Dr.Tree Volufiline products Review and Demo-Korean Skincare

 Hi Guys,
Today I am finally talking about the Dr. Tree 3-in1 Essence and other products in their Volufiline range.
Let me start off by saying that Dr. Tree 3-in-1 Essence is my Must-Have product and it is complimenting my Tony Moly 3-in-1 Essence very nicely. Dr. Tree 3-in1 Essence has a lite but very hydrating essence with a beautiful fragrance and feels like a very high end product, both the product bottle and even the box it came with also feel high end. I was very impressed with this product when I got it and immediately purchased all the rest of the products in the range.
The marketing for the brand states that the products include a high-end French ingredient that has been patented and is working to fill in face volume and wrinkles, the products also claims whitening benefits.
I can say that I love these products for their great skin conditioning, hydrating, wrinkle preventative and repairing qualities, but I did not experience any face volume feeling or whitening with these products at all.
The 3-in1 Essence is a very versatile product that can be used from an oily to very dry skin type depending on the amount of product you use, in fact oily skin types can get away with just this product alone and nothing else…as it is extremely light yet very hydrating.
The cream comes in a 80 ml jar which will last me till next Spring I think as it is very moisturizing, but yet beautifully fluffy and not heavy (it does has a fairly strong fragrance though)-which is very nice but it is strong.
click on the pic to make it bigger
The serum is one of the most hydrating serums I have ever tried and feels like a dry oil, applies beautifully especially if warmed up between hands as I show in the video, however this would be ideal for dry to very dry or dehydrated skin types and is another great product to try….having said that…the cream, serum and an eye cream are not must have for me even thought they feel fantastically high-end, do a great job at keeping the skin in a great condition and have a very comprehensive ingredient panel listed below. I am really more into my snail and syn-ake creams and will look at exploring good ginseng and aloe vera creams soon.
Nevertheless…I would strongly recommend to try this brand (the essence, cream and serum)-especially during the upcoming Autumn -winter time (the products are priced at around 96 USD for all 4)-which is a total bargain given how high-end they feel (if you dont mind fairly perfumery fragrance with all products)-the 3-in-1Essence has the lightest smell which I love and is best suited to my Skin-care routine, it is also the most unique product out of this brand and as compared to the brands…hence it is recommended as my Must Have..…. I have listed one of my favorite ebayers below that i got the products from:
This ebayer also has a great off-ebay shop called BeautyNet Korea
(I highly recommend both)….off-ebay shop has cheaper prices and a loyalty point system:)
Here is my 16min video demonstrating the range (I think by now my viewers know that if I love something I go into a big 15 min plus rave)—-lol.
My product pictures ( product, ingredient panels, packaging)-click on the pic to make it bigger
Official Brand Info




Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Hi, in the video you reminded another cream for the wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, can you please write diwn its full name? Thanks

    1. Hi dear, the cream gel is a Hadalabo Collagen gel…there are lots of ebay seller for it, and I buy it from alphabeautyuk store on ebay…it is in the yellow tub and it is often advertised as a 5 -in-1 product…I love it:)…if you do get it…please let me know how you go ith it…best regards..Lily

      1. Dear Ruthie…I have the 5 in 1 gel in the yellow tub…but I honetsly think that the 3 in 1 version is a same product only an older version:)…checkout hadalabo website for more details…they only have 2 gel type creams…I have both in the red gar and in the pink gar…so…that is why I think the 3 in 1 is the same as 1-in 5 only an older version…i would say…get the 5 in 1 version..best regards…Lily

  2. Kxxx

    Dear Lily,

    Thank you for posting. This was definitely very helpful! I was looking for a moisturizing essence or lotion that has strong anti wrinkle functions at the same time… whitening functions would also be a plus, although not a must.

    At first I wanted to order Tony Bio Ex Cell Renew 3 in 1 essence because of your review. But then I realized that it contains denatured alcohol. I don’t have a problem with fatty alcohols… but denat alcohol is different.
    After that I considered dr. Tree 3 in 1 essence. I thought it would be less “harsh” (no denat. alc.). But you mentioned it contains a fragrance, which can be a deal breaker for me because some fragrances can irritate my eyes.

    Well… sadly this seems not to be an option for me personally 😦

    Best regards

    1. sorry to hear that…perhaps I will come across another 3-in-1 essence that I can recommend which you can use:)…best regards..and thank you for your support….Lily

  3. Lucrece

    Another great review Lady! Beautifully put together and the ingredient lists are much appreciated. It makes all the difference to me. ^_^ Thank you!
    I received my 3 in 1 essence yesterday. Whilst I cannot speak of long term effect yet, I agree with you it feels like a high end product.
    Just a shame they scented it, for my own personal preference but I have had no bad reactions to it so so far so good.
    I thought I would let you know that Missha is having a sale on Gmarket from 10th of October to 16th of October!

    1. Dear Lucrece, thank you so much for letting me know about Missha sale:)…best regards..Lily

  4. Lucrece

    No worries! 😀
    Have you noticed the key ingredient hydrogenated polyisobutene is also in the Scinic Aqua EX Steam ESSENCE Watering very high quantity?


    1. to be honest no:)…lol

  5. Lucrece

    (Scinic Aqua EX Steam ESSENCE Water in very high quantity)

    1. the steam essence is a great product but not as good as the two Scinic essences I got on my Must have list:)…cheers Lily

      1. Lucrece

        I am waiting impatiently for mine!

      2. do let me know how you go when you get it:)…cheers lily

  6. Lucrece

    Just to be clear it is the Missha shop on Gmarket that is having the sale.


    1. oh…ok…thank you…cheers…lily

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