Korean Snail Creams. Part 3. Scinic Snail Creams. Secret Key Snail Creams. Jaminkyung Snail Creams. Review and Demo.

Hi Guys,

Today I am doing a massive blog comparing the three Korean Budget  Snail cream brands that I have spoken about extensively previously and have recommended to many of my viewers to buy the Scinic Set of Gmarket as the best value for money snail set at only 36 USD for 6 products….this set being not only budget friendly but also a fantastic all-inclusive Korean snail routine….especially for those of you guys that have never tried a Korean snail product and want to know what it is all about without too big of an investment. (the actual Scinic snail cream is also available in a 210 ml size for like 12 USd of ebay)

My Mush-Have budget all inclusive Korean Snail line….remains to be Scinic after trying at least 25 different products, from different Korean brands…as per my videos Korean Snail Creams-part1, part2 and now part three.…I am listing the previous two videos at the bottom of this blog, as well as an ingredient listing for Scinic products as the other products have their ingredient listing in Korean.

Click on the pic to make it bigger.


What I am most happy about is that, all of the viewers that have bought Scinic snail products have thanked me for my recommendation…which I am most please about.

In terms of My favourite Snail lines…these actually remain to be Relle and Swanicoco…both brands are not budget lines and whilst they are not expensive…they are double the price of Scinic, Secret Key and Jaminkyung

Jaminkyung is actually best selling on Korean Depart…http://en.koreadepart.com/cosmetics-brand/jaminkyung/

I highly suspect it is because of very cheap price and their continuous promotions of selling 3 snail cream in their original versions for under 20 USD for a pack of three and many other snail bundle promotions they do with their products….my recommendation is to try is as a Super budget friendly line as I think the products here are very good…same is with Secret Key….also very much worth a try…but…budget Must-Have is definitely Scinic.

Here is my full demo and review of the products





snail-toner1secret key prestige snial+egf repairing ampoule1


Scinic Ingredients:

1. cream:


2. Eye cream and Essence


3. Toner and Lotion


Korean Snail Products-Part 1

Korean Snail Products-Part 2
Reelle French Snail Skin Care company from Thailand
Swanicoco Astraxan. Snail. Medicinal Herbs Snail emulsions

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily





  1. Thank you lady for such an extensive post again. I received the Scinic snail six piece kit and I can’t believe the quality for the price. I was really nervous and not sure at all about snail products but I have had such amazing results because of your other products recommendations I took the plunge. So far so good, will let you know more!
    Lucrece- Fabienne

    1. Dear thank you so very much for your feedback…much appreciated…I am very happy to know that my little advice is helping you..best regards..Lily

  2. Julia

    Hello Lily! Thank you so much for your blog! I just want to ask how do you remove the BB cream from your face? Do I need to get a special cleanser/oil for it or I can use my regular cleanser? Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work!
    Regards, Julia

    1. Dear Julia, thank you for your support…I am only using a cream cleanser, a bubble cleanser, an oil cleanser or a cleansing serum from Scinic and all take off bb perfectly…which cleanser are you using?…BB is much lighter then foundation…so my guess if your cleanser takes off your foundation..then it will take off BB too:)..best regards…Lily

      1. Julia

        Thank you for your reply Lily! The reason I am asking you about it is that I never used any foundation or BB cream before.That’s why I don’t know how to deal with BB cream properly)) I am currently using Clinique facial mild soap and sometimes Deoproce cleansing foam. Do you think is it good enough for taking off BB or I need anything extra? Are all your cleansing stuff you mentioned above from Scinic?
        Thank you for your time, Julia

      2. Dear Julia, I have never tried Deoproce but I am sure that Clinique facial mild soap should clean it…as it is a foaming product…and my yes my favourite cleanser is from Scinic…whihc is their sprayable cleansing essence…I also use Garnier Micellar water and holika Holika cleansing cream..and also I have new foaming cleansers which I will review soon but I am not liking them too much…as they are similar to the Max super clinic I showed earlier…best regards…Lily

      3. Julia

        Lily, I have some more questions))
        Would you recommend konjak sponge (cleansing puff)?
        Where did you get Garnier Micellar water?
        Do you use oil control film? If yes, which ones? I have normal/combi skin (a lit oily in my nose and forehead area). Never tried them, just curious.
        Thank you!

      4. Dear Julia,

        I am yet to try a konjak sponge..it is mildly intriguing…however I am more excited to receive the po bling sonic cleanser of 26 USD as alternative to my now broke Clarisonic.
        also Garnier Micellar water is pretty much available worldwide now in pharmacies and supermarkets…apart from France…lol…because French won this Micellar water market and would never let Garnier sell in in France:)

        and to answer your question about an oil control film..I honestly never used one..I just blot my face with a cotton tea sure if I see that my t-zone is getting too oily.

        best regards

      5. Julia

        Also forgot to ask, do you know if there is a max shipping fee on GMarket? Cause I was trying to put products in my cart for $180 and it gave me $170 estimated shipping cost. It’s a little bit too much for me)) Thanks again!

      6. Dear Julia, I am not sure what Gmarket max shipping fee is but the pst I normally pay is around 55 USD…where are you shipping to???..and how many kilograms of product are in your market shopping cart…also have you tried to contact their support?..i think something is wrong here….let me know how you go…best regards..Lily

      7. Julia

        Hi Lily! I live in the US. I believe it was about 14-15 kg in there according to their calculations. I just wanted to found out how much would it cost if I order all things I want now)) And I haven’t tried to reach their support yet.
        What is cotton tea? Never heard of it.
        Hopefully you will review po bling sonic cleanser later))

      8. Dear Julia, yes I am very excited to get the Po bling sonic cleanser…so can’t wait to receive it…also I meant to write cotton tissue…lol…and another thing…how did you manager to get 14-15 kg in your cart????…I normally get a tonne of products at about 5kg….lol…best regards…Lily

      9. Julia

        I was suprised too how it could be 14 kg of products, since I didn’t put tonns of products in my cart! Maybe smth wrong with their system!

      10. Dear Julia, I honestly thing you need to contact their support to sort out the issue. Best regards…Lily

  3. Karla

    Lily, yet again you do a great job on these reviews. I honestly look forward to your YT posts lol. I get all happy when I see you’ve got a new video :D, I can’t wait to try some Scinic products and some Secret Key. I am currently using some of the Mizon snail repair line and i’m liking it so far. But having only tried Elicina a few times some years ago I don’t have much to compare Mizon to.

    1. Dear Karla…thank you so much for your support..I really appreciate it!!!…also just hold off on trying Scinic as they have just release a new snail range with 50% snail extract, red ginseng and birch tree water (a growing trend in Korea)…this already looks amazing and more moisturising for winter then the already awesome range I showed earlier…I will be getting it from Gmarket…in the end of this month…so stay tuned for that review:)…here is a Gmarket link to it:)



      best regards

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