Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off Review and Demo

Dear Guys,
Today I am showing an updated version of pretty famous product from Skinfood.
This product is called Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off.
To be honest I have been looking at the original mask for a while wondering if I should get it as I was not sure about exfoliating my face with sugar to begin with, so I initially opted for Dr Meyer`s Oxygen Peel Scrub…which to me was a much more adventurous product, combining a sugar scrub loaded with anti-aging ingredients and an oxygen peel that pumped on top of the sugar scrub….Dr Meyer`s Oxygen Peel Scrub is still my Must have product and I am listing a link to my original video on it below.
So coming back to this product from Skin Food….when I saw an updated version of this sugar scrub mask…now being submerged into this syrupy honey texture…I thought to myself…”right that does it….I am buying it”…lol
and so I did… is my full review and demo of this product.
In summary, my impression about this product is as follows:
– this is a nice product (would be great for a girls night-in pamper spa party)
-it feels incredibly natural…something like you can probably do yourself in the kitchen:)…..there are no ingredient listing though in English.
-this smells exactly like honey—but a nice honey smell though…as I am not too fond of honey smells in general…and I could never for example buy Lush`s best selling “honey I washed the kids” soaps…just because of the strong honey smell.
-is this product is not very brightening and exfoliating though as claimed by many blogs…and as you can see from my face …in my video..after having this product on for 30 minutes.
-I must say that, it is very pampering though and very fun to apply the syrupy texture…I enjoy using it…but it is nowhere near a Must-have honey based product for me (unlike my Shara Shara Honey Bomb all in one ampoule )-a great Honey and Royal Jelly product, I have started using every other day now with loads of great extracts and anti-aging ingredients….soon to be reviewed as a Must have products:)
Having said that…this product from Skinfood is worth a try and I do like it enough to try another updated version of the original which is based on mashed up strawberries…which sounds pretty exciting to me.
Here is some official product info below.
Thank you for reading my blog and watching my youtube video.
Bets regards
Your beautyjunkee friend-Lily
Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


  1. Agnieszka

    With Skin Food products, which used it yet, I recommend Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner – is sensational !!

    1. Dear Agnieszka, thank you for letting me know…have you also tried their Guave range???…suppose to be hydrating and anti-aging…I am curious about it…please let me know your experience with it if you have….best regards…lily

  2. Grace

    I have the strawberry black sugar one and it’s amazingg!! Only problem is I’m way too tempted to eat it haha 😛 I’m not sure what the claims are for the strawberry version but it leaves my skin super soft and moisturized, and I find my skincare gets absorbed more easily afterwards. It wouldn’t say it’s brightening though.

    1. Dear Grace, thank you very much for sharing your experience with this mask…I will try to finish mine soon so that I can pick up this one to try as it does sound very exciting:)…best regards…Lily

  3. Suki

    I have the strawberry one but wouldn’t recommend it. It’s super comedogenic, the after smell is not very pleasant, it dries out the skin and the last time I used it I had a bad allergic reaction on my decollatege. The original Black Sugar was actually better but still not a must.

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