MAX clinic Night Flash massage oil foam and Natural Amazon Soothing Essence Review and Demo

Hi guys,

Today I am reviewing two products which have intrigued me the most over the last couple of weeks from a new brand I have not tried before. this brand has won award with their innovative MAX clinic Night Flash massage oil foam in 2013 and is all over the Korean shopping chanels.

I was most intrigued by the MAX clinic Night Flash massage oil foam as firstly I thought the idea of an gel that turns into an oil and finishes off as a bubble wash is very cool and secondly because this product has loads of positive reviews  (in fact I read positive reviews about this product in French, English and Russian:)…lol…so I had to try it:)


I got it on Ebay (this little ebayer sells all versions of this product and delivered quickly)-there are also load of options available on Gmarket -sold in lots of 3 or included with a brush pack.


99.3% positive feedback
the products are not expensive…I paid:
23.80 USD for the MAX clinic Night Flash massage oil foam-100 ML
9.99 USD for Max Clink Natural Amazon Soothing Essence

My very quick verdict on this is that I love the idea and the packaging of MAX clinic Night Flash massage oil foam …but I cant say that I am totally in love with the product as it did make my skin dry…but not taut…what i did not like is that it made my my eye lids creepy and did not take off my make up very well…it did do an ok job…but made my eyes sting, where i had to finish off cleansing with a gently French Micellar lotion which can be used for babies…and this is one of the more moisturizing versions out of the four versions available.

Max Clink Natural Amazon Soothing Essence on the other hand wsa a beautiful product that was much more than just an Aloe Vera gel, so many other Korean brands have and much better then the Nature republic`s version of the product, which I have reviewed previously. Also Max Clink Natural Amazon Soothing Essence has very interesting ingredients as pictured in the marketing material below that really make this product stand out as far as an Aloe Vera gel is. I have to say that it is not a must have for me I will be on the look out for Aloe Vera based gel essences to use a quick wake me up in the morning and just whenever my skin feels dry…having said that..if I dont find anything netter I will stick to this product as a Must have:)

I think the ridiculous thing is that I am really suckered in by the concept and the beautiful marketing material as pictured below and I think I want to try all other versions available…hoping that maybe the caviar version would suit me as it is the most moisturizing…for now my Scinic Cleansing Treatment Rules:)…as reviewed earlier.

My video demo-make up take off and application of the essence after cleaning

Here are the four options available -and the products that I got.



The brand also recommend a cleansing brush..which i did not get


4….The one I got

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend Lily

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  1. Lucrece

    Your poor eyes! Well thank you for testing that, I shan’t bother with it, my eyes are too sensitive!
    I agree the scinic aqua cleansing treatent is by far the better option at the moment. I am so grateful you recommended it, I do love it!
    When I still fancy a foaming experience I use both the Missha Time revolution one step foaming oil-gel and the Missha time revolution clear whipping foam cleanser. The ingredients are lovely, the first one is glycerine and it is therefore not as drying as other foaming formulations. I admit I don’t use either on my eyes, I use the scinic for that. But I love the galactomyces content in those Missha cleansers, they both leave my skin wonderfully soft! I suggest you try them if you have not…
    😀 xxx ❤

    1. Dear Lucrece, thank you so much for recommending the Missha oil gel cleanser …I was looking to buy it for a while now and I was not sure…but I will definitely get it now based on your recommendation…since you are also using Scinic and sharing my opinion on it…I trust your opinion in regards to Missha…I think ultimately…unless the gel cleanser is oil based…any other form of a foam based product may be too drying..having said that…still curious to try snail bsed gel and foam type cleansers and also Donkey milk…my new ingredient I am crazy about after picking up 3 body lotions from south of France based on donkey milk…funnyly enough there are a few korean brands that also have donkey milk products..and I think this trent is developing:)…thank you again for your regards..lily

  2. Lucrece

    The scinic one is really one of a kind and I owe you for blogging about it. 🙂 I have bought seven lots of two!
    As I said I still like having the option of a foaming, albeit gentle cleanser and I feel the Missha Time revolution ones are worth a try, they are certainly far gentler than the Mizon snail foam cleanser.
    I have used them with my hands, the tosowoong brush and a foaming net. Tip: the foaming oil- gel requires dry hands and a dry face to be applied.
    Let me know how you get on.
    Le lait d’ânesse has been used in france for donkey’s years, forgive the pun 😛 and its benefit are well documented, glad to see it is still popular! Would love to see which product you bought.

    1. Dear Lucrece, happy to hear that you are enjoying Scinic as much as I do:)…a question to you now as a fellow beauty junkie…would you recommend the famous Tosowoong brush…or should I go for a cheaper copy?:)…also I think I have discovered a new brand from UK made in Switzerland for a totally natural gel to oil cleanser that I am itching to try:)…and in regards to Donkey milk…I got three body creams from three different brands..and also loving a Swiss Cashmere Alpine goat soaps as a body cleansing product…goat soap is the only soap I would use on my body…as I am not impressed even with real Marcelle soaps from Marselle which I picked up when I was there…they are good but not as good as goat soaps:)…so I may try Missha gel to oil cleanser if I get disappointed by this new brand…it s totally natural and based on a very unique Inca-Ichi oil:)..have you hear of this oil?…I have seen some korean brands include it in their product…but I can’t remember which ones now..I have to do more research:)….best regards..Lily

  3. Lucrece

    I got my tosowoong from here cheaply enough
    I felt I was worth it for the price about £7… Although I also own a really cheap one which is also very good I think the tosowoong is better made. I ‘ve had equally good result with either.
    I am curious the uk brand made in Switzerland…? What is the name?
    I would not use marseille soap, not evenor my body, if that is what you meant, most of them are too harsh for me, I guess it all depends on how alkaline they are… I tend to use non sls shower gels when I can,although it really depends on the formula.
    I think sometimes the all natural versions are much harsher than in between product. I believe in balance and all natural is not the way for me. Most of my relatives are MD Doctors, we don’t have mind a little chemical… 😛
    I have vagly heard of “inca-ichi” but I must investigate further…

    1. Dear Lucrece, thank you very much for your advice and input…I will let you know about this Swiss brand…soon…I have since found out that there is a distribution in UK…but it is a totally Swiss homeopathic brand…nice product…but not a must have for the face…I think their body products are much more promissing:)…the face products are more for an oily to combination skin type….I dont have the name here with me …since I am in germany now….but I will report on it asap…best regards..lily

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