Mizon All in One Gold Starfish Cream-Total Must Have

Hi Guys, today I am going to write about a Super Updated Version of one of my favourite creams of all time and a definite Must Have (and Must travel with)-Mizon Starfish Cream.

I have finished using my original version and was just about to buy the updated version of it that I have been eying for a long time as pictured in its gorgeous packaging below:


When I saw this little beauty:)-c which is the latest updated version of a Mizon best seller and a totally new packaging container…which makes this new Super Updated version less travel friendly…but I will now use this one at home and will still buy the cream pictured above to try as an updated version of the original Mizon starfish cream-which I love travelling with, because it has a very convenient packaging and it is a great multi-asking product that i can replace a few products with whilst I am travelling…I am really hoping Mizon comes out with more products in the Starfish range rather then just updating the actual formulation of the cream itself.


Here is a little info about starfish:

Starfish are phenomenal creatures, with an astonishing regenerative ability (they can quickly re-grow entire ‘limbs’). Although their bodies consist mainly of water, they’re also rich in calcium and proteins (including collagen) which when harvested, have remarkable anti-ageing and reparative properties.

Original cream is formulated with 70% starfish extract (no starfish are harmed for cosmetic purposes – the huge numbers are ‘culled’ by environmental authorities, to sustain marine equilibrium and permit other species to thrive)…the new version has 33% of starfish extract plus gold and many other amazing ingredients I have taken a photo of the packaging for your guys so that you can explore the ingredient panel:)

In sumarry the original version of the cream is hydrating and firming and has a special‘Shape memory polymers’  which have incredible skin firming effect (when you use this cream, it quickly re-establishes a flat, even surface).

The new version is different…it does not have supper firming properties, but it is super anti-wrinkle and very moisturising…that even leaves a slight film over your skin, but i is not unpleasant and feels very natural. What i love most about this cream is that even though it is very hydrating and moisturising, it is tolerated well by my combination to dry skin, it has a slight pore refining effect and on top of sensational overnight wrinkle reduction benefits it also slightly evens out my skin tone….not a lot though…but still a nice little difference in the morning.

Basickly when you use either the original version of this cream or the new gold version you feel that your skin is undergoing a remarkable regenerative processes, while gaining great strength and elasticity.

For people that have never tried a Korean skincare product…I highly recommend to try this Gold version of the Mizon Starfish Cream…to realise that something truly amazing does not have to have a 900 USD price tag attached to it…like some of the Western brands claiming to have rare ingredients.

Here is a texture pic of the Mizon All in One Gold Starfish cream:


Gorgeous packaging..even though I normally never go for gold packaging…since I think it is a bit “yesterday” but somehow Mizon pulls it off with this product.

My original video of the Original version of the cream I have tried which is my Must-Have item that I love using and also travelling with as mentioned above-and as I previously said I will also be trying the updated version of the this cream in a gorgeous tin as pictured at the top of this blog.

original first version of Mizon Starfish cream video:

Thank you for reading

Stay Beautiful-Your beautyjunkee friend-Lily












  1. Agnieszka

    Hi Lilly 🙂
    Thank you for another useful review 🙂
    cream looks beautiful and so …. luxuriously;)

    1. Dear Afnieszka, it is my absolute pleasure to share with you this beautiful cream….it is such a wonder at so little money…if only Mizon could do the same magic with their snail creams…lol….best regards…Lily

  2. Azra

    Hello Lily!! I can’t find the Gold Starfish cream on Koreadepart or Gmarket :(.. Where did you buy it from? I will order too. Thank you!!!

    1. Dear Azra I got it from my favorite Korean cosmetics EBay shop : rubyruby76(133794)
      99.6% Positive Feedback, they have a special now at 23.47 Usd and free delivery from Korea:)

      Let me know how you go with it, once you do get it;)
      Best regards

    2. Dear Azra, I got it at my favorite EBay shop rubyruby76(133794)
      99.6% Positive Feedback
      , there is a special now on at 23.47 USD and free delivery from Korea, if you do get it, please let me know how you like it… Best regards…lily

  3. Jeannie S.

    Hello Dear Lily,

    Here’s another product I’m interested in, so of course I checked with Lily first. I have a question for you about this item and perhaps K-Skincare in general. When a product calls itself “All-in-One,” what do you take that to mean?

    With regard to the Mizon AIO Gold Starfish Cream, I wondered (hoped) I could also use it around my eyes as it has such reparative qualities. I am always looking for anti-wrinkle/line reducing products, but I also would like it if I could get something that does it all; takes care of my entire face in one step. I know the original Returning line has a specific eye cream, but I thought perhaps since the Gold version only has the one product, that it could be used for the eyes?

    What say you, O sage and beauteous oracle? 😀

    Thank you so much, Wonderful Lily.

    1. I love the all versions and Gold one is my favourite…and It is great under eyes too…so I am sure you will love the big lovely tub that it comes in and it will last you ages and saves you money not having to buy the eye cream:)…best regards…lily

  4. Hi Lily, first of all, congratulations on this blog that I’m going to start following from now on via my WordPress reader. I have tried a fare products by mizon, and I love them, but as much as i try I am somehow allergic to the snail creams, be them buy mizon or other brands, so I was hoping to switch to starfish cream by mizon. My skin is combination, I think pretty much like yours since its also a bit greassy on t zone, I need to hydrate it (I don’t know if the reason for allergies is that the black snail for example could dry my skin and that is why it has some red spots.. But I could not say for sure) so my question is, what is the real difference between both starfish versions? And it’s there also a history of intolerance as it occurred with snail creams? Thank you

    1. Dear Carmen..I really love all Starfish cream versions…but the strongest one is the Gold version in the big golden bottle in my opinion:):):)…cheers…Lily

      1. Thank you, Lily. I Will definitely try the Gold version👍💟

      2. :):):) my pleasure:)

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