Neogen Gold Black Caviar Essence and Gold Tox Tightening Pack Review and Demo

Hi guys,

Today I am doing a post on a Super Special product that I wanted to try for a while, this is not something that you see every day and from the moment I saw it it intrigued me!

This product is  Neogen Gold Black Caviar Essence and Gold Tox Tightening Pack it is advertise as 9-in-1 product on Koreandepart and is widely used in Korean beauty salons. 

The whole Neogen brand is a repeatable cosmeceutical brand that is used in Korean beauty salons. Now I am not the one to go to salons very often…so to me….this product is a true Salon at Home-Must Have Treatment and is something that is now my daily ritual in the evening…especially very good to really treat my facial skin, relax face muscles, gently exfoliate dead skin and just detoxify the face from all the elements from the environment that we endure every day…also because I work in the office..and look at computer all day…my eyes become very tired…so this a beautiful treat to relax eyes and relieve any kind of general tension in the face. This product does, exfoliate, tighten, sooth and moisturise (i did not see big brightening effects though)

What is extremely exciting about this product is innovation: from amazing ingredient list. (all in English-71 ingredients to die for)..that I am posting under all the official info, to the product preparation process. patented product design, unique packaging and subsequent application process.

Here is my video fully showcasing this product….my Huge recommendation….is to Rush out and buy it at 28 USD (normal price is 38 USD) from

IMG_0002 IMG_0005 IMG_0003

Official product info

  • A premium version of the Tox Tightening Pack with highly concentrated 71 nature ingredients that are extracted using the low temperature high pressure maturing process, with 99.5% observable pure gold and black caviar.
  • Proved by clinical results after just one single use: enhance skin self-repair ability, improve elasticity, improve facial contours, smooth fine lines, increase blood circulation, moisturizing, improve face tone, lightening and improved to rough skin.

Product Feature

This premium skin care massage pack is used in many of the aesthetic centers in Gangnam Seoul and one treatment can cost up to US$300.

You can now try it at home of your convenience and you will be surprised by its amazing result.

The company research test showed skin texture improvements, brightening effect, and amazing skin lifting effects.

*Neogen Code9 Gold Black Caviar Essence is a highly concentrated total care essence formulated with gold, caviar, super black complex and various naturally-derived and naturally-extracted low temperature ripened ingredients.

It is a new type of skin care you use with 100% cotton pack pad coated with sub micro gold to reinforce skin elasticity and to give face brighter, silkier and plumper complexion.

*Gold Tox Tightening Pack
A new, quick and easy treatment that exfoliates and peels away rough and dull looking dead skin cells and renews skin to bare perfection while functional ingredients penetrate more actively, these pack pads are designed with 3 layers structure of 100% cotton gauze sheet coated with sub micro gold plus cushion sheet plus ripple sheet, based upon the concept of traditional Brazilian threading, the ancient art of skin care.

How to use the Essence and Pack Pads

Saturate pack pads with the whole bottle of gold black caviar essence and keep them in refrigerator for approx. 9 hours.  After cleansing, apply one pack pad to face with gentle pressure and sweep over face.  Then use the  other side, ripple pad to help essence penetrate by smoothing over face from the inside and sweep outward, and then from the bottom upward motion.  Finish with gentle patting.

Explanation of the Patented 3-layer structure of Gold Thread Lifting pads

1st layer – Mesh gauze with threading mechanism
Sub micro gold coating cotton gauze, crisscross lattice weaving make with 100% cotton and designed with similar cellular structure to skin so to remove dirt and dead cell
2nd layer – Sub micro gold cushion pad
Cushion sheet that presses gauze to the skin more effectively then improves skin elasticity and reduces irritation
3rd layer – Embossed pad for effective absorption
Embossed sheet that helps deliver essence into skin more effectively and nourishes skin with necessary nutrients, which provides similar effect of mask sheet pack.

Official add for the product in Korean

Official Thai shopping network 28 min-full presentation of this product in Thai

Comprehensive info from

Sold for only 28 USD!!! (normal price 38 USD)

Neogen Gold41597


Neogen Gold11




Neogen Gold8 Neogen Gold10

Neogen Gold5-1


thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily






  1. Dolly

    Thanks interesting will keep an eye out on it! I tried a sample of Neogen Camel Milk white volume moisturiser recently and was impressed, firming.. if you havn’t tried it, keep it in mind would be interested in your thoughts on it!

    1. Dear Dolly, thank you so much for letting me know, I know abut this camel cream for about a year now…and I was curious and skeptical…more skeptical I admit..and since I don’t need too much lifting I was not in a hurry to try it…but now than to you…I will look into it as a good lifting option:)…thank you for the tip…talk soon….Lily

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