Laneige Water Bank Trial Kit. Water Bank Essence Ex. Water Bank gel Cream Ex. Water Bank Moisture Cream Ex.Water Bank Eye Gel

Dear Guys,

Today i am sharing my experience on the Laneige trial kit. This is my 3rd trial of the brand, I have previously purchased two full size products, including the famous sleeping mask. i basically got this kit, because I really wanted to try the Essence product, but I have to say that there is nothing miraculous about it and I ended up liking the Cream gel and the Moisture Cream Ex products from the little trial. However these two are basic good moisturizers but not that fantastic compared to other korean products I have been trying even though as a brand Laneige is a high-end well respected Korean brand that is best selling in Korea and Internationally known as well.

I think if you have been wondering about buying full sizes of these products, you are better off with a trial kit to make your own decision. Video and demo showing these products…my basic recommendation is not to rush out to get them over the other Korean products i have been recommending that are also much cheaper then Laneige…in fact I am somehow not excited to try more from Laneige..apart from may be the cushion foundation because of the darker color choice available.

Basic attributes of the products:

  • fairly moisturising
  • mild scent
  • Does not leave face sticky-does feel somewhat artificial though
  • Suitable for dry skin
  • products feel filmy on my skin -adds to the artificial feeling
  • fairly expensive as far as Korean pricing goes
  • nothing too extraordinary in terms of anti-aging qualities
  • feels high-end
  • products remind me of Biotherm quality
Laneige Water Bank Trial Kit-20 USD from
Official product info in English: 
Concept behind product:

Optimal Mineral Water

Infused with LANEIGE’s exclusive moisturizing ingredients, Optimal Mineral Water hydrates, protects, and revitalizes skin for 24 hours.

Scientifically-engineered, Optimal Mineral Water fuses three essential minerals: moisture-recharging magnesium, skin barrier boosting manganese, and cell-renewing zinc.


Boosts skin barrier function and stimulates hydration


Facilitates cell metabolic reactions


Accelerates cell renewal


• Optimal hydration with mineral-rich moisture

• Healthy skin strengthened by essential minerals

• 24 hour hydration for supple, vital skin


Ceramide Corrective Water

Ceramides function as the skin’s “glue”, maintaining and retaining essential moisture. As we age, they decrease and become vulnerable to outside aggressors like wind, heat and cold.

Ceramide Corrective Water actually replenishes and locks in moisture while restoring optimal ceramide levels.

Hydrated and healthy, skin is ready to absorb Skin Recharger Complex™.


Skin Recharger Complex™

Skin Recharger Complex™ stimulates essential cell renewal and collagen production.

Powered by bio-peptides, vitamin E and rice bran extracts, this multi-tasking, skin rejuvenating complex visibly restores skin firmness and resilience while erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Water Bank Essence Ex 10ml x 1
  • Water Bank gel Cream Ex 10ml x 1
  • Water Bank Moisture Cream Ex 10ml x 1
  • Water Bank Eye Gel 3ml x 1
  • Pack Size – 4 pcs
Water Bank Eye Gel
Water Bank gel Cream
Water Bank Essence Ex
thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend Lily


  1. Sandra Roswell

    Hi Lily,

    I did not see a video. Maybe the my tablet is to be blamed. I will check again later for the video.


    Sent from Surface Pro

    1. Dear Sandra, sometimes wordpress does not populate the video and just posts the link..which is what happened in this case…the link for the video is under the website…but here it is again for you:)…….best regards..lily

  2. shahrzadkl

    Hi again dear Lily,
    Thanks for your honest review as always. I just noticed that you have Scinic aqua Ex jelly cream if I’m not mistaken! ( saw it in the big pic on the top of the blog )
    What’s your opinion about this one for combination skin?

    I’ve read lots of good reviews about it and it’s much cheaper than Laneige.

    1. Dear Shahrzadkl…you are absolutely correct this is much better then Laneige and I have made comments in regards to it better than Lanaeige on a few occasions already….more product, much better performance…very versatile and can easily be adopted from oily skin to dry skin…this almost made it to my Must have…but I have to say in view of all the products I am using now..this is a Must Try…especially if you are someone that loves Laneige…you will love it much better…I am sure…do let me know your opinion if you do decide to try regards..lily

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