Rituals Gel to Foam Shower Gels vs Kneipp Shower Mousse vs Dove Shower Cream Mousse

Hi guys,

Today I am introducing a cool new way to cleanse your body in a shower.

I have discovered three brands thus-far that have a new unique gel to foam shower technology or what can also be described as a shower mousse (think man`s shaving cream as a cleanser for your body)..here is a pic below (click to make it bigger) and my demo of the products.


The first one I talk about in the video is one done by Rituals..available in may fragrances and has some nice organic ingredients

Rituals Best Seller Fragrance: “Zensation” Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

Unique gel-to-foam technology transforms this from a gel into a rich, relaxing foam scented with organic rice milk and cherry blossom.

How to use: Apply a small amount of foam to the palm of your hand. As soon as the gel comes into contact with water, it changes into a rich nourishing foam for cleaning the whole body.

This does not dry out my skin and a little goes a long way, this is great for traveling…I would recommend to check out the website for more products to try, as it looks like their available worldwide…..www.rituals.com (i am curious to try their body butters, scrubs and spray body oils)…..

Verdict: I like it..and I love the Fragrance Choices available….I do prefer Kneipp though because it is has more moisturizing ingredients such as Shea butter and it feels more moisturizing.

Kneipp-one of my favorite German brands going back to 1890….makes high quality organic bath and body products available worldwide. More info is available from www.kneipp.com

Kneipp Shower Mousse is my favorite as I demonstrate in the video..very creamy foam comes out immediately and has a beautiful moisturizing effect from Shea butter and almond oil…I would strongly recommend trying the White Hibiskus blossom one which is in the green bottle…this is not my favorite fragrance…but it is more moisturizing then the Orange Flower and Jojoba oil version (which is actual ma favorite smell out of the two)–I guess I cant have it:)…lol

The third product I talk about is actually mass market and it is DOVE CRÈME MOUSSE DEEP MOISTURE BODY WASH 

This is a very high quality product and I actually love it and recommend to try it…but because I don’t like the inconvenient packaging…I am using Kneipp at the moment (having said that…if Dove does this aerosol pump packaging like the other two brands…I will switch back to Dove because it remains the most moisturizing product of the tree brands and the cheapest) and hopefully more brands will catch on to this great idea for a shower cleanser and come out with their versions of the product I would jump to try:)

Crème Mousse Deep Moisture Body Wash

Official Product Description:

A beautiful pearlescent crème formula unlike any other, that transforms into a lush lather and delivers our highest concentration of NutriumMoisture® to nourish the skin and help promote its elasticity and softness. For best results, use everyday

Thank you for reading and I hope you have discovered something new and interesting today.

Your good friend…the beautyjunkee….Lily


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