Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack Review and Demo

Hi Guys,

Today I am doing a much anticipated review and a product that I have been contemplating purchasing for a long time, so long that I in fact got two other products from Tony Moly and from Holika Holika which are essentially copies of the original, since I was initially pretty grossed out by the concept, the packaging, and the overall look of the original.

But I can definitely say I was wrong to be grossed out, this is absolutely beautiful and is my new Must Have Sleeping Mask...really great for anti-ageing benefits I do love this original version and the Tony Moly copy of it and since you can get both of them for under 25 USD, that is Tony Moly for about 12 USD and Elizavecca for 7-15 USD on Ebay, Gmarket or Korean Depart (my favorite shopping places)…I think keeping the two and layering them on top of each other or alternating them is a great way to keep your skin young and beautiful. I am very happy to have found them:) On this note I will add that Holika Holika version is nice…but it is definitely for somebody under 30 years old….who is not too concerned with anti-ageing and wants a nice cooling and moisturizing product.

The main difference between Elizavecca and Tony Moly is that Elizavecca feels more firming and more cooling, it will also be suitable for skin types from oily to very dry, Elizavecca is also less sticky then Tona Moly. It is interesting to note that the product sizing is the same for both Elizavecca and Tony Moly both are 100 ml mask packs…but I can see that Elizavecca will be much more long lasting and you need less of it then Tony Moly. Having said that Tony Moly version is deeply hydrating but not as firming as Elizavecca…so I think by keeping moth masks and you can layer them if you want…I do this now even in summer but it is honestly most preferable to use the layering method for winter…you get both benefits of deep moisture and great firming action…..so I highly recommend to have both of these around especially given that their price combined is cheaper then some more expensive sleeping mask like Laneige Sleeping Mask Ex I have reviewed earlier…which is nowhere near as god as these two:)

I have posted a couple of videos below, showing my full review of Elizavecca, Tony Moly and Holika Holika, then also at the bottom I found a youtube video that really showcases the very interesting texture of Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack.

So in terms of details this mask is enriched with 50% pure collagen, giving you a baby-soft, peachy complexion. 50,000 mg of collagen peptide (extracted from natural pig skin) blended with adenosine, bean fermentation extract, macadamia seed oil and cocoa extract to deeply nourish skin and lock in moisture. The cooling gel texture forms a resilient, jelly-like layer on your skin, which enhances skin elasticity and firmness, suitable for all skin types. This is  FREE from parabens, ethanol, animal derived oil, artificial dyes, benzophenone and mineral oil.

My review of Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack.

My review of Tony Moly pig Collagen Mask

MY review of Holika Holika Pig Collagen Mask

Youtube video showcasing Elizavecca Texture

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily


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  1. Agnieszka

    Dear Lilly 🙂
    long time no speak: ((but I read and watch your reviews,
    Yesterday half the night I was looking on ebay perfect mask for the night and until the next morning, I thought: God! why do not I searched recommendation Lilly??
    I know that I would buy Tony Molly Pig Collagen and once again thank you.
    I love you recommended ampoule Scinic Placenta Solution :)))
    greetings from Polish

    1. Dear Agnieszka:)…good to hear from you…I am very happy that my little recommendation of Scinic was good for you..Tony Moly pig collagen is great and so is Elizavecca:)…I am using both ofcourse…being a beauty junkee hahaha…stay beautiful and if you come across any interesting products you would like to share with me….let me know:)…talk soon:)…cheers Lily

  2. payel mitra

    Hello dear,
    This is payel from india. I ordered tony moly bio multi cell energy from jolse.com and when I opened the parcel it was broken from the middle and nothing absolutely nothing is there to salvage. I am so heartbroken. They packed the glass bottle really badly. I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do…. i have sent a mail to the customers care department of jolse…but didn’t get any reply. I would like to buy this pig collagen gelly. Will you please tell me is the jar made of glass or plastic? And also which is the best onlinesite to buy products from Korea?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi dear Payel, very sorry to hear about your poor experience…here is a link of my blog to the online stores I recommend for online shopping for Korean products:)https://iamabeautyjunkee.wordpress.com/online-shopping/ …ebay is always very good and Korean depart as well as G market…also to answer your question about pig collagen…all three products that I show have plastic jars…so it is Holika Holika, Elizavecca and Tony moly all plastic jars…so you dont need to worry…best regards…lily

  3. payel mitra

    Thank you so much lily…really appreciate your reply.god bless.

    1. my pleasure:)..cheers Lily

  4. Oris

    Hi Lily
    Thanks a lot for your review about the different sleeping packs. Very informative! The one that caught my eye was the Elizavecca and I’ll definitely order that one.

    1. Elizavecca also did about 5 new products around the same pig collagen concept…I intend to try all of them…as judging by the performance of the mask…I am hoping that the new products will also be fantastic…at crazy low prices:)….btw…thank you for your support…best regards…lily

  5. Curious


    I am new to Korean skincare and have run across your blog a few time. I really appreciate your reviews! I just bought a 2 Laniege trial kits and one Etude House trail kit to get my feet wet. I am wishlisting a lot of products and this is one of them.

    I can’t seem to find an ingredient list for this anywhere. Would you happen to know if this product is heavy on the silicones?


    1. Dear Curious, Laneiege is a premium Korean beauty brand….and it somewhat reminds me of a good western product…but I promise you there are loads of other products and brands from Korean cosmetics that are more effective and cost half of what Laneige does…and whilst i don’t have ingredients for Laneige-their products do feel very silicon…Etude house is much more natural, cheaper….not as luxurious as Laneige…but on many occasions more effective…and it does feel a lot less silicon…..best regards…lily

  6. Curious

    Thank you Lily! I appreciate your response. And your comment about Laneiege and Etude. 🙂

    I am so excited that my package is on its way! I don’t think I have ever been this excited in a long while.

    I am so sorry. lol! I wish I had been clearer. I was asking about the ingredients for the Elizavecca Piggy Collagen. (facepalm) I just reread my comment and gosh! lol

    I noticed that a lot of Korean products use a ton of cones and I wanted to try and find a sleep pack to complete my regime that did not have a lot of them nor alcohol or mineral oil.

    I googled to try and find the ingredient list for the Elizavecca Green Piggy Jella Collagen and I can’t seem to find one. If you have access to the ingredient list would you mind posting or posting a pic? It would be much appreciated.

    Another cool mask that I am considering is The Skin House Energy one. The description sounds amazing, but I went to their website and they don’t have an ingredients list either.

    I wish many of the Korean manufacturers would list full ingredients.

    Thanks a bunch…

    1. Dear Curious, very sorry but I don’t have ingredient listing for Elizavecca other then the main ingredients advertised in their adds, the Elizavecca product is great and does not feel silicony at all…I am sure you will love it one you try it…it certainly is..unlike any other western brand product:)….I am excited for you to discover Korean Beauty Products…their such a treat:)…best regards…Lily

  7. Curious

    Thanks again for the response! I have decided to give it a try.

    1. let me know how you go:)…best regards..Lily

  8. Kelly G

    Hi Lily,
    I have been using the Elizavecca for a couple of weeks now and love it. While it is moisturizing it’s not quite enough for my very very dry face… but I have to tell you, I have found another use for this amazing greyish green tan gelatinous wonder… I put it in my hair!!! It is Amazing! I have been using about a pea sized amount. I have very fine short very curly hair… it is fabulous now…shiny, soft, and not frizzy! It took me a few days to work up the courage to put it in my hair even though it sort of reminds me of hair gel in the first place 🙂 LOL.

    Curious, I don’t believe the Elizavecca has any ‘cones’ in it. I cowash with only conditioner and I am not getting and build up in my hair with using the Elizavecca.

    1. Amazing:)…thank you for sharing…I am so curious to hum on the co-wash band wagon as I see many Caucasian amen doing it now…I have to say that I have always respected haircare made for African American women…and this is how I discovered my all time-favourite Ojon hair care and also I do really enjoy Carols Daughter and even Shea Moisture products are very lovely…which conditioner would you recommend for Co-washing long think Caucasian hair?…there is a lot of talk about Deva Curl?…I am not that keen on WEN have you tried it?…does it work?…I would be curious to hear your recommendation….best regards…Lily

  9. Kelly G

    Hi Lily,

    Yes, co-washing can be done on long thick Caucasian hair. I am Caucasian and at one time I had very long hair to my waist. My hair is very fine but there is a lot of it. Here is a good place to start. The Curly Girl Method is another name for co-washing http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Method-for-Curly-Hair, here is a list of ingredients to avoid… http://www.wikihow.com/Determine-if-a-Hair-Product-is-Curly-Girl-Approved

    I have tried a few of the Shea Moisture products, they smelled nice and I liked them for a while but it was a bit too much protein for my hair and my hair started to feel like straw. I have not tried Carol’s Daughter, Ojon or WEN. I looked into trying the WEN but I am allergic to almonds so I didn’t try it. I have used almost all of the Deva Curl line as well. I liked the way it made my hair look, it worked great I just never really liked the scent of it. Right now I am using Dermorganic Daily Hydrating Conditioner. I bought the one liter size at Burlington Coat Factory for 19.99 USD. I love this stuff and it smells great. 🙂 Here is the website so you could see the ingredients. http://www.dermorganic.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=2 I got a good deal but I would pay full price, it is that good. Before I found the Dermorganic I was using Human+Kind Conditioner (all hair types ‘smells like grapefruit’, and dry hair version ‘smells like orange’) I bought several at TJ Maxx while I was on vacation but it can be ordered online as well here. http://www.humanandkind.com/skin-shop/ I really like the ingredients and both smelled really nice.

    Here is my every day routine.

    Wet hair in shower apply conditioner of choice. I massage my scalp and the ends. leave in hair till I am almost done in the shower then rinse well.

    I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel , finish getting ready for the day. Then I put a tiny bit of the Elizavecca collagen in and style as usual. Sometimes I blow dry my hair other times I just let it air dry.

    I was using Aveda dry remedy daily moisturizing oil on the ends but since I have started with the collagen I haven’t really needed to. It is pretty low maintenance, right now I am not using gel, moose, hair spray, or any other hair products. I have used these products in the past with no problems of buildup I just had to be careful of silicones because the only way to get them out is with shampoo with sulfates in them.(it states in that first link above that you can get silicone out of your hair with a sulfate free shampoo… not any that I have tried… If you use products in your hair that have silicone and only use conditioner in your hair you get a really waxy greasy build up in your hair that is hard to get out. When I was first trying this method I did this… my hair was literally sticky and it took several washes with shampoo to get out

    I hope this helps Lily.

    1. Dear Kelly, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detaied and great suggestion…I will be sure to look into this as I actually know Dermorganics line…but I have never used it…and you are so creative with Elizavecca…this is just a genius idea for somebody with curly hair…thank you for recommending this….p.s…I have never been a big fan of Aveda:)….have a fantastics day…best regards…Lily

      1. Kelly G

        Hi Lily,

        I am glad you enjoyed my note. I really don’t like Aveda either, their product are way too scented, but I really like the oil since it is all natural and it not too strongly scented.

      2. fair enough:)..cheers Lily

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