Tony Moly Bio Ex Multi-Cell Energy Review and Demo

Dear Guys,

Here i am again today…talking about another fantastic New Product from Tony Moly:

Very Innovative 3 in 1 Toner-Lotion-Essence called Tony Moly Bio Ex Multi-Cell Energy

This is an Intensive Galactomyces based product and my new Must Have Galactomyces Treatment 

This product has a strong concentration of Fermented active ingredients that penetrade deeply into the skin through a new multi-tunneling method, resulting in even tonned, eleastic and silky skin, strong ant-wrinkle and line smoothing effect , works great with the Tony Moly Pig Collagen Jelly Mask which I use as a night mask. (the lines under my eyes have practically gone after I have started using a combination of this product with the pig collagen mask -(yes I do put both product under my eyes).

This can possibly replace your Missha or Tony Moly Galactomyces First Treatment Essence, however I love my Missha too much and intend to use this product after Missha (in my opinion…you can never put too much galactomyces type products on your face)…Tony Moly brand also recommends using it after their lighter version of the Galactomyces essence which comes in a spray…I have ordered it and yet to receive it…because I have now used both Missha versions (the pour out of the bottle version and the spray version…I am going to compare the Tony Moly spray version and let you know…apparently Tony Moly out of the bottle version is suppose to be richer than Missha…so I am interested to try it as well just to compare to Missha)….however if you are on a budget and want to get one thing only…do go for Tony Moly as it is a very intensive galactomyces product which essentially gives you 3 products in one…as the name suggests.

cool tip number 1 for you guys is to use an ampoule that you are currently using or a serum before this products to make sure that your current product absorbes well, as I think the intensity of this galactomyces treatment would prevent a proper absorption of an ampoule or a serum type product if you were to use it after the Bio Ex treatment.

cool tip number 2 is to really spread this product and pat it in, holding hands on your skin for about 5 seconds at each spot you want to push the product in-this technique couple with this product practically gives you an instant (at home facial effect) …you would see an immediate improvement straight away.

extra ingredients to note here: adenosine, niacinamide, various oils and extracts, Ceramide 3, hydroyzed Lecithin and Panthenol.

I am posting here a copy of the technical explanation about this product and a clinical study…this is pretty complex but makes for an interesting read:)

click on the pics to make them bigger.

20140620_230033 20140620_230130 20140620_230251 20140620_230319

All in all I highly recommend you guys to try this product at only 26 USD for 120 ML, available from many of the trusted Korean ebayers I have listed in my online shopping section.

Kind regards-Lily




  1. payel mitra

    this is payel from India. ..i stumbled on your blog while researching on korean skin care…i must say you are wonderful and i thank you for the detailed reviews… initially i wanted to buy benton snail and bee products but your reviews have changed my mind… i have a question for you though and i will be really grateful if you answer ☺… will the pig collagen jelly and this 3 in 1 essence break my skin? I saw these are meant for all skin types but since you have used both I thought you will be able to answer…
    Thanks soon much for such a great blog and videos and you really don’t look a day more than 23 😊

    1. Dear Payel, thank you very much for your compliments and for your support:) I have to say honestly that my skin is not very sensitive and hence I can use two products simultaniously with no problem…my recommendation to yourself however would be to start with the essence…to make sure that you do not break out from it…and I think you would be fine with it as all galactomyces based products greatly help with refining skin quality, minimising and preventing break-outs due to the rice ferment extract…then once you have used the essence for a month or so you can introduce the pig collagen….once your skin is accustomed to one product…I hope this helps you….let me know how you go…best regards…Lily

  2. Payel

    Thanks sooooooo very much for your reply…I really appreciate your advice and will follow through…god bless 🙂

    1. My pleasure Payel, let me know how you go…best regards…Lily

  3. Dolly

    Thank you! The tony moly product sounds great.. Am reading about Galactomyces now.. I wonder if the rice fermentation essence used is aligned with the fermentation process used in Japan in the making of sake or if the Japanese have a version of a similar product. Kojic acid used for whitening also made from the sake fermentation process using Rice Koji (derived from rice fermentation process) Japanese women used to bathe in sake for skin whitening and with sake being enriched with 19 types of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals, is a folk remedy for all kinds of ailments . Rice-Koji is uniquely enriched with amino acids and NMF (NMF is the moisture barrier in top layers of skin mentioned in the Tony Moly Galactomyces First Treatment Essence product), and refers to it’s ability help to hydrate skin well and boost moisture retention ability. 🙂

    1. Dolly

      Getting stuck into the sake here now… just hope my husband doesn’t wake see me putting it on my face lolol

      1. SANA Japan Beauty Made have a rice extract yeast series of products, probably not but think somehow related to the fermentation process described in the Tony Moly product. Not sure if you liked Sana products (I havn’t tried yet)

        Galactomyces is probably the best enzyme for skin texture though and there are numerous enzymes used in in the yeast fermentation for making rice wine/ sake and is extracted somehow. (I tried to read your pics but are sideways closeup lol)

      2. Dear Dolly have a look at my Sana reviews..I have tried 2 products from them and both have been disappointing…so I would not recommend to try their galactomyces offering…in general Korean brands rule over Japanese brands:)…best regards..Lily

      3. Dear Dolly you are too cute:)

    2. Dear Dolly…galactomyces are a must product for anti-ageing and Tony Moly has outdone himself here…also I already have a similar type product from dr.tree which I am totally in love with as well..and will use both Tony Noly and dr tree as I cant chose between them..I will show full range from dr.tree shortly…well done for doing all the great research…best regards..Lily

      1. I will give it a try! 🙂 Im getting stuck into Frangellico Liquor and REALLY bowled over is better than all my toners combined LOL. dabbed on my face with wet cotton, look up benefits of Hazelnut oil, frangelico is better.. not what you’d expect really moisurising, tightens pores, polishes skin lololol

      2. you mean the alcoholic drink?:)…lol

      3. if you have any and try this at home let me know, LOL the liquor is made of Hazel nuts have vitamin E and B, and a type of mono-unsaturated fat called “oleic acid” in them, and also vanilla which also has skin and anti acne benefits, probably why feels moisturising, really softens alot, tightens pores, dried up zits at the same time in same way alcohol does, has a low alcohol content.

      4. I think if I start to put liquor on my face after all the other things I put on it…my husband is going to throw me out of the house…lol

  4. Elena

    Hi, Lily,

    found your review of this Tony Moly product while searching for a review of the same brand’s galactomyces lite essence. Your experience with this 3-in-1 product and your thoughts about it made me order it (a smaller 50ml bottle) together with the essence.
    Thanks for this review but also for all the other reviews, especially those on Korean skin care products. I intend to read them all.

    1. Dear Elena, the 3 in 1 essence Tony Moly did is amazing and I love it very I anticipated they have now extended the line with a cream and a serum which I will be buying…I do also have their Lite essence…but I have to say that I still prefer Missha on this front as Tony Mioly version feels like a very soothing and refreshing water…but Missha feels more like a super light serum…and is a dead-on copy of SKII only much better…having said that there rae many reports that the original Tony Molly First treatment serum is too moisturising bordering on greasy…and I do want to try it…because I do prefer this product to be more moisturising…Like Missha…rather then water type refreshing treatment like the lite version of Tony Moly…cheers …Lily

      1. Elena

        Yes, I’ve also read and watched reviews that say the Tony Moly First Treatment Essence is richer and stickier. I opted for the Lite as a wanted something closer to a toner after which I will be applying the serums I use and the Tony Moly Bio-Ex Multi-Cell 3in1.
        By the way, have you seen this video of hoversjelly on youtube where she shares her experience with different SK II essence dupes – all of them of the galactomyces type? I found very useful her comparison of these fermented ingerdients essences by IOPE, which I think you have tried as well, Missha, Tony Moly and Innisfree 🙂

      2. Dear Elena, I have not tried the IOPE, but I think I want to try HERA Bio Essence before IOPE and Inesfree…I am not very interested in, since I think it is not anti-aging enough:)…but I will be sure to have a look at the video you have suggested…thanks for the tip:),,,best regards..Lily

  5. Lucrece

    Dear Lily
    Do you have any other recommendation for a similar product? I can’t use this one because of all the citrus oils, especially the lemon, I am allergic too. It is so invaluable that you put the ingredients on the blob! You are a life saver.


    1. Dear Lucrece,

      funny that you should ask this question…I am going to review a line by Dr.Tree whihc is a great line for dry skin…and they also have a 3-in-1 Essence similar to Tony Moly but a lighter verison…which i absolutely love…it is called Dr. Tree Volu 10 Essence and you can find it on Ebay sold by F2plus which is one of my favourite reliable ebayers..this is a gorgeous Essence and is something I am going to add to my list of must have assences…cheers.Lily ( also i will make sure to put a full list of ingredients on the blog for you once i review this product)-it does not look like there are any sitrus oils here

  6. Lucrece

    Wow thank you for that, I just ordered it, it looks very interesting! Can’t wait to read your review as well.

    1. The Essence is fantastic…feels very high-end…as well as the rest of this line

      1. Lucrece

        I was nervous as I have combination skin but It looks light enough for me by the description. How did you come by this range?

      2. I am forever researching for new and exciting things in the beauty market…that is why I am a beauty junkee…it is a true passion and addiction…lol

  7. lucrece

    Well it is lovely read you and you skin is a testament to your passion and good genetics. Xx

    1. lucrece

      Sorry I can’t spell… :*-(

  8. QuynhMarian

    Hi lily thanks for the amazing video, is there a routine for when we use the tony moly bio ex multi cell energy ? Do we use it before toner or serum? Or do we use this product instead of product we already have? Thanks please let me know!

    1. Dear QuynhMarian, I would say that depending on the time you spend on your beauty routine, you can use it after Toner, or instead of a Toner if you are in a hurry and not follow up with a serum..since itis a 3-in-1 product…but do use it after Missha First treatment essence…Also depending on the thickness of the serum you use…since this product feels like a hick serum itself…you can use Red Serum before it and follow up with Tony moly 3-in-1 essence…rather hen using Red serum after it..since Red serum consistency is much thinner then this product…if I have time…this is what I do.
      1. Scinic Wrinkle Enregy Spray
      2. Missha First treatment essence
      3. Scinic Snail Toner
      4. Red Serum or Relle snail serum (or any other serum I am Its skin-power 10)
      5. Tony Moly 3-in 1 Essence (I do alter it with dr. Tree 3-in1 Essence-also as both of these are similar and equally great)-even though the ingredient concept is different….the product concept is the same.

      All other products…after…I hope I have not confused you…please let me regards…Lily:)

  9. Hi again,
    I’m in the process of becoming a beauty junkee myself. Haven’t recieved my scinic order yet (including black jelly mist + aqua ex jel cream + snail cream + clay mask + facial oil cream + hadalabo), but already searching for new items to buy next!

    Anyway, I’ve used missha treatment for exactly one month now and think it really does something. And now I see this tony moly one. Is it going to be good for my combination oily skin?
    I can’t possibly afford both.

    Secret key has a starting treatment which is really cheap. 24000 won for tow bottles! I plan to try that one when I run out of my missha.

    Also, I actually liked the missha night repair serum and noticed you have the scinic version. What’s your opinion about scinic one?

    1. Dear Shahrzadkl, this Tony Moly version is great for winter…because it is like a lotion serum and not like a toner-type-Missha products…so now that you have used Missha…do try Tony Moly 3-in 1 for winter,,,even oily skin needs moisture…and because it feels like a light lotion or a heavy serum..I am sure you will be ok…I am yet to try the Secret Key new version of First Essence…with Gold in it and basically every ingredient imaginable…that is why I think they are now discounting their older version at 24 for two bottles as the new one costs 24 for one….also the Scinic Night repair is better than Missha in the sense that it is a dead-on copy of the ester lauder product…where is Missha is not really that close to the original Estee lauder version…having said that…I still think that Estee Lauder`s serum in its latest version is better then Scinic and better the Missha…and yet somehow whilst I appreciate this product from Estee…I never thought that it was miraculous enough for me to be a Must have…being a serum junkie:),,,i know my serums…lol….hence I have also started my own brand with 3 serums…lol…so if you want a similar type product but with different ingredients…that is cheaper then Missha or Scinic…go for Its Skin it a 10 YE Effector serum in a big bottle…I think it is like 15 USD for 50 ML…it is also their best seller in the its a 10 serum range….let me know how you go with the choices you make….best regards…Lily

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