My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird`s Nest Mask. Ultra Nourishing Hydration.

Dear Guys,

Today I am reviewing a highly raved about set of masks from My Beauty Diary Company-this is actually a Taiwanese company that is making a lot of buzz on the net and YouTube from customers around the world. I mean these are only about 11.50 USD on Ebay for 10 masks and they have a good selection of interesting masks to try. I decided to go for the Ultra Nourishing Hydration treatment with the Bird`s Nest Mask.

you may be wondering…what is a Bird`s Nest…well believe it or note this is an actual hydralized nest built by Swiflets (these little birds use their saliva to build these nests). Yes I know that it sounds gross, but for centuries this has been a top medicinal product in Chinese medicine and has only been accessible to the royal dynasties to use for skincare benefits and as the ultimate youth tonic.

Here is a pic of the full Ingredient list and my little video talking about the mask

My quick take on this is that it is a very good mask…especially given the very reasonable price point. However I was expecting a lot more from this given all the raves and the fairly impressive ingredient list, given both marine and floral extracts, hydrolyzed proteins, oat extract and the very famous Bird`s Nest Extract. For me…I did not feel that the mask really delivered “ultra nourishing hydration” i was expecting…nor given me a strong anti-ageing benefit….I much prefer Tony Moly Hydrogel Masks or if we are comparing “apples” with “apples” and talk about sheet masks…then Scinic Wrinkle Energy Black Essence Ex Mask takes the top spot for me…not only it uses a very innovative shape and black wood pulp material it is made from …but also the way it sits on your face once applied…really makes you feel like you are having a professional treatment in a salon…and the results are apparent.

Scinic Wrinkle Energy Black Essence Ex Mask video

Here is my video about Tony Moly gel masks

I am however curious to try more of these masks…given the good price for them and perhaps I will discover a really good one so that i can join other people raving about this particular brand…but for now…my recommendation is to try if you are really curious…but do not expect any particular miracles here.

Available selection of My Beauty Diary Masks

Click for full size image.

best regards…your beauty junkie friend-Lily

SNOW ALGAE 2 2000px





  1. Hello, I really loved your site. Unfortunatly i found it on the second page of google. its really a shame that big G is not ranking your site among the best of the best. Anyway you may want to try this course to really rock it have a Nice day . Greeting from the UK

    1. Thank you for your support and suggestions…I will look into it…best regards…Lily

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