Loreal Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Elixir

Hi guys,

Today I am excited to let you know about a pretty unique tanning product.

I am talking about Loreal Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Elixir

Over the years I have tried drug-store brands tanning products, mainly designed for the body from Loreal, Garnier and Dove and I did not like any of them as they were always too orange, or too streaky or too smelly. Hence I have been a St Tropez girl and a XenTan girl for years as far as body tanning products go.

However because I am a huge serum junkee, when i heard about a serum like tanning product from Loreal which can be used for both face and body…I was excited to try it. in my opinion, a serum type product for face tanning is a brilliant idea and even much more so then using it for the body. That is why I am only using this product for the face and at 100ml for 10 Euro…it is a great find, that gives a very natural and lasting tan for a naturally pale skin tone.

As I mentioned in my video, wit St Tropez products and Xen tan products, I think they are too dark for the face if you are somebody who is very pale, they are unbeatable for the body though and I would highly recommend them as a body tanning product for all skin tones.

Coming back to the Loreal Self-tanning Elixir, I love that it’s tinted so you can easily tell where it’s been applied. It dries quickly but does have a stickiness to it. I use this in the morning and it doesn’t rub off or anything, giving me a lovely tan in just an hour or so and imparting an immediate glow on my skin because of the light tint to it.

As for the smell, yes it smells like a self tanner, but I have to say that It’s really not overpowering and one of the lightest ones available.

The main reason why I love it is because it looks super natural (not orangy at all), works quickly, stays on for 5 to 7 days and gently fades without going blotchy or streaky

In my opinion…i totally recommend to try it and I am posting it as my Must Have Face self-tanning product

Here is my video wearing it and showing consistency of the product.

Official pic

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px


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