Korean Depart Haul-Neogen Black caviar and Gold Essence, Garrison 9 Horse oil cream, Shara Shara Honey Essence, Elizzaveca Carbonated mud mask, Secret key donkey milk hand cream, daitoki rice scrub, Gokmul wild yam mask

Hi guys,

Today I am doing a very exciting and slightly unusual video:)

firstly i am showing off my little baby hamster Kesha makes a quick personal appearance in this video:)..I could not resist…as I love this beautiful little animal too much so I wanted to share him with you:)

Plus i am doing a quick preview and first opinion of all products I got this time round from Korean depart, one of my favorite places to shop for Korean beauty products and as i write below, I am very happy about my product selection, this time round as I think there are some really cool products here, judging from my very first impression of them:)

Click on the pics to make them larger

Baby Kesha:)



My products in the Korean Depart Box (super excited about the selection, as I think there are some real winners here…like daitoki Scrub (I was looking for this type of gooey rice scrub for a while as most of the Asian scrubs I have tried are too gentle for me as I enjoy a good scrub which feels gentle at the same time…and already looks like this product ticks this box.

The Neogen Black Caviar and Gold Essence-already feel like a very high-end spa treatment, I was looking to buy for a long time now and it is always selling out on Korean depart so it was great to catch it this time round…..also garrison 9 Horse oil cream with ceramides as going to be great for winter.

Here is my video showing a quick preview and first opinion of all products 



As usual Korean depart is very generous with samples:)


Stay tuned for detailed blogs, demos and reviews coming up on these and many other products I already have:)

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend Lily






  1. Dolly

    great haul and interesting products! . (Geshi has a hairpiece and sideburns LOL haha Sweet! 🙂

    I wanted to ask did you get around to trying the updated mizon starfish product? I was wondering if it was similar in effect to your review.

    1. Dear dolly…not yet…but great minds think alike…I was just thinking about it it the other day and even wanted to try the star fish eye cream…which is quite big for me..since I dont really use eye creams and buy them only very rarely:)…once I do try those products i will be sure to make a blog:)…and thank you for the lovely comments for Kesha….as evident…i am pretty obsessed with him…lol

      1. Dolly

        re starfish cream I was looking for a good lift

        Happy Birthday! 🙂

      2. Red Hadalabo Gel 5-in 1 product in a tub gives fantastic lift…even too much for me..I would say…look into it if you need a good lift..I will review it soon…best regards…Lily

      3. Dolly

        and yes I saw the eye cream too, If it works how fab.

        Another product you might be interested in looking into By HolikaHolika black sea cucumber essence which I thought was intriguing… at a glance there is some research that supports sea cucumber (not neccessarily black ones lol) has anti aging effect on skin.

      4. Yes i did see the sea cucumber essence a while ago…but I am very tempted to get the Secret Key new gold essence which is a galactomyces essence+every other imaginable ingredient…lol…and I am already very impressed with Guerrison 9 …so I will look to buy the essence from this range as well…and then I will look into this sea cucumber stuff…as I think Holika Holika is best for somebody younger then 36-which I turned yesterday…lol…and ofcourse I have to get around to buying Tony Moly original starting Essence…hoping that it is going to be very moisturizing as reviewed by others and not like water-as I reviewed the lite version of this Essence:)

  2. Agnieszka

    WOW – large shopping 🙂 I’m curious of your opinion on these cosmetics. After reading your blog yesterday ordered [Elizavecca] Green Piggy Collagen Jella pack and I’m looking forward for delivery 🙂
    However I can not decide what the appropriate essence, tempts me Scinic and Tony Moly ….
    Greetings from Polish

    1. Dearest Agnieszka, I have not forgotten about you…it is my birthday today:)..and I will be sure to make those product recommendations you have asked me about later on this week:)…via a personal email…in regards to your questions here..Elizavecca mask is a great choice and my must have sleeping mask…as far as essences…do go for Tony Moly 3-in-1 or for dr. Tree 3-in-1 these are stronger anti-aging products then scinic essences and I use them mostly in the evening…also The Wrinkle Energy Scinic Essence is great in the morning a a great hydrating spray that…feels like a light sprayable serum…I am preferring this one now for winter over the Black essence spray..since the black version is lighter and is more for summer…it also gives you a slight lift…whereas the white version is more hydrating and anti-wrinkle..which is more my preference now:)…best regards…lily

      1. Agnieszka

        Dear Lilly 🙂
        I wish you all the good things in life – always stay beautiful and smiling 🙂
        Happy birthday – as they say in Poland 🙂
        PS. I have a birthday for 8 days 🙂

      2. Dear Agnieszka, thank you so much for your warm wishes…much appreciated…and happy birthday for you too very soon:)…all the very best…of happiness…cheers…Lily

  3. Lucrece

    Joyeux Anniversaire! Loving Kesha! So cute!!!! I have four guinea pigs I am crazy about!

    1. Dear Lucrece, thank you for good wishes:)…as evident I am pretty crazy about Kesha too..lol

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