Huge Haul Korean Depart. Quick Preview and Demo

Hi guys,

I am doing a super quick post today about the products I just got from Korean Depart (….which is one of my favorite destinations for Korean beauty products:)

Here are the pics of what I got and also a video showing a quick preview of each individual product. Stay tunes for the review of these products and many more that I already have coming shortly, that is when I have had a good try of the product and can give you my full opinion on the product without having made a rushed decision on the products. I do like products the most that immediately impress me, rather then those that you have to use for a while to get the benefit out of them…also some ordinary products turn into a much better option when pared up with other products, so this is another consideration when considering individual beauty regimens.

In general Korean depart ships super fast, shipping cost is reasonable, they give a ridiculous amount of samples with most orders and they always update the site with new brands and event specials for the brand they stock and gift with purchase promotions…so you can be sure to pic up a bargain there every time you shop…not to mention their point program where 1 point equals one 1USA dollar. Having said that I still do shop extensively on Gmarket and ebay…so between those three places you ave got yourself covered in terms of Korean beauty products…in my opinion it s almost like living in Korea:)



best regards

your beauty junkee friend


SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px



  1. Dolly

    Great haul. making notes LOL 🙂 . The Cherimoa bamboo extract mask look very tempting!

    1. Dear dolly i have already tried those and I am not too crazy about them….the shape of the mask is way to big for my face anyway…very herbal smell…and overall not sure about them yet:)…I was expecting substantially more from these given the gazillion oriental extracts here…plus load of other good things…i will keep trying them to make my final decision:)

  2. oh Sulwhasoo is famous for their recipes of a gazillion extracts, perhaps is trying to head in that direction, but sulwhasoo such a long history attatched, even so find the fragrance in Suwhasoo lines, too strong for my own skin have tried alot, End up wearing it as perfume. Smells are gorgeous.

    1. Dear Dolly, I am yet to try Sulwhasoo…it is very it worth it in your opinions?…as just about evey Korean brand has copied them especially Missha…have you tried any of the Missha copies of Sulwhasoo?:)…cheers Lily

      1. There are sulwhasoo samples on ebay, I think thats the best way sometimes, if my fav supplier on ebay is Makozzang

        Have bought Hera and Sulwhasoo samples I wanted to try first from there in the past, they have full size products of some at good prices also.

        Was right into trying all the cc creams for a while and got totally sold on the Hera CC cream in the black tube. (different composition to Hera’s cushion and other makeup), probably not enough coverage for me without concealer, but has honey in it and feels so lovely on the skin and beautiful finish without being too shiny as some tend to be and showing flaws.

      2. Dear Dolly…quick thank you for letting me know about this ebayer:)…I do know him…quikc question…I am very pale and always try to bronze up and use bb creams and foundation darker than my skin tone and blend it in with a bronzed neck…Korean bb creams seam to be so light even though I love them…I am mainly using Italian brands for BB creams…and I also mix them into my cushion foundation..I cant live without apperantly…lol…I have only found Etude house BBb cream in natural beige 24 to be a good fit..also I am curious to try Lanege cushion foundation…simply because of the colour choice…there are lots of amazing reviews for the Hera cushion foundation…do you think it is worth the price?:)….cheers…Lily

      3. I havn’t tried Missha I only have their cc.
        Yes I think are worth it, having said that I can’t afford it. lol They are a luxury brand with a long history completely different thing to the new brands exploring new ingredients or rehashing old ones, you can’t argue with tried tested ingredients, recipes and a history thats older than you are, even when you break out like I do. It smells of luxury, and not some fake floral perfume but of the rarest ginseng roots and exotic spices, they really do pong, my eyes water from the fragrance and even so cant help wanting the addictive smell and to put it on me. And so, is not for everyone, but who wants to be everyone 😛
        I think with Sulwhasoo it is the synergy of the steps in a line’s all working together and the experience of smell is part of it, actually probably the best way to experience it is a candle lit salon, my bathroom doesn’t cut it. Am pretty sure Sulwhasoo started this numerous steps in Korean skin care that made skin care into such a national obsession but I could be wrong.

      4. I have also heard very good thinks about history of Who and Isa Knox…so will be trying thous as well shortly…lol

  3. will be interested to hear what you think on History of Whoo! Have samples of Sulwhasoo Harmonizen from there, how else to try it, Sulwhasoo is not in department stores here to sample. I used the sulwhasoo clarifying and overnight mask last night without a reaction so sometimes I think my skin is too sensitive at times from the retin a I use. (Was very good, the clarifying mask like a dark toffee color you peel and removes debri which I imagine would be great if have been neglecting skin to revitalise, and the other an overnight cream mask. one or the other did something lovely to my skin again the smell which fills the senses, really love it) I really have no idea on the functionality of them, cant keep it regular towards any long lasting benefit, some of theirs smells some sweeter like a desert wine, others spicier and dryer, you can really tell the difference when you use a cheap ginseng product thereafter, not the same. Really love the sweet smell of the firming cream and just ran out of the sample from wearing it as perfume might have to order a big jar! As soon as my partner recovers from my last haul lol 😀

    1. Dear Dolly, thank you for letting me know…I am yet to use a quality ginseng line:)…so I may start with your suggestions:),,,best regards…Lily

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