Daltokki Scrub. Tony Moly Peeling me aqua moisture gel. Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel. Review and Demo

Hi guys,

Today I am happy to report that I have finally found my Must Have Korean Face Scrub-Daltokki Sticky Rice Face Scrub.

Here is why I love it. A long time ago I used to use a scrub by Origins that was called Modern Friction and was sold as at-home microdermabrasion product (it was rise based and had a sticky and gooey consistency which was great to use in terms of that it was deeply cleansing, scrubbing and at the same time moisturising…I even left it on as a mask)…however as Origins are not that natural..sometimes my face used to go red afterwards if I left it on for too long and overstimulated my skin. Nevertheless       I still enjoyed that product.

Then I have also used a rice and glycol acid based scrub by an Australian Salon based-brand in the name of Alpha-H (which is in my opinion is a very effective Glycolic acid based brand and their rice and glycol scrub was a great product I enjoyed for a long time)-again this product provided both manual stimulation via rice extract and also chemical exfoliation via glycol acid…I also used to leave this scrub on as a mask to get a deeper cleansing effect.

So naturally since I am so turned into the Asian brands now, I was really looking for an Asian scrub that was rice based and provided deep cleansing for my oily T-zone and really helped me clean my pores without overstimulating my skin and also could be used as a mask.

This was a bit of a difficult task since Asian brands are not concentrating too much on scrub type products as exfoliation in the asian beauty routine is more of a regular and very gentle practice…hence the rolling gels such as the ones I am showing here from Tony Moly and from Mizon…these are applied on dry skin and then rolled in a couple of minutes with your dead skin cells…leaving your skin exfoliated…however I would say that whilst this technique is very innovative..it is not very deep cleansing as I demonstrate in my video and hence my big preference and recommendation is Daltokki Scrub-over the other two products.

Here is my video demonstrating all three products and also official info on all three products below.

Daltokki Scrub-available from ebay, Gmarket and Korean depart-priced at 11.06 USD it is a steal and a little goes a very long way….feels very luxurious and pampering during use


  • Being made with round grains of glutinous rice, you can use with less stimulation regardless of skin type.
  • Sticky glutinous rice makes sticky skin.

Prolamine, Tocopherol : giving vitality to your skin
Rich in Vitamins : calming skin and supplying nutrition

  • Scrubbing and cleansing one at a time.


  • Glutinous rice : rich in vitamins and various nutrients
  • 9kinds of plant extract (Oregano leaf, Eucalyptus oil, Licorice, Rosemary leaf, Green tea, Scutellaria, Centella asiatica, Camomile flower, Reynoutria)

How to use

  • Coat your face with water sufficiently.
  • Apply it onto the face with moderate volume.
  • Softly massage just only with your fingers for about 30 seconds.
  • Wash your face with tepid water.
  • Use toner or essence or etc for moisturizing.



– This Aqua Moisture Peeling Gel removes skin wastes and dead skin cells mildly.

– Watery Blue unclear gel type.

– Hyaluronic acid, AHA/BHA, 5 Fruits Extract (Banana, Apple, – Western pear, Orange, Grape) are contained.

– Fresh and Cool Aqua Scent

– 10 FREE : Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, methylated spirit, Sulphate surfactant, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Talc, benzyl alcohol, BHT FREE.

Official Info-Congested or temperamental complexions, MIzon’s Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel is sufficiently gentle for delicate skin types – targeting solely the dead cells and residue, to instantly restore skin’s radiance without any all-too-common redness or irritation. Papaya fruit enzymes help excavate pores – deep cleansing to eliminate blackheads and prevent future breakouts – while lemon, orange and bilberry fruit extracts combine to tone and tighten skin. Your face will feel squeakily clean and soft as a peach, with increased suppleness and elasticity! Pioneering the latest, most effective (and often the most extraordinary) ingredients in skin care, where South Korea leads, the rest of the beauty world swiftly follows – which is why we’re über-excited to usher cult Korean brand Mizon into our expertly curated hall of fame.

To my surprise this product performed much better then Tony Moly…as Tony Moly is far too gentle and can safely be used every day if you wanted….normally it is the other way around as majority of Tony Moly products are better then most of Mizon products….in my opinion if you wanted to try the concept of a rolling exfoliating gel to experience Asian exfoliation technique, then Mizon is a good option…which is also not expensive and this scrub is widely available on Ebay…however if you wanted a very effective exfoliating product, that also has a novel concept based on sticky rice exfoliation which can also be used as a mask..I would highly recommend Daltokki:)

Thank you for reading-your beauty junkie friend Lily













  1. Lucrece

    I used to use the origins product too this one sounds even better.
    I am a big alpha h fan, I even chat with Tom from Alpha H UK sometimes. It is probably my favourite brand in the word because they are so genuinely interested in helping people and not just making money. I never want to be without the Liquid gold!

    I am not such a fan of the alpha h micro cleanse itself though, so I mix it with the finest dermabrasion crystal I can buy on ebay. I was told those crystals were the only “mechanical” scrub that were truly effective under a microscope. I know some people think just using a little acid everyday is better but I prefer combining acid and my altered mechanical scrub.
    The scrub looks like a good addition.
    FYI I use the mizon apple smoothie more like a quick vibrancy mask, as you said it is not perfect but it works as a quick glow product.
    I just received the Swanicoco peeling gel version but not tried yet. I will let you know.

    Sorry for the long post :-*)

    1. Dear Lucrece, please never be sorry for the long posts…I love it when you share your knowledge…as I am always eager to learn and share experience with fellow beauty junkees:)…I have been told before by one of my viewers from Poland…that..Swanicoco peeling gel is an effective product…overall I have alot of confidence in Swanicocco…so I am sure you will have a nice experience with it…I also used to love Liquid Gold from Alpha H…but I am alittle worried using an acid every day…and I think the natural glycolic acid from a good quality snail cream such as Relle….is enough for me…and then I this Rice scrub from Daltokki is enough…then ocassionaly I can use Alpha H liquid gold mask:)…best regards…Lily

      1. Agnieszka

        I love Swanicoco peeling gel:)))

      2. yes i remember and I was reffering to your positive experience about it:)…in suggesting that one of my viewers had a positive experience with this gel:)…best regards..lily

      3. Lucrece

        I agree one should tread carefully on the ” acid every day road” I only use the liquid gold three nights a week as per instructed, I am borderline religious about applying sunscreen, wear a hat, sunglasses at all times and even own several pretty asian parasols. Call me neurotic. 😉 I discovered Alpha H through desperation to sort my combination to oily skin, four years ago. (I am one of the few people who really cannot use mineral oil, my skin becomes over stimulated.)
        I have found Asian skincare has added the vibrancy and glow my skin lacked. I wish more people would try it!
        Thank you for the input Agnieszka! What a great name.xx

      4. Yes Agnieszka is lovely and is a regular contributor to comments…I have been to Poland a long time ago and I can say that Polish girls are gorgeous and they take very good care of themselves:)..cheers..Lily

  2. Lucrece

    Just curious I came across this http://ladyfoxkorea.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/saleneogen-code9-black-volume-cream.html
    Have you heard off this brand? The ingredients in this gel look interesting.

    1. Lucrece, yes I know this gel from a long time ago…but I went for the Scinic version of which is listed on my Must have…this brand is very innovative and has many interesting products…you can see a good selection of this brand in Koreandepart…and I finally got their famous Gold Caviar essence pack which I briefly show in my last Koreandepart haul…fantastic product and ingredients….it is a little time consuming…but a great ritual to use every day…I am soon reviewing as my must have:)…several brands already made copies of this concept…but I am sticking with the original inventor…being Neogen:)

      1. Cool, I thought I had spotted the caviar thingy!

      2. Yes the caviar thingy is pretty cool:)…cheers…Lily

  3. Agnieszka

    Thank you girls 🙂
    Your words are very nice, although I do not like the name: Agnieszka;)
    Polish women are indeed very well maintained and increasingly moving in the right direction, that is, care, and do not cover up the shortcomings of beauty strong makeup.
    I live in a very small village in the north Polish, but where the women put on heavy makeup: (((
    I like most healthy, well-groomed, radiant natural glow face, without heavy sleepers or powder.
    I have, unfortunately, the type of beauty that does not match the typical inhabitant Polish. I have a very dark complexion, dark hair and recall rather a Greek :)))

    1. Dear Agnieszka…no matter you hair colour all women are beautiful as we say in Russia…the only women that are not beautiful are the ones that don’t take the time to care for their beauty….look at Celebs with no makeup..when they don’t have a village of people trying to make them beautiful:)…loll

  4. I was a model in Paris about twenty years ago. I promise you all, both Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer with no make up looked just like everyone else.
    There is beauty in all looks and in all faces, the most important thing is personality.
    “No amount of make up can hide an ugly heart.” Kevyn Aucoin

    1. Dear Lucrece….how exciting to be a model in Paris…wow…you must be very beautiful!!!….cheers…lily

  5. Lol not really my point is everyone can be beautiful. I have certainly seen Kevyn Aucoin turn people into absolute stunners, myself included, so I genuinely mean it when I say anyone can look good.
    Xx ^_^ xX ❤

    1. would have loved to get kevin Aucoin do my make up:)….you are very lucky:)…best regards…lily

  6. PS: I just wanted to say I think the reason why Asian brands do not have as many mechanical exfoliants is because their skin is a little different than let’s say caucasian skin for example.
    Asian skin has a much thinner epidermis and much thicker dermis with more collagen.
    Caucasian skin has thicker epidermis and thinner dermis with less collagen therefore less resistant to ageing.
    Caucasian skin needs for sloughing off the dead epidermal layer is slightly different to Asian skin.
    That is why personally I feel Glycolic acid,when used cautiously, is a valid agent to add to a routine for Caucasian skins, as it has been proven to actually stimulate collagen production.
    And thankfully Asian brands are actually ever more beneficial for Caucasian skin.

    1. Yes I agree with you…Alpha-H remains my favourite brand for Glycolic Acid products…when I start missing my glycol acid:)…never thought I would be missing an Acid…lol

  7. Julia

    Dear Lily,
    Thank you very much again for your wonderful blog! I have been using products from your must have list. But still have clogged pores esp on my forehead and pimples(( i am using Rice scrub, acids, red serum, tony moly snail cream but there are still there.i dont know what could help me to get rid of them(( any advice?
    Please can you advise how many times a week should I use this scrub? i dont want to stretch my skin by overdoing this.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Dear Julia…I think in this case you have to resort to Glycolic acid…I have used Alpha-H previously when my skin was very congested and it did wonders for me…the products I would recommend are: Liquid Gold-daily glycol treatment, Glycolic Scrub and Liquid Gold Mask….here is Alpha-H website…it is a very well respected in-salon brand that you can also buy online and it is from Australia…..I am hoping these products would really help you…please let me know your results if you do end up buying their products:
      best regards

  8. Julia

    Dear Lily,
    Thank you for your reply! But I do have AHA things from three different brands and use them once in a while. I would not want to spend $90 for alpha h liquid gold, which is in my understanding same AHA thing, for nothing. I never had any skin problems before I gave birth 2.5 years ago. My skin was clear all the time even on that time of the month (I am Korean and live in the US for now, btw) but nowadays everything has changed. I feel so frustrated cause nothing seems to work on me.

    1. hon…maybe a trip to the dermatologist is an order…since it may be some internal tables you have to take to balance hormones as now your body has undergone changes and it has not returned to how it was before birth?….perhaps that is the best solution before spending a tonne of money on products….where perhaps a simple vitamin or a mineral complex can do the trick for you…what do you think?….I hope there is a solution for you out there…but I think a medical professional is best to advise here…since this is a new occurrence for you and was only triggered after the birth….let me know how you go…best regards…lily

    2. Maggi

      Hi Julia, I am northeast Asian like you and I have fallen in love with Korean skin care products and regime but I have to say that the one product which made the most difference to my skin and basically transformed it is Biologique recherché P50 (version without phenol). It refined my skin and has stopped breakouts. It is the only product that I cannot live without because I don’t feel that there are any dupes for it. I started slow, with the wet pad, 4 drops only and gentle patting. Now I can use it twice a day full strength. It is an acid but it has never irritated my skin beyond a slight tingle.

      1. Dear Maggi…thank you for sharing..best regards..Lily

      2. Julia

        Thank you vry much Maggi for sharing of your experience! I really appreciate this! I will definitely take a look at this product. Where did you get it from? And how old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Thank you again! Regards, Julia

        For Lily:
        Dear Lily,
        The problem is that I live in a small town where it is hard to find a good dermatologist. I am taking vitamins and some things to balance out my hormones but it seems not working for me either. hopefully there is something for me out there)) thanks for your help though! Regards, Julia
        By the way, have you heard of the product mentioned by Maggi? Or even you tried that already? ))

      3. Dear Julia…I have not heard of the product Maggi mentioned and I have not tried it yet:)…I will let you guys know if I will…I am turning 37 this year so no notable hormone fluctuations as yet:)…cheers…lily

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