Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence -96.5%

Hi Guys,

Today I am talking about another famous copy of the SK II-First treatment Essence. This one is by Tony Moly. In fact tony Moly has two versions of this products, a lite version I am talking about today and a standard version, which I have not tried, but as far as other reviews I read…the standard version is the hydrating version…bordering on a little too much moisture for some people that have used it.

Official Info

I have to say that this is my third version of an SK II copy, as I have tried the first and the very famous one by Missha..whihc is a dead on copy of SK II and even a much better more concentrated effective product..which made it to my Must have page (btw as I mentioned earlier in my Missha review that I actually did not like SK II and literally threw out half a bottle of it)-whereas Missha First treatment essence has provided to be a Holy Grail product.

Missha First Treatment Essence Video

So coming back to the Tony Moly essence (lite version)….it feels like water, just like the other copy I have tired from Scinic reviewed earlier. It is better then Scinic…in this regard and is a nice refreshing and cooling option… is nowhere near as good as Missha`s version of this product and hence I do not recommend it, unless you have very oily skin and want to get rid of oil on your skin. I do however have a lot of respect for many Tony Moly products, many of which I use regularly, so I will try the standard-non-lite version of this Essence, as other reviewers have suggested for it to be very hydrating. Other products in this category that have piqued my interest and that have been recommended to me by my viewers are: Innesfree Soybean Energy essence and also I have discovered that a Secret key did a copy of Elisha Coy First treatment essence for under 20 USD…and this product literally includes “everything and the kitchen sink”-I am talking about, galactomyces ferment, EGF, gold, soluble collagen, adenosine and much I will definitely be trying the new Secret Key First Treatment Essence and the Innesfree one. Also on this note…MIssha have also got another more hydrating version of this product which is called Waterfull First treatment Essence and hence, Missha is currently the front runner manufacturer of these type Essences, I think trying this more hydrating version of their original First treatment best Seller makes sense to me.

So this is it for today guys. Thank you for reading and stay beautiful:)

Your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

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  1. Lucrece

    Dear Lily
    Do you still have the ingredient list for the tony moly one please?

    1. oh…suger…no…so sorry…I will make sure to put those up as much as possible in the future for you…best regards…lily

  2. Lucrece

    Hehehe I fear I am giving you a hard time! Sorry! Never mind I will look it up. ^_^

    1. all..good hun…i will make sure to be more delligent with ingredient listings in the future:)…btw…i love your questions…so please do keep it up:)…best regards…lily

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