Scinic First Treatment Essence and First Treatment Cream. 80% Galactomyces.

Hi Guys,

Today I am talking about Scinic First Treatment Essence and First Treatment Cream. These products got 80% Galactomyces in them and I bought the set for 24 USD on Gmarket, which I thought was a fantastic bargain. However at bargain prices came in my opinion a very sub-standard quality for the First Treatment Essence in particular, which I was very surprised about because Scinic normally does Fantastic products at a a Fantastic price.

The essence feels just like water, there is absolutely no serumy feel to it like you get with Missha First treatment Essence and I did not observe any benefits on my skin…even minimal ones…so in this respect Missha First Treatment Essence which has the same percentage of galactomyces ferment, still Rules:)

In regards to the cream, thankfully it was a better product and would be ideal for oily to normal skin types, but I did not observe any great anti-ageing benefits here, perhaps just a little brightening action. Even though the cream has a very interesting and innovative firm gel-cream texture that goes back to its original shape one disturbed with the finger, I will not be repurchasing this set again as it is not what I am looking for in a strong galactomyces type product that really conditions, refines and assists anti-ageing of the skin…like the Missha Essence. On that note, I would say…to totally skip the Scinic First treatment Essence and if you have an oily skin type to may want to try the cream and use it as a good summer moisturizer….not inspecting any anti-aging miracles from it.


Individual ingredient Listing for both cream and essence…click on the pic to make it bigger


Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Thanks for the tips. I was debating whether I should get Missha’s or Scinic.

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