Garnier Ultimate Beauty Argan Oil Beauty Body Scrub

Hi guys,

today I am talking about a drugstore body scrub by Garnier, which has originally piqued my interest because of convenient packaging, beautiful ingredients, very nice gel texture and a beautiful smell, however ended up disappointing once I actually used it and hence I do not recommend it despite many glowing reviews.

To me it is simply too abrasive, even though I love scrubs that have a strong exfoliating effect, the salt particles in this scrub felt sharp even despite being submerged in a gel texture that turned creamy once massaged. Also whilst the scrub was moisturizing in the shower, the skin after drying it with a towel felt dry and not hydrated, even though this product is loaded with oils and shea butter.

My actual must have scrubs are by Geomar Brand-Italy I will review shortly, these are full of salt and oil and go on in the most amazing creamy way, however surprisingly they are not near as abrasive as this scrub. Hence I cant join all the other girls recommending this scrub, which is a petty because the gel texture and the smell are very good quality here for a drugstore product.

Here is my video with a full Demo and more info on other brands that I have tried in terms of a body scrub that are worth trying, even though..I will repeat myself…Geomar Scrubs are a Must have and I will show both scrubs that I use from Geomar shortly (these are available from Italy, Amazon Ebay and throughout Europe and USA)

Official info-I do not agree with this statement

Garnier’s Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub, with 4 luxurious oils – Argan, Macademia, Almond & Rose – visibly improves and perfects the look of your skin.

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

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