YAKUSHIDO Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream. Japanese Beauty Secret. Skin Repair and Treatment. Review and Demo

Hi guys,

Today I am reviewing a very unusual product that I have not seen anywhere but Japan.

This is the award winning 100% horse oil facial cream in the name of YAKUSHIDO SON BAHYU which is refined horse oil product without use of any chemicals. Provides intense moisture and conditioning benefits for the skin, non-greasy and double up as an excellent hand, foot and body cream. It is odorless and best suited to dry to very dry skin types, including sensitive skin. This product is: Chemical free. Fragrance free. Preservative free.

Japan award winning product: YAKUSHIDO Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream

2007 Japan Cosme Award Hall of Fame
No. 1 Oil in 2006
No. 1 Oil cream in 2005

The cream is reportedly useful to promotes skin’s self-healing ability, and replenish nutrients to skin. It is suitable for sunburned skin and preventing skin dryness as well as relieving chapped skin in dry weather.

Basically Horse oil is 100% is a natural product suitable to the elderly, adults, children and babies. Horse oil dates back to medicinal usage by chinese doctores as far as 16th sentury and is recorded to have a moisturizing effect on the skin resembling the the fatty acid composition of human sebum, horse oil contains a large amount of linolic acid

Tis product is Known for its healing benefits for:

+ Eczema – Relieves itchiness and redness
+ Stretchmarks – helps to prevent, minimise and reduce stretchmark scars
+ Cuts/burnt/scalded skin – speed up healing of wounds and cuts on burnt/scalded skin
+ Chapped skin – reduce itchiness and moisturises chapped skin
+ Dry skin – moisturising hand & body cream
+ Cracked and dry lips – moisturises naturally & promotes healing
+ Cracked Heels and elbows – moisturises immediately!
+ Insect bites – relieves itchiness and heals quickly
+ Split ends – prevents and heals split ends and promotes hair growth

For breastfeeding mummies, SonBayu helps to relieve sore and painful nipples too.

And if you still have some leftover, apply some on your eyelashes to help condition them and lengthen over time, it also makes for an excellent lip balm

This is not cheap…I paid 40 USD on Ebay...I have to say that I love this product…but perhaps my facial skin is truly not dry enough to receive the full benefits of this product, so i have started using it on my body and it is excellent, however really too much for Summer…I do however have a lot of respect for this product and i am curious to try the liquid oil product from this brand as it is suppose to be the lightest product available from the range and see if I can use it as a facial oil and most importantly as a hair treatment product in comparison to and in replacement of an Argan oil based product…..having said that…I am sticking with my Ojon original treatment as a must have for Hair.

My final recommendation for people who have severely dry skin to try this product as i think this is where you would get the most benefits from it…people with oily to slightly dry skin…may find it too much…even though the product itself is very light and spreads immediately on contact…i find that it stays on top of my skin for hours without being greasy however…and this is not the feeling that I personally like.

Thank you for reading-your beautyjunkee friend-lily


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