Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Review and Demo

Dear Guys,

Today I am talking about a very innovative concept from Elizavecca. They have done a first combination between a bubble mask and a clay mask. The product that turned out as a result is Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask

I was really excited it to try it recently. However…I must say that as much as I am loving original Elizavecca pig collagen sleeping mask…I felt that this product has a great concept that did not live it to its ultimate goal of deep cleansing.

Having said that…it is mildly cleansing just like any other bubble mask…but it is not deep cleansing like a strong clay mask which will really deep cleanse your pores…..as far as actual bubble masks…. I personally love my Swanicocco Snail mask (Must have Product)…which is truly detoxifying and you can see an immediate change in skin condition straight away..meaning that it is rested and revitalised….

My recommendation is to try it to experience it for yourself because this is a good bubble mask from Elizavecca…but it is not a must have for me as it is ultimately not as deep cleansing as it is claiming to be…thus unfortunately negating a great innovative concept originally invented by Elizavecca itself.

here is my full demo of the product so that you can see it in action:)


Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend Lily









  1. I just wanted to say I just got the scinic carbonated clay mask (both light green and dark green pot), it is perhaps more what you had in mind…? I actually mix the scinic carbonated clay mask with the scinic black bubble mask for a double whammy.

    1. Dear Lucrece,,,,cool idea…I actually did not realise that those Scinic clay masks are carbonated?…do they really foam up like a bubble mask..or do they just have this gel like squishy texture in a clay format?…I must say that the next carbonated Bubble clay mask…I will be trying from Caolion Bubble Mask -since this is a company specifically specialising in pore management…here is slink to the info about this mask and a reliable ebayer….this is available from many places though:)…such as http://www.wishtrend.com

      best regards….lily

  2. The texture is very interesting, much like a home made chocolate mousse but with clay. Thank you so much for the links that looks so good!!!

      1. no i haven’t but i have seen it before…i am still more curious of the Caolion products i posted a link too…this secret key product is looking to me like a copy of Caolion:)…best regards…lily

    1. my pleasure:)…cheers…lily

  3. Yes that is what I thought, the caolion looks better.

    1. ;)…cheers Lily

  4. Nice blog. Just discovered it. Dont take this the wrong way, but you are using the mask wrong. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then wet your fingers and massage your face for a few minutes, then rinse it off. šŸ™‚ love your blog.


    1. Dear Loevens, thank your for beauty advice…i always welcome beauty tips…so all good:)…i must say that i do hold this mask on for about 10 minutes…and this is something i should have done in the video by pausing it..and coming back after:)…like i mentioned…it is a nice product worth a try..but i am really looking forward to try the original Caolion product…which came up with the innovation of this mask concept:)…btw…your blog is Great!…best regards…lily

      1. It’s the first type of bubble mask I have tried and it really Works well for me, I feel like it has shrinked my enlarged pores. I tried it once without doing the 2 minutes massage and I really think the massage makes all the difference for me. Never heard about that caolion mask, I need to take a look at that now šŸ™‚ thanks šŸ™‚

      2. Dear Loevens, I will try it with a massage now:)…thank you for the tip…cheers…Lily

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