Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid and Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser Review and Demo

Hi Guys,

Today I am talking about a much hyped Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid and Dr. Jart V7 VitaLaser,

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid is the first in a two step system which also has a  follow up step using  a Ceramidin Cream…I don’t have this cream and so I followed the Ceramidin liquid by another popular product from Dr Jart…the V7 Vita Laser which is a multi-vitamin cocktail balm.

The ceramidin Liquid feels somewhere between a very light liquidy serum and a lotion with watery runny consistency. The ceramidin feels hydrating but really not amazingly so if compared to other products such as my must-have product Tony Moly 3 in One Bio Essence…which I feel has a lot more moisturizing and hydrating effect on my skin and has an almost immediate anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect.

Ceramidin Liquid also has a tonne of herbal extracts and a pleasant herbal smell…i think this is a good product which would be most impressive for girls that have never tried Korean and or Japanese brands extensively, and compared to other western Brands toners this is cirtainly far superior…but not when compared to the Holika Holika Good Cera range…which essentially copies Dr Jart`s concept of a strong ceramide based range and in my opinion does a very good job at it. When I first tried Holika Holika Ceramide product I thought it was a good and Solid product but not overly exciting and I wanted to try Dr Jart being the original, noow having tried Dr Jart at  times the price of Holika Holika…I have to say that I am mre impressed not with Holika Holika Ceramide offering at least in the form of the all in one master cream that I have tried and I will go back to Holika Holika to try more Ceramide products…rather then trying Ceramidin cream for example from Dr Jart.

Ceramidin does make your skin smother and more hydrated but I do not see a stong anti-aging benefit hre and as far as moisture…there are many Lotion based toners from Korean brands that produce a similar result….e.g. Skin House…Collagen Toner…

The second product being the V 7 Vita Laser was also disappointing even given its very impressive ingredient listing..and a light balm texture I felt that it did nothing for my skin and certainly non of the official claims I have listed below, it just really set on top of the skin not being absorbed well…having said that when I have applied it after DR Jart ceramidin Liquid the product applied much better and I will continue using this product only after Ceramidin liquid now as I really do not like using it any other way. However once finished I will not repurchase both products.

However I think that these two products are good solid formulations…but are pretty expensive for the results they produce as compared to many other Korean brands that have now got both of these Dr Jart products copied…e.g… Scinic and Shara Shara, BRTC have copied the V7 Vita Laser and Holika Holika and Etude house have copied the Ceramidin Liquid…with Holika Holika doing the closest copy and developing a whole 6-8 product Ceramide range.

In conclusion in my opinion you can possibly try the ceramidin liquid if you want to spend 38 USD on a good hydrating toner-light lotion and I would recommend to totally skip the Vita 7 product.

Here are the product and ingredient pics below.

Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser

Official description:

Vitamin ointment – solution for complex skin
Healing the damaged skin through efficacies in whitening, moisturizing & restoring

▶Evens your skin tone for 7 days and gives whitening effect after 7-weeks of use.
Powerful whitening element, AA2G inhibits melanin formation removing flaws including freckles and spots.

▶Outstandingly absorbed and penetrated into the skin
Unique ointment-like texture is absorbed into your skin fast delivering 7 types of vitamins which are encapsulated by the nanoliposome technology.

▶Return the skin to the origin
Facilitate the repair of skin cell helping come up the new skin fast and making restoration layer that helps skin restoration.

▶Restore uneven skin due to traces of trouble
Containing vitamin H and grapefruit skin extract prevent the recurrence of the trouble and anti-oxidant function prevents the loss of the skin elasticity while restoring the traces of trouble.

▶Protect damaged and sensitive skin
Portulaca oleracea and grape fruit extract sooth the damaged skin and protect the skin from harmful environment to make your sensitive skin healthier.

Vitamin A : improving elasticity
Vitamin B3 : evenness of complexion
Vitamin B5 : calming
Vitamin C : brightening
Vitamin E : moisturizing & anti-oxidation
Vitamin F : improving elasticity & moisturizing
Vitamin H : protecting & vitality
Morus alba bark Extract: strong whitening
Althaea rosea extract: moisturizing & softening
Portulaca oleracea extract: calming
Citrus paradisi fruit extract : soothing & hydrating

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid

Ingredients of the packaging:



Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend Lily


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  1. Sandra Roswell

    Hi Lily,

    I am definitely looking out for your review on the Red Serum.

    Best Regards,


    Sent from Surface Pro

    1. Dear Sandy, I will try to do it Today:)… cheers…Lily

  2. charlotte

    Hi, Is the Dr. Jart Liquid like an emulsion? I am looking for a emulsion that would not clog my pores but will hydrate my skin. I have normal/oily combination skin that is very acne prone skin.

    1. Hi dear, I would recommend DR tosowoong Osory oil emulsion for you, it is available on Ebay and Gmarket…this is a very good clinical brand and is geared towards oily acne prone skin…this particular emulsion is on my Must have products…i also have oily parts on my face and i do ocasionally get breakouts…so this emulsion is famouse for being hydrating for oily skin but also acne preventative…google it…it made Dr Tosoong famous with over 1 million sold…in my opinion this product is much better then the Dr jart one…if you do end up getting it…let me know how you go with it…best regards…Lily

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