Sabon Body Products-Review and Demo. Shower Oil. Body Butter. Body Lotion. Sorbet Body Gel.

Hi guys,

Today I will be showing you a new body range that have finally intrigued me to purchase it and I am very glad i did. I have been seeing these stores popping up around Italy, France and Spain and I have never really paid much attention to them to start with, as I thought that this product is all about packaging and fragrance, until I discovered the luxurious quality I am very much enjoying now and would highly recommend to give these products a try. I am putting them on my Must Have Page for a beautiful body indulgence that is surprisingly very well priced and has a generous sizing of the products on top of sophisticated fragrances and some very interesting product formulations.

The brand name is Sabon. (Israely company)

( it is also widely available in USA.

In my video I provide detailed info on each product I have used.

My main take on this brand is that it is growing rapidly due to continually offering new innovative products, fragrances and options, most of which are based on natural ingredients, beautiful fragrances and packaging compliment the whole luxury feel of the brand which is however priced cheaper then Lush…as much as I have enjoyed Lush products over the years, I am a little bored with them now as they have not been innovating any new body creams for a while now and continue to bring out pretty pricey bathing options…which are very nice but I am starting to perceive them as overpriced now. I think lush mainly rules when it comes to gorgeous soap options and their Karma and Dream body creams certainly enjoy a cult status…and as i am always on the lookout for something new and exciting, I am looking to Sabon to bring out new body product options to try.

Here is the group product pic and individual texture pics of the products I got.


Sabon Body Lotion in a Jar


Sabon Body Sorbet Gel in a Jar


Sabon Body butter-absolutely love this product-it doubles up as a massage bar and the packaging makes it very convenient to use without being slippery.



Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px


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