the concentrated ginseng cream that was good, but every product was a knockout and my face feels amazing. (the samples i have are in your third picture: the water and emulsion w/ yellow caps and the serum in the gold packet.) i may have to hold off buying any skincare for awhile just so my next purchase can be those 3 things + a ginseng cream! i honestly don’t think just having samples will cut it for me.

    1. Dear Kaycem….I am afraid of having a very boring blog from now on…as so may things pale in comparison to Sulwhasoo…I am super glad that I gave it a try…as it gives me a new standard to judge other products and brands by…this is an amazing benchmark for a skincare product….I am still super curious about history of Whoo..and obviously will try to compare…but overall in terms of high-end—Sulwhasoo is the ultimate brand to have…in my opinion…best regards…Lily

  4. Dolly

    Knew you would love Sulwhasoo am so glad you tried them 🙂

    1. Dolly

      am loving Ohui at the moment, are kind of easy to work out what they do by the name on their lines and they work, and prefer over the history of Whoo.
      Sulwhasoo firming is still my favourite, mostly am addicted to the smell!!!!

      1. very interesting…I got a 9 product Ohui set “The First Range”…I appreciate high quality here…and I want to get more from them…but I think I may be too young for it and it is a little too rich for me..even though I like rich products…but they have to have that Sulwhasoo magic combination of rich yet lite feel…nevetherless I am impressed and will buy more from them:)…will do a review on the set shortly:)…have a great day…Lily

    2. Dear Dolly…great to hear from you…it has been a long time:)

      1. Dolly

        I’ve been busy working to help pay off my cc debt because I need my skincare LOL it was either that or buying a big bottle of sake, and frangelico to mix with my HA, I did find out sake especially stinks on the face the hard way, but I did ‘feel it’ working and next to the lines working life is giving me is starting to sound appealing! LOL

      2. I know the feeling of mortgaging your house to buy beauty products…lol

  5. Dolly

    I love the Ohui the first (soft cream which is lighter) but I am 53 (hilarious lol)
    It does help when using using retin A to have their samples around as need the moisture during skin turnover, Their hydra gel is good for that and when am not using retin A their Age Recovery line!

    Holika Black Sea cucumber essence is one I bought a while back, and using now which you might like to look into the black sea cucumber first on their list of ingredients. The black sea cucumber is a creepy creature right? I had to try it LOL

    1. Good on you Dolly:) and thank you for sharing info about Holika Holika..I am yet to try it…but I must say..I am in a hurry to buy the new updated version of Missha First treatment Essence-upgraded 2015 edition….cant wait:)

  6. michal

    Hi Lily!
    small question-
    Im 30, and have oil skin- from ur review its seems most of the product are more suitable for older skin and for dry skin
    Is it something / a line, that will suit my skin?

    Also- i have to ask:) why you dont believe in eye crem??:)

    Im trying to loos my black circles and hearing you saying u dont believe in them made me sad i need to say with them 😦

    1. Dear Michael…I also have combo skin tending on the dry with oily t-zone…but I would not call my skin oily…for oily skin I would highly recommend Dr. Tosoowong Osory it gives you moisture but it is perfectly balanced for oily skin and also their Time Shift line…in terms of eye cream…surely if you have dark circles then you need a specific eye cream-treatment that can treat those…but if you generally want to de-wrinkle your eye area…then i think there are many face creams that are suitable for that purpose without having to have a separate eye cream—-this is what i mean when i say i don’t believe in an eye cream:)….cheers..Lily

      1. MICHAL


        So that means the Soolwhasoo products are mainly for dry skin??
        Im dying to try the Ginseng cream, but afraid that it wont fit my skin..
        I hate it when my facr look shiny after using a product…

      2. Dear Michael…I would not really say that…I am a combo skin type tending on the dry side…and I can use the Ginseng cream just fine…it is a very versatile product…i would suggest for you to get it in samples on Ebay and see how you like it…just don’t over-apply it and if your skin is not too should be good for you as well…..let me know how you go with it if you do get it:)….cheers…Lily

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