TONYMOLY Pig Collagen Jelly Cream review and demo

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to tell you about an amazing new trend just starting to sweep through Asia…namely south Korea.

We are talking about Pig Collagen….that is correct…before you consider myself totally crazy…do try the product I am going to talk about today:)

So we have previously had amazing things come out from Korea, such as snake venom products, bee venom, snail products, dragon blood products, starfish extracts products…there is also a new Donkey Milk trend developing as well…which I am curious to try:)…and I have already tried and yet to review a Japanese Horse oil brand.

But now we have Pig Collagen….for months I was looking at a product made by Elizavecca (pictured at the bottom of the blog)…however I was totally grossed out by the realistically looking pig on the packaging, the green jar and the brown product that looked totally like pig`s fat when stirred….although it does come back to its original state.

So I decided to wait and let other Big Korean brands jump on the trend…as they normally do…when one brand does something innovative and worthwhile…other brands jump on the band wagon and try to outdo each other….so that was the case here…with both Tony Moly and Holika Holika doing their versions of the Pig Collagen Jelly mask….

What have actually started the whole trend was a Korean television interview that featured a woman in her mid-thirties that had unbelievable young skin (she was from a farming family)-and her secret was that, she used to cook pig skins and make something like a gel mask out of them…where she has discovered the anti-ageing benefits of the pig`s collagen.

I think it is a widely known medical fact that pig`s internal organs are for some reason very comparable with human body…to give you a personal example (my grandfather has had three heart valves changed as part of the triple heart by-pass some years ago)….and guess where these valves came from?…you guessed it …they came from a pig…and thankfully my grandfather is doing very well with them for years now.

So…the first Pig Collagen Jelly cream I have tried is ofcourse by my very favorite Tony Moly. I have a full vedieo demo of the product below as well as a full list of ingredients and texture pics for you guys. This product has 50% pig`s collagen extracted from Pig`s skin and I highly recommend to actually Rush Out and Buy this. I got mine on Ebay for just 17.95 USD…. Not only is it my new Must Have Collagen Product but also my new Must Have Sleeping you know I have been looking for both these types of product for a while and whilst i have discovered some very good and not-so-good options for a sleeping mask and collagen products as I show in my previous videos…non of the previous sleeping masks or collagen products were as good as this.

The ingredient listing here, as per below is also very impressive, it is not particularly long…but you have Collagen here as the first ingredient, including Adenosine, Vitamic-C (Ascorbic Acid), Wine Extract, Aloe Leaf extract, Vitamin E and more….but ofcourse the start ingredient here is the Hydrolyzed Pig`s collagen.

Do not be grossed out…this is a light pink gel that smells very nice and fresh….is only a little sticky…but fantastically smoothing, with a decent lifting effect and an overnight anti-wrinkle effect, on to of the deeply moisturizing experience that is not overpowering…and is most interestingly absolutely fine with my enlarged pores in the t-zone…and i think this is dues to the presence of Vitamin C here and a Witch Hazel extract.






Official Tony Moly info:

For those of you guys who are interested to buy the original Elizavecca product, I have attached pics that would help you differentiate between original and a fake one..because this has been a very popular product, reportedly there are many fake products on here is how to spot them….to be honest…I am still grossed out by this product..and my next trial would be the Holika Holika version…but I think…I will buy the Elizavecca product eventually since I really love the concept due to the results that the Tony Moly product delivered thus-far.

Sesalo Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack desc 8

Sesalo Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack desc 10

I would love to hear from you guys who end up buying either Elizavecca or Tony Moly as to what your thoughts and impressions are about these products and if you guys are happy with me recommending this product for you.

Best regards-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 3 2000px




  1. Hi lily.. Can u help me to choose the best korean brand for anti-aging especially for wrinkles with whitening effect at the same time? Your help would be really much appreciated! By the way, i really love all your video’s and reviews about korean products! It’s really a big help.. ❤

    1. Dear Maricar, thank you for your support…I have replied in detail to your email with pictures, products, recommendations and websites…The summary of my recommendation that you will find in your email is as follows:

      1. Apply Tony Moly galactomyces whitening essence
      2. Apply Tony Moly 3-in-1 Bio EX Essence
      3. Apply Dr Tosowoond Osory Emulsion
      4. Apply Tony Moly galactomyces whitening cream

      (milky dress cream could be used as a wash off mask-cream)—-before you do the above steps if you have the time…but I think that even with the above 4 steps…you should be able to see results….

      I am looking forward to hear about your results from using this method and products.

      Best regards

  2. Dolly

    So many articles around saying collagen molecules are too large to enter the skin. What is the update/research on it do you know, is it the type of collagen used? Any research associated with pig collagen please let me know would love to see Thank you.

    I happenstanced upon you here, watched your clips on youtube on snail products and have decided you are the Nigella Lawson of Skin care!!!

    1. Dear Dolly…you are so Sweet….i Love Nigella:)… to answer your question about Collagen….i am surely Not going to Dispute Medical Research….i do think that quality ingredients like pig Collagen, snail extracts, Natural plant extracts and grain proteing….will help your skin cells repair, multiply and help build your own human Collagen…from so many Things i have used….i always note that if something is from natural Origin meaning animal or plant…it will always perform Best for you…As ultimately everything we need is already present in nature…weather it is for Skin, hair or our health….sometimes the Best Thing is to try the product and See its effectiveness for yourself:)…if you do get it…let me Know…i whould Be curious to know your thoughts…Best regards and thank you again for your Support…Lily

      1. Dolly

        Thanks for your reply! Am convinced you are THE Lily skinned goddess of skin care. Keep putting on the skin care with all it’s slippery delicious texture. A good photographer might help, get some skin care godess like closeups of viscosity get some mood and everyones skin care juices going lol:)

        I’m trying to stop myself from buying piggy collagen, I might buy one as a present for my sister too! What a great gift idea for siblings… *oink* lol
        I know there is a brand by LUICHEL I dont know if you’ve heard of it, the ELIZAVECCA Green piggy pig is the original, will wait for your review before I decide between it at the Tony Moly (I dont like their other sleeping pack product so wary), the Golika Holika packaging is is so piggy pretty!

        My partner is having a heart attack with all the skincare stuff arriving in the mail, putting stuff on your face is addictive!

      2. Dear Dolly, I love your sense of humor…you made my day…thank you:)…my hasband`s comments are….”I have seen people being addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex…but I have never seen somebody addicted to beauty products..until I met you:)”….I am sure our postman is convinced that we are importing drugs from Korea…as I am sure he cant imagine anyone buying 5kg worth of skincare products when they don`t have a beauty shop…lol…I have seen Luichel pig collagen product before…but because i have not seen this brand produce anything else…or any write ups about it…I decided not to buy it…I have Elizavecca coming…and also a gel-sheet mask by medi-heal with the pig collagen…this is the first one I know about ….so stay tuned to see my update:) regards…and thank you again for making me laugh….Lily

      3. Dolly

        You _should_ be getting alot of sponsors from skin care manufacturers. They would get more out of a real skin care enthusiast than those in marketing faking it around.

      4. Dear Dolly…I know what you mean….and I suppose…some brands just dont want to risk a truthful opinion of a real skincare devotee:)…well…I am true to my passion and this is what drives me:)…best regards…Lily

      5. there is another called “Mediheal PiggyMom Collagen Pack” with a picture of a winged piggy on it. ‘Piggymom’ lololol

      6. yes…I know about it:)…I have put it on my shopping cart…but honestly I am so impressed with Tony Moly and Elizavecca…that i am not curious to by any other pig collagen masks for the moment anyway:)

  3. Masakali34

    Hello dear!
    One more thing you made me buy!!!(i needed a new cream…!)
    i’d like to thank u for the Tony Moly snail hydrogel, very good product, the only bad thing ( for me) is parrafinum liquidum in the ingredient list,so afraid of clogging effect…
    my next are the Ciracle hydrogel, i will tell u my feedback if you’re interested.
    bye bye!

    1. Dear Masakali34…thank you for your support…i really do appreciate it:)….please do not worry ebout Tony Moly Pig Colagen jelly clogging your pores…I also have an oily T-zone….and I always watch out for products that deliver anti-ageing benefits without clogging pores…a good pore cleaning product is Missha First Treatment essence…acts as a light cleanser of all the dirt and grime that landed on the face during the day…and is a fantastic first step in the skincare routine…also dr. Tosoong pore tightening serum in the blue packaging is a fantastic pore shrinking product that i am yet to show…and coming back to Ciracle…they do have some very nice pore cleansing products…so if you are buying Ciracle snail hydrogel mask…do let me know…as I would be very interested…..and also look out for their pore cleansing and minimizing pads…which i have heard many good things about….I personaly have tried Etude House play therapy…soft clay mask in the green tube and I was very impressed with the pore cleaning ability of this mask…whilst staying soft and non-drying….Etude House in general has a Wonder Pore product line that many girls swear by for pore cleansing…so this would be another cool option for you….best regards…Lily

  4. Van

    Hi Lily,

    My night skin care routine is applying Missha first essence treatment, followed by Tony Moly multicell, and finally a *thick* layer of Tonymoly pig collagen. Is it the correct order/way to apply these products? I have been doing that almost every day for the last 6-7 weeks but there has been no improvement for a fine line under my eye yet, so I thought I should ask you for advice as you got good result from using these. Thanks so much!


    1. Dear Van, these product you are using are certainly a Must have for me..if you want an intensive anti-wrinke treatment..try under-eye gel masks in a Syn-Ake range…I belive Tony Moly has good ones and so do other korean brands as well…Syn_ake and perhaps a vitamin F serum I reccomend from SwissCode, Relle anti-aging cream is great for under eye area and even something like Mizon star fish cream iz great for anti wrinkle benefits….Jamikuying does a hwole range of inixpensive syn-ake products worth a try…my new Must Have for Syn-Ake however is a Spanish Brand called Barbaria…fantastic product at only 9Euro….you can get it also from–syn-ake-anti-wrinkle-cream-50ml-554-p.asp (it is overpriced here but still cheap)…this product is normally available from Spain….very good anti-wrinkle benefits I am now using it under my own eyes and will do a comparison review soon with other Syn-ake products as a Must have…even though I do love both Tony Moly and Jamyking for syn-ake products..I find Barbaria most moisturising and not just smoothing:)…I am hoping I can help you with this little advce…please let me know how you go if you do end up getting any of the regards…Lily

  5. Van

    H Lily,

    I will try the Syn-Ake range you suggested after finishing all my skin care products. One thing I need to mention is that the Missha Time Evolution works wonder in moisturizing and conditioning my skin, so thanks for the great review on it.

    Best regards,

    1. cool:)…let me know how you go with them once you do try them…best regards…Lily

      1. Van

        Dear Lily,

        How are you doing? I about to order the syn-ake range that you recommended me for my under-eye fine lines, such as “under-eye gel masks”. Since this range from Tonymoly was recommended by you, did you mean syn-ake hydro-gel masks in your Must have list, or the eye patch (

        Thank you!

      2. Dear Van, I am great thank you, hoping you are good too:)…my must-have product is Tony Moly Hydrogel face mask, I have not tried the under-eye gel patches from the same range, but judging by the overall intensity and effectiveness of the face masks and the cream, I would say you would be safe getting the eye gels patches from the same range:)…I hope this helps…best regards…lily

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