Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Cream. Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel. Missha Snail Cream.

Dear Guys,

Today I am doing a review of the new snail products I have tried from Tony Moly and Missha. I am posting all the official info and product ingredients below. The video is very detailed in showing all the products. So I will keep my descriptive part short here…in summary…the new Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail range is a new Must Have snail product which I now find even better then my beloved Scinic snail range which I loved for all of 2014….having said that Relle snail Range is still my number 1 Snail product, followed by Tony Moly new Timelss Ferment Range and followed by the original Scinic snail range...which I still recommend as a great value for money snail range…however whilst the new Tony Moly range is more expensive then Scinic…it is totally worth the price…and I love this new Essence in a cream type texture of the Snail cream…I have pictured below…I will be following this purchase by buying the rest of the products in the Timeless Ferment Snail range….having tried the original Tony Moly snail cream and the 24K Gold snail cream…this new version is the best.


Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel is a nice gel cream that can be used as a last step to seal all the products applied before it or as a snail sleeping mask…but I am not totally loving this product as I was expecting more from it..however it is worth a try as this huge tub is a good bargain and I would say if you have oily skin…you would probably love it…but in terms of anti-aging it is not that amazing….

The new Missha Misa Geum Sul 24K gold cream…is interesting and is much better than the original snail range from Missha…however I need to try more from this range to make a decision…what is interesting about this product…is that Missha have put in ingredients from 3 of their ranges here…such as snail, mushroom extracts, deer antlers extracts and now added gold as well:)…so an interesting concept…which I need more convincing see if I end up loving it or not…it is ok…so far…

Amazing new Tony Moly Essence Gel in Cream Texture (Timeless Ferment Snail Cream)









Eye cream Texture-Oil Gel (another great Tony Moly innovation)


 Tony Moly Eco Snail Gel 



Thank you for reading:)

Stay Beautiful and have a Fantastic New Year!

Your beauty junkie friend…Lily




  1. Linda Charlotte

    Hello, and thank you for a fantastic blog and youtube channel. I have learnd so much from it 🙂
    I am a norwegian woman who will be 40 this year, I have dried skin and very light skintone. I have noticed that the wrinkles are coming and I have been lokking for som great product to use. I think its so much out there so its hard to choose 🙂 The things I have looked at is:

    Genuine Tonymoly Ferment Snail Cream Timeless Set 2Pcs,
    Pure100% Collagen Serum Ampoule korea Anti Wrinkle Marine HA skin care,
    Pure 100 Placenta Serum Ampoule Booster Intense Anti Aging best skin care korea, Pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Booster Intense Wrinkle HA best skin care korea, Missha*Time Revolution Night Repair.

    I know you have tryed snail cream, but do you have any experience on the other product? If you could make a skin rutine for me that contains different products I would be superduper happy 🙂 I need everything from cleaner to faceoils etc. I want it to be Korean products.

    Do you have a youtube video of your whole skinrutine?

    Thank you again 🙂


    1. Dear Linda,

      Thank you for writing to me, apologies for the very late reply, I just came back from a holiday…I hope you too have had a great holiday break and a New Year Celebration:)…like yourself I have discovered Korean cosmetics about 2 years ago…and have been truly addicted ever since…I think overall these are the best skincare options and innovations you can possible have…and it is always so exciting to try new things from so many great Korean brands that just keep releasing these amazing products…having said that I do hold a lot of respect for some reputable Western brands…which also do great quality products…like Philosphy, Algenist…Kate sommerville…Josei Moran and others…however now after discovering Korean brands…the western brands are very highly scrutinised by myself before I decide to buy it has to be exceptionally good…otherwise I am buying a Korean brand:)…as yoou may have seen I also have my own brand…as well….so on that note here is a recommendation for you on some of my absolute favourite Korean skincare products. (and a couple of non-Korean must haves)

      1. Cleanser-Scinic Cleansing Essence…one of the most effective…innovative and gentle products out there to completely remove all make up (this is like an oil serum)
      2. Missha First treatment Essence…essential product (rice galactomyces)
      3. Scinic Spray Essence Serum mist-I love the Total essence option the best for anti-aging
      4. Red Serum by Skin & lab-total must have
      5. Oil…I have to recommend Tarte Maracuja oil…sensational product…better then rose hip and argan oils (non-korean brand)
      6. Mizon Gold Starfish cream-excellent anti-aging product
      7. Relle anti-aging snail product-the best non-Korean snail product (french-thai brand)—favourite Korean snail products…new Tony Moly timeless ferment snail line…excellent product and very innovative textures…and Scinic…gently and very effective…great value for money if you want to try a whole line for under 50 USD.
      8. Scinic Pig collagen mask-total must have-sleeping mask
      9. Scinic black volume gel and mask…sensational innovative products for strong anti-wrinkle and volume filing.
      10. Neogen Gold Caviar Tox tratment (the one you keep in the fridge)-as I shown in my video…total salon in a bottle…
      11. Best scrub…Daltokki sticky rice scrub

      So I hope this will give you a good start to try and discover new things…if you got any questions regarding this recommendation…please let me know…and also please have a look at my must-have page for my favourite products….

      I would love to hear from you if you do get any of these products as to your opinion about them and how you like them.

      Best regards

  2. Azra

    Happy New Year Lily!!! I wish you a great year full of love, good health & ascending business!

    I did it!! My first order from Korea. After weeks of browsing and reading, i picked a few products, Timeless Ferment set, Gold Starfish & Returning Starfish creams. I’m almost 30 soon, so i might not benefit from all the anti-aging effects, but i have the same principle you have about keeping our skin in best condition.
    I bought the Tonymoly Timeless ferment snail line mainly because of your review & it is the first time i buy a product based on someone’s opinion,so i wanted to let you know 🙂
    I think about getting the Scinic snail matrix cream to use in the morning, if the Tonymoly is too greasy – I’ve seen very good prices for the big 120ml size. And the gold starfish has retinol,so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use in the morning.
    Until now i used only 2 Korean products, a snail sheet mask bought in the drugstore & Mizon’s black snail cream, and i was very impressed with them. I know you didn’t like the Mizon snail, but for me it made a difference in skin texture & brightness. Can’t wait to receive them, I’m sure it will be a big love!

    I use a lot of oils for cleansing, body, on face sometimes, and i will consider Tarte Maracuja oil from your post above – another product that seems great and i didn’t know of 🙂

    Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

    1. Dear Azra….Thank you so much for your support and your trust. I really appreciate it! I also thank you for the time you have taken to write a feedback on my blog…it is very kind of you…and I thank you very much….Best regards…and a Very Happy New Year !….Lily

  3. kloe

    hey Lily! im a korean skincare convertor and i LOVE snail products! ive already tried half the snail creams you mentioned and now im waiting for my Tonymoly timeless ferment snail cream to arrive!
    the reason im writing you (and i really hope you can help me) is this: im looking for a big tub of snail gel just like this Tonymoly Eco snail gel, but only with natural ingredients and high concentration of snail mucin. Do you know any good brand that you can reccomend me?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dear Kloe…I am also still on the lookout for the same thing:)…I have high hopes for Secret Key which just released a 300ml snail Gel tub…I have not tried it yet..but because i really love their standard 50 ml snail gel…I am hoping that they did not skip on the great ingredients that they have in the small tub and did include them in the big tub…I am yet to try and share my opinion..I am loving the recently reviewed MyPu snail I really appreciate the soft tube packaging and the fact that it has a high concentration of Hualuronic acid…this little MyPu snail gel is really my favourite these days…I am going to do a blog on it soon…and it is already in my recent snail product video on youtube:)…best regards…Lily

  4. sophie

    hi lily,

    halo amd thank you for your fantastic blog. I just bought the ferment snail cream last two week. But i dont understand for the instruction. the cream is for day use or only night use?


    1. dear Sophie, thank you for your support, much appreciated, normally snail creams don’t come in categories of day or night…i usually use mine at night because they are so rich..especially the fermented one you have picked up…i think it is best to find a great SPF product to use during the sun protection is most important here..even though I myself have been guilty of slapping on a snail cream instead of sun protection cream:)…lol…best regards…lily

  5. kloe

    hello again Lily!! i ordered the Tonymoly fermented snail cream since i saw your review and i recieved it a few days ago. I have to say i absolutly LOVE it this is my favorite snail cream i have ever tried! Thanks for the review, please do some other reviews on other products you are trying

    1. Dear Kloe….I am super happy to know that my little advice worked for you…I am doing product reviews all the time.)…check out the 100 videos I have done…always looks out for the best on my Must-have page….very best regards….Lily

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