Josie Maran Argan Oil Products-Winter Dreams Face and Body Sets-Review and Demo

Hi Guys,

Today i have a slightly unusual blog, since it will not be about a Korean beauty product. Long before I was a Korean Beauty Junkee…I have tried so many different brands from all over the world and these days it will take a lot for a non-Korean brand to get my attention. However since Sephora now ships outside of USA…I have only been waiting for it for 18 years:)….eve since I have discovered Sephora in Paris at the age of 18….I got very tempted to try some of the value packs from the new and upcoming Cult brands as well as some established and well respected brands such as Philosophy….btw…I was a huge Philosophy girl before discovering Korean Cosmetics.

Anyhow…so the brand that I have been researching for a while is: Josie Maran Argan Oil products, I have looked into the quality ingredients and innovative formulas this brand was using as well as so many positive reviews…this brand was starting to look like a new Cult Brand…similar to Philosophy in regards to loyal following…and so I have decided to give it a try:)

Here is a full review and demo of all products I got in the value packs.

Full product description and ingredients can be found on Sephora`s website:




I have to say that I am very impressed with ALL PRODUCTS !!!-apart from the classing oil as it seems not to spread around the face as easily as many of the Korean cleansing oils I have tried…and not as Easily as my favourite Scinic Cleansing Essence ( oil type cleansing serum)—also I felt that I really had to work with it to remove all my make up thoroughly…so that is the only product that I would not recommend here….all the other products are well worth a try especially in these gorgeous value packs that they come in.

Most importantly I have found 3 Must Have products here!

1. Josie MaranPure Argan Milk™ Intensive Hydrating Treatment (extremely innovative way of applying an oil type serum-special new formulation of oil suspended in water…watch the promo video and have a look at product description to find out more-I also do a full product demo in my Video—-this is a Must Run Out and get this product-recommendation

2. Josie MaranArgan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47-absolutely gorgeous, hydrating, yet very light SPF product perfect for Winter and for normal to dry skin types, feels beautiful, has a very pleasant natural smell and really hydrates your winter skin, also goes well under make up for a great dewy look -2 great SPF ingredients of – titanium dioxide and zinc oxide,-I also use it under my eyes and over my eye lids with no irritation whatsoever that normally can occur with an SPF product-also there is no white cast-but a general even tone is achieved on application-(my only no-regarding this product is that it is most likely not for oily skin types)-Must Have Product

3. Josie Maran-Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter (Vanilla apricot)-Must Have product

This is a beautiful winter type moody butter soufflé, wonderfully hydrating and a little goes a long way, the smell is gorgeous, the ingredients are divine, in fact I have stopped using a body oil because this is so hydrating….this is now replacing my long term winter favourite-Kiehl`s Soy Milk and Honey wiped body I think Josie did a more elegant and sophisticated product here. For summer though I will revert to my other Favourite whipped body butter from Sabon which is also on my Must have products list…as it is a little lighter then Josie`s creation and therefore best for summer-as it is still very hydrating-

Thank you for watching my video and reading my blog

Your beauty junkie friend-Lily



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