Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner and Conditioning Gel

Dear guys,

Today I am talking about two Award Winning Japanese products based on Damask Rose Water  I was very curious to try. I am guilty here of being  drawn to super cute packaging:)

However having tried them….I was deeply disappointed with Organic Rose Skin Conditioner, however I do like the gel for its soothing, cooling and moisturizing benefits as well as its feel on my skin, but again just I am not observing any of the skin repairing, anti-wrinkle or strong preventative benefits here.

Organic Rose Skin Conditioner ….it is honestly unbelievable to me how this product can win any awards….it felt very artificial and perfumery to me…with no hydrating or soothing benefits whatsoever…I guess I have been spoiled in Australia with great brands which are solely based on Rose hip water and oil such as Kosmea and Trilogy…..and my strong recommendation if to try Rose Hydrosol facial sprays from these brands...if you are truly after a great Rose water treatment type product.

The Conditioning gel is a very nice product though, non-oily, non-sticky, easily absorbed and providing good moisture levels, however I think it is best suited to oily to normal skin type…the product is try its name in my opinion in terms of conditioning qualities for the skin…but really nothing more than that…so my recommendation would be that if you have easily irritated oily to normal skin type then  to try the Gel only if you are looking for a good skin conditioning product that will be soothing on  your skin but I will say thought that I would not be recommending it for anti-ageing, preventative or repairing purposes. Also on that note I would also like to add that the more Japanese products and brands I try…the more I feel general superiority of Korean brands overall even though I do love Hada Labo (hyaluronic acid based Japanese brand I have reviewed previously)



Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-Lily

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