Hi guys,

Today i am talking about a little cleansing balm that turns into an oil make up removing cleanser, which is to me is another copy of the Banila & Co famous Clean it Zero product, so many Korean brands have now copied. From the reviews I have read so far, it looks like the Banila & Co Clean it Zero product is worth trying and also the Tony Moly version of it called a marine Sherbet Cleanser, which does as good of a job as Banila & Co at half the price. As I am a big fan of Tony Moly this is what I will be doing in the future.

So back to this product, I am doing a full review and demo of


I have got some official info posted below and in my video (it got cut off because of low battery…but it basically shows everything that I wanted to show about this Skinfood product)-basically the product does feel nice on the skin but it is a very good cleanser, unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time to cleanse your face thoroughly and also you may need to include a cleansing oil and a Micellar water to finally have a totally clean face. Hence I do not recommend this product for this purpose even though I have tried many Skinfood samples before and I have to say that this is a nice natural line which I am curious to try more of even though my first full size purchase from the brand was a bit of a flop and also one more thing to mention is that it also gave me blurry vision (which I actually don’t usually get with cleansing oils or with my Holy Grail cleanser-Scinic Aqua cleansing treatment spray-which is kind of an oil-serum spray that turs into a milky liquid and takes off all your make up off fast-without making your vision blurry)….so back to this product…have a look at my video and demo below to see this product in action (i am not wearing any waterproof make up in the video and I even have very little of make up on)-and still it was taking me ages to remove it properly, once the video has cut off, I have used Micellar water to finish off full make up removal and actually get my face totally clean.

In conclusion, I will not be re-purchasing this product and i don’t recommend trying this product, but I will try other Skinfood product in the future as most of the samples I have tried from the brand for their honey based products where actually very nice.

Thank you for reading…stay beautiful.

Your beauty junkee friend…Lily

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

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